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Member for: 4 years (since Mar 18, 2013)
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Gender: The Senate
Country: Taped to your ceiling fan
Favorite Pokémon: Probopass
Friend Codes: Hazy, try again later.
About me: Oh geez, I hope you didn't think I was cool or anything; I hate to give off bad first impressions.
Username changes: serperior1001 --> some random guy --> *Insert Name Here* --> Squaaaaaaaaw --> Finchwidget

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Pokepuns wya
Feb 25 by gengarchomp
Thanks for the report -- honestly don't think it's worth entertaining a change in their username. I think it's clear enough that it isn't him, and getting a change would be a trial considering we'd need Pokemaster himself to show up and do it.
I'll keep an eye on it though, in case they're actually trying something dumb. Thanks again.
Feb 24 by Fizz
I'm open. I'll be on the database's Showdown server
Feb 10 by KRLW890
I should be open all day today. Just tell me when you're online.
Feb 10 by KRLW890
Okay, good news, my internet came back on a lot earlier than I expected, as you can tell. I'll be open to battle anytime before 6, your time.
Feb 9 by KRLW890
Update: cable company's here. Looks like I'm not going to have internet for a while.
Feb 9 by KRLW890
Okay, so I just got word that, apparently, my internet's going to be out for most of today. We're switching cable companies, and once they set up, the internet's not going to be on for somewhere in the range of four hours, and I'm going to be busy between 5 and 9 (6-10). I'm not precisely sure when they're going to be here, so if we start a battle, we run the risk of getting it interrupted midway through.
Feb 9 by KRLW890
So what I had scheduled for tomorrow might be cancelled. I know I'm going to be free all day until at least 5:30 (6:30 your time), and I might just have the entire day off, but after 5/6:30, I'm not sure.
Feb 8 by KRLW890
oh wait nvm you actually have it in your profile i feel dum now but i aint gonna delete my post
Feb 7 by Empty Boxes
You had 8 'A's in your name.  I don't want to forget.
Feb 7 by Empty Boxes