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Gender: (M)ake (A)merica (L)ike (E)urope
Country: Definitely earth (definitely)
Favorite Pokémon: Metagross and its mega are my favourite pokemon of all time but I will list other pokemon I like too. Keep in mind that if a pokemon in here has a mega or primal form, just pretend I mentioned it. Anyway here's the list: Gallade, Darkrai, Kyogre, Decidueye, Zamazenta (hero of many battles form), Necrozma, Accelgor, Rotom, Vikavolt, Regieleki, Blaziken, Gigantamax Orbeetle, Groudon, Mega Beedrill, Mega Rayquaza, Kyurem-White, Mega Heracross, Absol, Steelix, Glalie and Mega Bannete.
Friend Codes: I won't be able to give you my friend codes for personal reasons but I can give you my discord and showdown usernames.

Discord: A typical glance #6100

Pokémon Showdown: A typical glance.

Most users put their friends on this site here so I'll do that too. Don't judge me I'm already self-conscious af. Keep in mind that if you tick me off a bit too many time you might get removed from this pointless place.

TY ™: Nice person who I like.

Kyogrepulse: expert chat stalker

SSuperiority : un un un is still the same upside-down.

-Ellis harmonia-: You better change your name to snivlertheservine in 3 years.

☆SleepyDreepy☆: he keeps saying ded because his name is ded fish, which implies the fact that he is a pokemon. G e t y o u r p o k e b a l l s r e a d y f o l k s .

Syl ™: @everyone

Hoennsceptile: Points war going on right now and the one who gets expert first is the winner.
People who aren't necessarily my friends but i still think are cool.



Giga blade X


About me: Why tf are you reading this anyway, I'm a typical glance but you can call me atg and I have barely any self-esteem.

 I like some other franchises and games other than pokemon, I like Undertale, deltarune, Kirby, smash bros and minecraft. Kirby is my second favourite video game franchise after pokemon, i adore kirby 64: the crystal shards and kirby and the amazing mirror.

I've never played past unova and probably never will but its ok. Hoenn is a nice region.

I occasionally make this thing called "ATG news" on my wall so check my wall daily since I might post atg news, but don't expect me to do that daily since I have school and other problems irl. I also started this thing called "random word of the day" too.

I only caught three shiny pokemon before and I'm not sure if the third one counts or not, they are: a pidgy that I evolved into pidgeot, some random zubat and a frillish that I screenshoted on random pokemon generater. I found a pokerus on my dustox today yay.

Since this website doesn't have a least favorite pokemon list for some reason, I will make ones for my least favourite pokemon if each type. Since I don't really dislike that many pokemon, some of these are just pokemon that I don't necessarily dislike. I'm also not going to repeat a pokemon if it's dual typed. I hope I don't dislike your favorite pokemon tho.

Bug: Sizzlipede (not a pokemon I necessarily dislike)

Dark: Alolan persian (disappointment )

Dragon: Druddigon (I know its origins but origins just aren't enough)

Electric: Alolan Golem (I never liked golem in the first place and that "beard" doesn't help it)

Fairy: Granbull (frock fairy doggo)

Fighting: Conkeldurr (why tf does it look like a clown. These veins aren't helping)

Fire: Inceneroar (why was this abomination chosen for ssbu)

Flying: Therian landourus (I hate it mostly because of competitive Battling)

Ghost: Gourgeist (again, nkt a pokemon i necessarily dislike)

Grass: Zarude (zaRUDE)

Ground: Mudbray (its actually landourus but I can't repeat pokemon)

Ice: Jynx (the true mistake of pokemon)

Normal: Stantler (worst shiny ever)

Poison: Skuntank (not a pokemon I necessarily dislike)

Psychic: Bruxish and Grumpig (sorry both of them suck)

Rock: Binacle (it's actually golem but no repeats)

Steel: Galarian Meowth (why did they give it to regional forms)

Water: Simipour (frock water monkey)

Congrats to Stantler for being my number 1 least favorite pokemon.

My point milestones. Unfortunately, I couldn't record the date of my 69th and 420th point :(


666 points: 12 - 3 - 2020

1,000 points: 12 - 16 - 2020
Currently on page 5 of pokebase


100 points: 12 - 30 - 2020
Currently on page 3 of the meta
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Why do you not like EvilTwinNeedleTM?
12 hours ago by Dracovish
Your gravatar is incorrect

“ Respect others' opinions: Debating is fine, but everyone's different and likes different things.”-Rules
18 hours ago by PrimalKyogre
idk lol
23 hours ago by SSuperiority
For one, he's the king of Team Plasma. And yes, Ghetsis did this that and the other I don't care. For two, he's annoying and gives me the creeps. For three, he went on a Ferris wheel date with me (before you say 'it wasn't a date' I know I'm just trying to be slightly funny) and I didn't want to go on a Ferris wheel date with him. For four, he looks stupid. For five, he is stupid (ineth myeth humbleth opinioneth).
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
I just realized something.

"Arguing in the chat room and calling it debate does not magically make it not against the rules folks."

That's the Grav of a person who roleplayed practically daily in chat. And before you say 'so did you', I've become more firm on the rules.

apparently roleplaying got banned from the chat 6 years ago, so if you ever become expert I will spite you by telling Fizz or whoever the hell the mods will be at that time that you broke the rules so you will never get promoted

1 day ago by SSuperiority
It's just kinda funny. XD
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
I just realized something.

"Arguing in the chat room and calling it debate does not magically make it not against the rules folks."

That's the Grav of a person who roleplayed practically daily in chat. And before you say 'so did you', I've become more firm on the rules.
1 day ago by Gladion Aether
Just let it die.
2 days ago by IsItReallyThou
Actually, I do believe it's against the rules. Posts that bump old posts for unnecessary reasons are hidden all the time, and editing something without a good reason to is essentially the same thing.
2 days ago by Hellfire Taco