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About me: "My face is reflected in the water. It's a shining grin full of hope, or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear..."
- A kid at the lake in Petalburg City, Pokémon Emerald/Alpha Sapphire


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-First ever upvote received: 18/7/21 in META section
Also got the ability to post on user walls.
-Second ever upvote received: 25/7/21 in META section
-First upvote received in Pokebase section: 19/8/21
-First upvote given out on: 19/8/21 (on the Pokémon Database stories question, apparently)

50 & 100 Points: 19/8/21

Randomly received an upvote on both my answers by some nice fella sometime in September.

50 Points in META: 8/9/21


I know my achievements page is REALLY precise, but that's the way I like it, lol.


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Oh, haha. That's okay! :-) I'm not completely sure what it does, but as long as it says "ducking" (yes, btw, haha :P) I'll use it for somethin' useful!

1 hour ago by Hexhalem
I didn't notice it earlier, but a back part of Quagsire's is purple, but the image has it as blue
It's unimportant, but I just like bringing up random things for no reason.
2 hours ago by JustATypicalPerson
Yeah lol, I just decided to slap a Christmas hat onto Quagsire, without realizing the grav is incorrectly colored
1 day ago by JustATypicalPerson
This one's for the duck! :)

It's from a plug-in I'm working with, Timeless 3. I thought you'd like it!
2 days ago by Hexhalem
"Ah yes, my favourite Electric type pokemon: Room"

3 days ago by Fenton Force
Haha not as OG as some of the others on the website but at this point I won’t deny that I’m an old timer.
4 days ago by Generekt
haha thanks, been a hot minute since i used this site
6 days ago by [Dark Star] Greninja
and oh no there're no usum tours going on rn i was just curious if u guys were fighting for something
6 days ago by Cristal Maybach
Hey, nice Dug team but it has a few issues.
I'd like Swords Dance > Thunder Wave on Necrozma-DM. It's a nice BO build and SpD SD NDM is a menace if played with carefully. HexWisp Gengar-M is such an Ubers set, yes it is stated in the analysis but it isn't nice in USUM AG which leans far more towards defense than Ubers, which is a fast-paced offensive tier. The usual Offensive Trapper set would work pretty nice here. And btw Substitute is like so vital on Gengar, you'll almost always run that if you're not playing Ubers. Your team is so weak to DD Ray-M, I'll suggest 248 HP / 240 Def / 20 Spe on the Arceus-Fairy. Glare + Toxic isn't very good together to be honest, you can do Coil or Haze with Glare, but I'd like Toxic + DD over here, too. Otherwise the team's cool!
6 days ago by Cristal Maybach
Stfu idk who is Serena even now
6 days ago by Kiawe