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Gender: Male (she/her, he/him, any pronouns)
Country: India
Favorite Pokémon: Rayquaza-Mega
Friend Codes: Smogon: assaultdestiny
Discord: Airene#8592
Showdown!: Currently using AG2CL2 Destiny

Contact me through Smogon/Discord if required.

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About me: I'm actually on everyday but if I don't post anything it doesn't mean I'm inactive 12p.

The Cristal in my name is spelled as such, not a wrong spelling.

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asalt ilsym
23 hours ago by ~Greyscale~
6 days ago by ~Greyscale~
Bacon could've critted but it wouldn't really be a fair win then, or atleast I wouldn't feel like I actually lost.

What's the BO1 USUM tour tho? Are tournaments for USUM AG still held? :0

Also sorry for the late reply I've been hella busy for the past 2 days and I got free today but I was so f*cked up that I used outrage on a Clefable and Toxic on an Espeon. XD
Nov 24 by Aaaaaaaaa
Shh keep it a secret
Nov 22 by Kiawe
if the C in cristal is K then it would be kristal, which is the indonesian language of crystal :)
Nov 22 by Creative481
You recently have been here for 1 year now!! Yay!!! I always though you have been here for years XD
Nov 22 by Creative481
Ayo where's the hax? Even if I didn't crit I would PP stalled his Recover with Ice Beam + Judgement so it was Ge Ge WP after that.

That wasn't for a specific reason, I just wanted to share that cause I've never defeated someone so well known before. x)
What do you think about the team tho?
Nov 21 by Aaaaaaaaa
whale wife
Nov 20 by ~azureshiram~
oh my god human kyogre (whale wife)
Nov 20 by ~azureshiram~