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Gender: Why had you like to know :')
Country: Earth
Favorite Pokémon: Kyurem-W
Friend Codes: I don't have Switch. However I play on Showdown! though.

Showdown!: AGCL6 Swas ♪
Smogon: Swastik
Discord: Shimmer Hills#3341
About me: Name changes:
Swastik ---> Frozen Inferno 火

SleepyDreepy — 05/19/2021
kalos girls are cute

z — 05/19/2021
serena is cute

Tea Why — Today at 4:43 AM
She is cute

~Bandit~ — 05/20/2021
Eh shes kinda cute ig

Omega-Blade X
a minute ago
Tho serena is pretty cute as well ngl

seconds ago
Serena>Pyra ngl

I love your grav!  So cuteeeeee
 17 hours ago by J™

She's a pretty forgettable rival, but here goes:
Serena is cool :)
 4 hours ago by Fizz

AG is the best metagame, so much unbalanced, broken stuff make it heat. It's not untier, it's (fun) tier.

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dood that's epic
2 hours ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
3 hours ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
OMG SKARPH!?!?!??!?!
3 hours ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
Who is Skarph?
3 hours ago by Da Viper
Thank you hehe
2 days ago by J™
3 days ago by Roaring Rowlet
I got A's on my last 2 finals.  I finished the year with a 4.0 GPA (All A's).
3 days ago by J™
I got A's in my first 4 finals!  I have the next 2 tomorrow.
4 days ago by J™
I simp for all cute anime girls because I have no life
4 days ago by Omega-Blade X
I check the site periodically, if you count that as "active"
6 days ago by Hexahedron