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Gender: 50% lureantis 50% tsareena 100% awesome Female hybrid mon
Country: Alola obviously
Favorite Pokémon: Myself any other hybrids who hang out here
Friend Codes: Welcome to THE CC, Corne
R Club. Established 1-18-22, we are yhe observant, sensitive or caring  members of the chat room. We talk but also go to yhe corners of the chat room   When the conversations get heated Or confusing.  We sometimes make comments But we’re  p generally quiet.


 I am making a hidden ability List.

Corinne, , bPoplio, bred for

Brigette, Escaliver, from Pika

  Adrian, Zangoose, from Pika

Marlene, Servine, from Pika

Lukas, Avalugg, from Pika

Elsa, A-Ninetales, from Pika

Idalia, Sunflora, from Pika

Holly, A-Vulpix, from Pika

Seth, Greninja, from Pika

Zeph, Pangoro, self-caught

Alex, Honchkrow, from Pika

Lizza, Gothitelle

I’m trademarking something. It’s called “Shiny Vision.” It’t the condition that occurs during a long shiSymptoms include seeing shinies that aren’t  there and false excitement. Side effects include  disappointment  And perhaps  frustration.

DracoMeator,  child of Thor

J.C Blackthorne Daughter of Athena

Bandit, child of Apollo

Shatter, son of Hecate

Me, daughter pf Hermes.

I do have Discord bu am not on much. I only play Ultra Sun nowadays but till i can’t i trade, i suck at battles but make a good  punching bag XD.  I am proud to admit I have pots of legit shinnies. (See below) i also have a fair amount of HAs, thanks to Giru.  Even though I play ultra sun  I do not have a 3DS  friend code. So you will have to bear with me if you want to do training or battling.
About me: It’s not even the new year yet and I making a new year resolution  today December 25, 2021 .  This resolution is that , online DBfrienda’ birthdays  I will attempt, very hard. To catch a shiny said shiny Will be named after the user on whose birthday I caught it  i.e Jacey was on J.C Blackthorne’s birthday and Delta was on DracoMeteors  birthday.  What I need from you guys is your birthday so I know what day to do it on  and 1-3 Love your favorite Pokémon that belong in the Alola Games OR can be found in ultra space.  I just think this will be a fun idea. If you want me to do this for your birthday please put your birthday (Month and date) on my wall.

Vim = Eevee 4/24 success!

Shiny List,   

Silver, Eevee, 4-24-22

Koral 3-18-22

Makani, name means “The Wind” in Hawaiian. 1-25-22

sol, Elekid, 5!IVs, HA,  adamant nature, Alert to Sounds, 1-11-22 evolved 1-11-22,

Koa 1-5-22 evolved 1-7-22

Keola, (means life in Hawaiian,) 12-27-21. I had just heaved a HUGE sigh of boredom(i was approximately 130 KOs in the chain) when said sigh was cut short by a sparkly sound.

Uluwehi, 1-21-22 name means lush plants

Lucy, named by Shadow,

 I became a self-proclaimedShiny Hunter on december nineteenth 2021! I had caught 30+ shinies.

Aolani, 5th Alolan shiny name means “ heavenly  cloud.” Caught 12-22-21 Fomantius Lonely nature.  EvolveD 12-23-21

Kainalu ( Hawaiian four “ serve.”) 30yth shiny, HA Mantyke. 47yh called caught 12-19-21.  Evolved 12-19-21

Mayleigh, 12-15-21 fourth Alolan shiny  evolved  12-15-21

Zara Pellipper female, first random encounter. 12-14-21

Sebastian, 12-10-21  evolved  12-12-21 Named by Dani

Cassian, 11-27-21

Jacey;, 11-21-21, evolved 12-3-21 Named after J.C Blackthorne

Jasper, Bonsly  longest Hunt up so far,  11-8-21  evolved  11-8-21

Quinn caugh 10/24/21 Gumshoos first Apopa Native, caught as Yungoose.

Delta (HA) Named after Dracometeor (Deltaemerald)






Reese traded to Dani

   Esmeralda  Named by Kyogre71











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Oh I'm fine. I would be better if I had a shiny Aron (since I've already done 2000 encounters for this thing, over 1000 Zubats and 1000 Arons), but other than that, I'm fine.

As for the other thing, you put this in chat:

Eos The Lureena
18 minutes ago
I see your still being called a siml (rolls eyes)

"Some people don't want to accept being wrong" was my response to that lol.
3 hours ago by -WhiteFire-
Here it is. The last part is what's for Volcamoth:

Larvnom (Larvesta + Snom)
Abilities: [HA] Swarm + [HA] Ice Scales
Design: Larvesta's body with Snom's icy spikes poking out from where its flame hairs are. Also, white-colored body.
Moves: Icicle Spear, Zen Headbutt, Flame Charge, Leech Life

 HP= 055 + 030 = 085 /1.5 = 057
 Att= 085 + 025 = 110 /1.5 = 073
Def= 055 + 035 = 090 /1.5 = 060
 SA= 050 + 045 = 095 /1.5 = 063
 SD= 055 + 030 = 085 /1.5 = 057
Spd= 060 + 020 = 080 /1.5 = 053
 Tot= 360 + 185 = 545 /1.5 = 363

Height: 3'07" + 1'00" = 4'07" OR 55" /1.5 = 37" OR 3'01"
Weight 63.5 + 08.4 = 71.9 /1.5 = 47.9
Volcamoth (Volcarona + Frosmoth) EVOLVES from "Larvnom" at LVL 59 during the night
same abilities and type combo as above
Design: Volcarona's body with Frosmoth's wing pattern and white-colored body.
Moves: Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Ice Beam, Psychic

HP= 085 + 070 = 0155 /1.5 = 103
 Att= 060 + 065 = 0125 /1.5 = 083
Def= 065 + 060 = 0125 /1.5 = 083
 SA= 135 + 125 = 0260 /1.5 = 174
 SD= 105 + 090 = 0195 /1.5 = 130
Spd= 100 + 065 = 0165 /1.5 = 110
 Tot= 550 + 475 = 1025 /1.5 = 683

Height: 5'03" + 4'03" = 9'06"  OR 114" /1.5 = 76" OR 6'04"
Weight 101.4 + 092.6 = 194.0 /1.5 = 129.3
May 29 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
But when would she get pregnant, and when is "til later"? I really don't think it's appropriate for warriors to mate with apprentices, or for two apprentices to mate. I'd honestly compare it to teen pregnancy. True, cats are different than people and all, but it just... ugh. Not a fan. I imagine the other cats in the Clan would also shame Cherrydawn for it.
May 28 by Yuya the Goggles
By info, do you mean the mon's stats abilities, design, etc.? It's on my wall. (Look for Volcamoth.)
May 28 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Hooray, I only got it backwards. XD

Hmm... on one end, I'd say yes, because I love kittens/kits so much. They're like some of the cutest animals on the planet I swear. That would mean that Cherrydawn and Dawnstorm are likely official mates because obvious reasons. But that would likely mean Cherrydawn got pregnant as an apprentice, at least if she was named in honor of her deceased crush/mate. Which... is a little strange. Of course, I assume she could also be named after him if he was still alive at the time, though I don't think I've ever seen that kinda thing happen. But I only read the first arc and Power of Three (not counting some Super Editions), so yeah. If she does have kits, though, I think it'd be kinda cute if one of her kits looked like him, so she named said kit Dawnkit, but wow that's a lot of Dawns. There are really so many things you could do (most of which might mean you have to tweak a few things for it to make sense), so I'm not sure exactly what to think. I guess it depends.

Note to self: should've kept her bio temporarily for reference. (yet another facepalm moment)
May 28 by Yuya the Goggles
Ah, I see. So what you're saying is she's a runner and not a tunneler? Or am I failing to read again?

Also, I look forward to seeing Dawnstorm (if you intended to send him to me of course, because you obviously don't have to).

Another also: uh... how am I supposed to word this? Thanks for listening, I guess. A lot of people pretty much refuse to change their OCs. Speaking from experience with... well, myself. And from seeing random internet people responding negatively to any sort of criticism as well, which is somewhat related (I assure you those people didn't change their OCs or think about doing so). I like it when people listen to advice and think about it, whether they decide to change stuff or not. And this got way too serious-sounding for something I did out of boredom, but I took it rather seriously for some reason, so the point stands.
May 27 by Yuya the Goggles
Hey, Eos. For the next chapter, do you think it'd be best to introduce Volcamoth (Volcarona + Frosmoth) instead of its prevo? Since we have a fully evolved fusion-mon in the Alolan Branch, I find it fitting if the same scenario should happen in the Unovan one.

It's like a mirror representation of our Alolan team of 6, but in Unova.
May 27 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
It's only due to the 1 level difference between Gothita's evo and Salandit's evo.
May 27 by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua

Chapter 24


The Gang Just Got a Little Bigger

“Good morning all you fusions! the voice was far too cheery for barely dawn. I heard Lanh groan as they stretched, cringing slightly as they tried putting weight on their injured leg. Eos was curled up in a ball, I’m 99% sure she cried herself to sleep last night, Vim stretched and then began coughing and wheezing like he had just inhaled more smoke. Maia quickly ran over to him and nuzzled him, which was sort of cute but also gross. Wooeary blinked sleepily, stared down at us and promptly covered her face behind her wings again. “Rude. Nikita said, for some reason she was sleeping cuddled next to a… stick. “Um Nikita, is that a new fusion we haven’t met/” I asked. Her faced turned crimson and she threw the stick as far as she could. “Nope.” She said sounding like she was trying to hide something. “Uh=huh.” I said but turned to Vim who had finally stopped wheezing. “Are you alright?” I asked “Fine.” He grumbled but I saw him give Maia a grateful look. “helloo.” The cheery voice that had woken me up said, I looked over to see Lacey waving her hands frantically, trying to get our attention. “Hi?” I said, she looked up and up and up til our eyes finally met. “Oh, hiya, your Quinn ain’t ya? “I nodded, lowering down so she didn’t have to stretch so far to see me.  Hey, can you make sure your friends are ready to meet the other Unova fusions?” if  I had arms I would’ve shrugged my shoulders but I didn’t so I simply nodded. “Oh good, cuz they’re on their way.” I blinked and then went around to see how everyone was doing. Eos was still crying and Vim had started wheezing again but not as bad as at first. As I got around to Lanh I heard someone, an h human laughing, “stop floating away Milla we’re supposed to be meeting the Natives.” That voice belonged to a Pokémon the one who had laughed sobered up as Lacey made her way over. “Lacey, did you or Seth see them? Those poor fusions… I told them I’d be back in a weak but three days after the disaster that was the destruction of the Unova branch…” just then a small Pokémon,  smaller than Lacey appeared they had green thorns protruding from a shell on their back and the shell appeared to be  made of steel. “Carmin, you made it!” Lacey said as she nearly danced her way over to the small Bug Pokémon.”Hey, wears s Seth?” Lanh asked and then Seth appeared , he was flying and the human, N, was not impressed. “Seth, please be careful.” N sounded sort of mothering but then again, he obviously cared a lot about his Pokémon friends.  I was the first to notice  the floating fusion, she was staring at me intently and then floated over. “ooh, you’re big and tough looking are you like really strong?” the fusions voice was reminiscent of Maia’s as it seemed to float along as she spoke but this fusion sounded like they’d be easily distracted and she was. “Ohh an orange Meditite, are you shiny?” Nikita looked up and crossed her arms. “No, I’m a fusion, what about you?” “Me? I’m Milla, Milla silly didn’t I say that before?” “Um, no?” Nikita answered and then looked away but not before I saw her roll her eyes. “whereas…” someone started to ask but then said “oh nvermind here comes Necro.” Zooming in at high speed was the strangest fusion I had ever  seen. Before they could even introduce themselves Milla said, “Ohh there’s Shedinaird or if it’s easier, we call him Necro.”
May 27 by Eos The Lureena
Dang. You didn't reply to my review or anything.
May 26 by Yuya the Goggles