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Also, you CAN wall other people by clicking on their username and typing on THEIR wall.
May 7 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Alright. That strategy is perfectly valid ingame. There's no point to using moves like SD or Defog vs the AI.
May 7 by Cdijk21
Side note: I rarely use status moves as I focus solely on damage (phys./spec.). Also, I try to steer away from using Recoil-based moves due to my fear of harming my own member.
May 7 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Alright, thank you for clarifying. Won't happen again!
May 6 by Cdijk21

You were bumping an old, solved thread without adding anything helpful. Hence, the entire chain of comments were hidden.
May 3 by Swas ♣
Lol mate are you on a mission to make the entire Recent Activity page yours? XD
Apr 30 by xPsydxck
Hi! Can you please space out your comments so that they don’t clog the activity field? ~Four comments in the span of an hour are fine. Thanks!
Apr 30 by Carnelian