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Gender: 50% male, 50% alien
Country: Ultra Space
Favorite Pokémon: Shiny Zorua (I love fox-themed Pokémon)
Friend Codes: If you want to trade Pokémon in Gen 6, post a trade request on my wall. I'm on often enough to check at least twice a week. I'm not taking any battle requests at the time.
About me: It's time for DelphoxOracle's PokeQuiz! Today's contestants are whoever posts an answer on my wall. The rules are that each person gets three guesses, and after each try I'll inform the participant how many they got right, but I won't tell them which ones they got right. And now for the questions.

1) What is the 'glitch move' used by Missingno?
2) How do you evolve Galarian Farfetche'd?
3) What is Iris's Axew's unique dragon-type move from the anime?
4) What ability powers up fairy-type moves and provides an additional STAB boost if used by a fairy-type Pokémon (results in an 80% increase)?
5) Which legendary Pokémon know the move Air Cutter?
6) Which mythical Pokémon changes form at Pledge Grove?
7) Which Pokémon changes form by interacting with appliances?

As soon as someone posts all seven correct answers, I'll update the quiz.

I'm starting a Pokémon fan club called the Cub Club. If you want to join, just post a wall message stating your intention to join. The club isn't really doing much until we get more members. For now, we're just discussing Pokémon stuff and doing a trade or two.

Current Members:
- Me (founder of the Cub Club)
- Flowersun (first member)
- iloveflareon123 (second member)
- KitkatKK2 (third member)

Unova is my favorite region in the Pokémon world. The first Pokémon game I have ever played was Black Version 2, which happens to be my all-time favorite Pokémon game.

I've been a Pokefan for as long as I remember, and I enjoy battles as much as I enjoy raising and training Pokemon. I also like Casteliacones, soaring over Hoenn, stopping villainous teams, capturing legendary Pokemon, and exploring the Pokemon world.

I've been to almost every region with the exceptions of Kanto and Sinnoh, and I enjoy my time in every region. I'm hoping the next Pokémon core series games will be Sinnoh remakes. From what I've heard about it, I don't really care about Kanto as much. In regards to DS-era game remakes, I'm definitely hoping for Unova sequels (Black/White 3) or at least remakes.

My favorite Pokémon is Shiny Zorua. Fennekin is my all-time favorite starter Pokémon. I don't know why, but I just really like fox-themed Pokémon.

They aren't my only favorites though. These are all my favorites that have to do with Unova:

- Game: Black Version 2
- Starter: Snivy
- Legendary Pokémon: Reshiram
- Mythical Pokémon: Meloetta
- City: Humilau
- Town: Undella
- Exotic Location: Reversal Mountain
- Vacation Spot: Cynthia's vacation home
- Vehicle: Plasma Frigate (who doesn't love a flying boat?)
- Tasty Treat: Casteliacone
- Battle Facility: Battle Subway
- Gym Leader: Roxie
- Champion: Iris
- Villain: Ghetsis (I'd have put Colress or N here, but Colress's goals aren't strictly evil and N switched sides)
- Minigame: Pokestar Studios

That's all I can think of. It's a surprisingly long list. But then, I am a big fan of all things Unova. Except Trubbish. Walking garbage bags stink, battle terribly, and smell like the Castelia Sewers, as any sane person would agree to. Come to think of it, why don't Trubbish appear in the sewers? It's the perfect habitat for smelly, garbage-hoarding piles of trash.

I got the idea from several other people on this Database to make a list of my favorite quotes. Two are Pokémon-related, but the others are just ones I picked up along the way.

"I see now the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that defines who you are." - Mewtwo, Mewtwo Strikes Back

"Y'all are stupid!" - Guzma (Team Skull Boss)

"So you're saying you don't fit in. You're an outcast. A misfit. Sounds to me like you're a Legend." - Sara Lance, DC's Legends of Tomorrow

"A lie twice believed is self-deceived." - Maldor, A World Without Heroes

"I'm a devil of my word!" - Lucifer Morningstar, Lucifer

"I am NOT a morning person." - Every person ever.

You're still reading this? Wow. That's persistence, right there. What else can I say about myself? Hmm. Well, I love boasting about my accomplishments. How about I list a few?

- I have completed the Generation 6 National Pokedex.
- I have defeated the Pokémon League in HeartGold, Black, Black 2, White 2, X, Omega Ruby, and Sun. I'm getting close in Ultra Sun and Sword.
- I have collected every mythical Pokémon.
- I defeated my younger and much less awesome sibling in three different Pokémon battles using only one Pokémon while he used six.
- I have never lost a gym battle.
- I always win at the PWT.
- I completed the Medal Rally in Black 2 and got the Top Medalist medal.
- I beat the Black Tower in Black 2.

And to whoever read this entire thing, congratulations on not falling asleep.

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heres a name suggestion:


koko+corocoro (the magazine)

idk im bad at naming
1 day ago by iloveflareon123
Sometimes you get a good outcome on the generator. I've used it before.
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
I haven't watched the new pokemon movie yet. And I'm not really good at coming up with names lol. But, if you have some words in mind theres this thing called username generator and it basically just mixes up certain words.
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
Glad I could help!
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
Wow, thank you for the legendarys! I hope your dex is completed now! :)
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
ok :)
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
Ok, I got a Phione, I'm 90% sure its legit. My FC is:  3540 - 5809 - 9279. You don't have to clone the Pokemon, you can just have them. I don't need anything special in return, unless you have a shiny female Lopunny, but if you dont its fine. Also, my name on the game is Quen btw
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
I just checked my game, and I DO have Meloetta, but I don't have Phione. The Meloetta looks pretty legit to me, its level 50, and its in a cherish ball I think. I'm so sorry, I should have checked. I can try to get one on the GTS, I'll update you later on weather I could or not.
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
You can keep them if you want, Idc what you trade back. Im EST too, we can trade at 3:30 if thats convenient, or whatever time you like :)
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-
I think I'm free tomorrow, whats you time zone?
2 days ago by -Hex-maniac-