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Country: You can find me plotting the take over of the world at Moreau, or at my secret lairs in Hogwarts, Camp Half Blood or Haven City
Favorite Pokémon: I only favour the strongest. My pets include Groudon holding a Red Orb, a Green Dragon who can Dragon Ascent and Dog eating a Sword who can take behemoths to the blade. Geddit?
Friend Codes: If any of you want to challenge me, I can be found at the Earthling website known as Smogon if you search Gatik. If you dare challenge me, be ready for a putting down by the most supreme being of the galaxy. Mwahahaha
About me: Hello Earthlings!
I am a extraterrestrial from a planet know as Lorien, 183 light-days away from Earth. I currently live in a island known as Moreau, in the Pacific Ocean. My people have sent me here to take over Earth. I spend my days gathering allies for my planned takeover of Earth. I have allies from all around the planet, including Mordor, Hogsmeade, Tartarus and Atlantis. I am in regular correspondence with Sauron and Lord Voldemort. My only objective in this site is to find the best Pokemon trainers. Go figure.


- Your future overlord
I heard it's a tradition here to boast about your shinies, so why should I stay behind?
Marill. Don't remember anything else.
Gyarados. Obviously. Nicknamed Red Skull

Pidgeoto. Nicknamed OG Birb.

Rayquaza. Caught at Sky Tower. Nicknamed Zeus.
Gible. Caught at Level 19. Wayward Cave. Jolly Nature.
Still don't have a nickname.

Our Lord and Saviour, Bidoof. Caught at LeveL 3 at Route 202. Simple Ability. Jolly Nature. Nicknamed OMG.
Gyarados. Lake of Rage. Adamant Nature. Nicknamed Red Skull
White 2
Zorua. Level 25. Driftveil City. Timid Nature. Nicknamed Loki

Elekid. Brave Nature. Static Ability. Caught at Level 12 at Virbank Complex. Nicknamed Samsung
Pokemon X

Charizard. Received as Charmander for Prof. Sycamore. Lonely Nature. Female. Nicknamed Saphira.

Florges. Caught as Flabebe at Route 4 . Lax Nature. Nicknamed Blossom
I get quite bored taking over worlds and trying to do so, and I have to do something to spend my time, so I did this:

I saw a few shows. My favourite:
Young Sheldon
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous
Ultimate Spider Man
What If?

I read a few books. My fovourite series:
Anything mythology related written by Rick Riordan (I'm gonna tell him to write a series on me)
The Artemis Fowl Series
Harry Potter
The Inheritance Cycle
Maze Runner
Hunger Games
Alex Rider
The Martian

I saw a few movies. My favourite
Marvel (except Black Widow, Thor 1 and 2 and Iron Man 2)
Star Wars
World War Z
The Parent Trap
The Dark Knight trilogy

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Thanks :)
Unfortunately Australia Day is not a happy day for everyone in our country, but hopefully one day that will change.
1 day ago by Fizz
hello, im an earthling who wants to be friends with you.
also what is ultimate sipder man? never heard of it.
2 days ago by Chaos481
Hello and welcome to the site (although you're more active than me)!
I'm glad you heard of me, but I'm usually super inactive, and not very famous around here. Maybe you're confusing me with someone else?
I was definitely frens with Fizz a few years ago but didn't hang out around here much for him to call me his bestie or anything xD

As for the state, I'm mostly in the solid-liquid state more than any of the ones you mentioned. I put country music there a long time ago but it doesn't mean much as I don't listen to a lot of music :/
3 days ago by Emty
L they've dropped
3 days ago by Cristal Maybach
What version? Uh... (wracks brain) the one where the soul of the Magical Poker Midget's (also known as Yugi) grandfather is stolen by this lame bad guy with dumb hair and a Millennium Eye, and Yugi has the Millennium Puzzle and there's this Pharaoh guy and- actually I have no idea how to answer that question. XD

Oh yeah, I have a soft spot for Gen 5 too. In fact, the Black & White manga was what got me interested in Pokemon. Before then, I was neutral about Pokemon, but I guess something about the manga fascinated me. I started reading about it, watching it, and eventually playing the games. Funny how I have soft spots for both Gens 3 and 5 and yet my favorite Gen is 7.
3 days ago by Fenton Force
Alroght then, why are yiu in earths core? Isn’t a little hot there? You can try to use them but i hope they don’t come after me! I look human wouldn’t want to get mistaken for one
4 days ago by Astrid Sol
Ay thanks!! Oh come on man, that sucks hard..
4 days ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Heyo Draco! I'm really good, it started to snow here, so I'm thinkin' to go out and enjoy myself with it. How 'bout ya?
4 days ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
I don't recall the first I played, but I think the first I beat was Ruby. Or maybe Red Rescue Team. Explains why I have a soft spot for Gen 3.

Oh, and this is unrelated, but I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! recently and now I'm crazy for it.
6 days ago by Fenton Force
I actually had no idea you were off-line At all. What’s ip? What did you find?
Jan 21 by Astrid Sol