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Gender: Male
Country: India
Favorite Pokémon: Lunala, Kyurem, Zeraora, Gardevoir, Lucario
Friend Codes: Pokemon Unite - QYXX97A
Showdown!- AGCL6 Swas
Discord: Frostfall#9757
About me: School opened a month ago, now enjoying offline classes. I still have a lot of time so I occasionally check the site :)

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cool pfp
7 hours ago by Chao220
that grav is so CUTE
5 days ago by mega mismagius
Hello Kiawe
6 days ago by [Dark Star] Greninja
Aah the name was wrong, sorry :(
6 days ago by Creative481
that is Serena? i though that was lily :/
6 days ago by Creative481
I got a laugh from the last message of the bottom wall post.
Nov 24 by ○Celestial Shadows●
Fixing the typos in my previous post cause I couldn't English today for some reason:
bio --> grav
picture --> pictures

Why would I simp for anime girls? I literally don't even have celebrity crushes -- I don't like to have a crush on people I know I don't have a future with.

But hey guess what the biggest Serena simp is calling others a simp. >:P
Nov 24 by Aaaaaaaaa
Nov 24 by Calquischezlerynop
Nah, you got it all wrong. The reason I asked him about his bio was because it was one of the few pictures which trigger my anxiety in a way I can't explain. They make me feel euphoric - sad and happy at the same time, idek why.

I've got more picture which make me feel the same way:
There are more but they're in the background of songs I'm too lazy to find lol.
Nov 24 by Aaaaaaaaa
Son of a bi-
Nov 24 by ○Celestial Shadows●