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Gender: Male
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: Pichu, Cleffa, Corviknight, Snom, Galarian Darumaka, Floette, Lucario, Tynamo
Friend Codes: Switch: 3338-2663-0414

If you want to contact me, I use discord, where I am currently ZenDaruma#6981
About me: Now that I have Expert, time to edit people's posts! Please don't mind me editing your post, it probably has a grammatical mistake. If you want me to undo it, let me know in comments/on my wall or edit it yourself lol

Also, if there's anything you'd like me to edit, lmk on my wall

Expert status: 4/9/2021, 9:14 AM CDT
#69 on Pokebase: 4/8/2021

I'm mostly a competitive player, although I am interested in playing older gens when I actually get a 3DS.

I used to be 'snom' and 'SSuperiority' here.

You might find me in the chat room sometimes. I'm usually not that active there, I just monitor things.

Outside of Pokemon, some other video game franchises I play/am interested in are: Super Smash Bros, Final Fantasy, Mario, Undertale and Deltarune, Kirby, and the Legend of Zelda.

I'll put some sample teams here once I make descriptions for each one lol

Zamazenta-Crowned suspect test woohoo "but..but too broken it's a literal box legend and it has wild charge and psychic fangs for pex which is a 2H+KO and cannot die!!!"

Kyurem-White — Today at 10:47 AM
Nat Dex OU
is shit(edited)
Everyone is just
spamming t-wave
and getting parahax

ZenDaruma — Today at 10:50 AM
Can confirm

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I'm back baby
3 hours ago by Blaziken787
Am available today for it is weekend
1 day ago by Stephwheel8
Bulbapedia, Smogon, and Pokemon DB are not "pretty much every Pokemon website". Also I usually don't like being socially active with people who I never met in real life.
1 day ago by sumwun
And more fabled yet, those who hold the power of Arm Thrust
2 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Or even Hydro Pump
2 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Also NationalHornyDay sounds like my kind of thing
2 days ago by Omega-Blade X
Have I ever told you you're a crackhead and I love it
2 days ago by Omega-Blade X
I'm not everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I'm sumwun.
2 days ago by sumwun
what the hell
2 days ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電