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Gender: Male
Country: USA, but my heart and soul are in England.
Favorite Pokémon: Roserade, Eelektross, Dusknoir, Centiskorch, Serperior, Samurott, Alakazam
Friend Codes: *Formerly Xblade999*

You don't need to know my FC unless we're doing something together. Sorry.

Friends are nice. Suppose I'll list some. If I miss anyone, apologies.

~MegaCharizardY~: So amazing, always a pleasure to talk to.

Whimsicott-W: You're really nice. So caring, thank you. Thanks for always being there to listen.

ItsYaBoiFlareon: Cool map creator, thanks for the guide!

AureliusReyes: One of my friends in real life. Pretty cool.

Glazio Kawaii: She's nicer now, so back on the list she goes

Ty™: Really chill, awesome person.

CC™: A great, supportive person.

That's it for now. Apologies if I missed anyone.

Cool people that deserve recognition:
sm 4evr
About me: Hey there! I'm X, formerly known as X, soon to be X. This community is amazing, cheers to everyone here. You're all great.

Not going to be on as much due to school. I'll still answer questions and talk to people, just don't expect me to respond to anything until late afternoon.

Next goal: Editor!

I hate it so much when new users don't know how to select a BA.

If I don't immediately respond to a wall post, I'm sorry. It's because of one of these two reasons:
1) I'm not currently on the DB.
2) I'm talking to someone else, and I don't want to waste wall posts.

I'm making a Super World in Mario Maker 2. It's fun.

(# of BA selected) x 2 + (# of Upvotes) x 10 + (# of BA) x 20 - (# of Downvotes given) x 2 - (# of Downvotes) x 10

Potential name changes:
Giga~Blade X

Please say which one you like better if you have nothing else to do.

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I really hope you're right about that,,
49 minutes ago by TY ™
Thanks! :)
1 hour ago by Kyogre71
Indeed, it is. I think editors should choose the BA for that question.
10 hours ago by Swastik
Ah! Ok then! *Sighs*
10 hours ago by ASS8666
10 hours ago by ASS8666
I'm Fighting/Fairy in type right? But I can't cast magic spells to myself!! If I was able to do so, I would try disappearing from other's sight and get out easily!!! LOL
10 hours ago by ASS8666
I was planning for a treasure hunt but... How can I go out?
12 hours ago by ASS8666
12 hours ago by ASS8666
My Prince Charming talked to me one-on-one today. I want to kiss him so baaadddd. I think i screwed up, though. I ended up blabbing about how i only make $500 a month and that's not impressive at all in comparison to what he makes. Why would he want to date someone who makes significantly less money than him? He wouldnt. I'm doomed.
12 hours ago by TY ™
I see princess beauty is back?
13 hours ago by TY ™