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Gender: Male
Country: I used to live in Mt. Ember, until I found a cave of my own.
Favorite Pokémon: Gen 1 Starters, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Audino, Gardevoir, Gengar, Swampert, All Fossil Pokemon, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Gen 7 Starters, Feraligatr
Friend Codes: I only give people I trust my Friend Code.

But if you want my Switch FC, join my Discord server. (ask me on my wall)
So much for that Disc server. at least SYL joined shrug
About me: On Pokemon Showdown, I will sometimes be on named NebbyY, Casper Ze Ghost, or Delta NebbyY.

Though you will find me most active on PokeBase and Discord, I'm usually on until I have to go somewhere.

Going to try shiny hunting in USUM for Porygon/Scyther.

Do you want help with teambuilding? Message me on my wall!

Playing Pokemon Insurgence :D

Joined: April 14
My First 80 Points And Getting Rid Of That Banner When You Are First Introduced To Pokebase: 5/4/2018
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v Cringe Below v

Nuzlockes I have attempted:

Pokemon Ultra Moon (FAIL): So, I was doing the Lurantis trial when the Sudowoodo attacked me. It DESTROYED almost my whole team with Rock Slide and Wood Hammer. Luckily, my Marshtomp thanks to X Defense lived a Wood Hammer, and Sudowoodo fainted to recoil. Then Lurantis finished off Marshtomp with a Power Herb Solar Blade :(
(Fun fact: Marshtomp was traded to me, instead of found by Island Scan) (What happened to that eviolite I gave Marshtomp? :P)

Pokemon Omega Ruby (Ongoing, but I've taken a long break from my nuzlockes): I am pretty sure I am going to fail this one. I have had 10 deaths and I have made it to Victory Road. I already lost my Roserade and Lanturn to Rhyperior, so I had to train two more party members. My team right now is Aggron holding Aggronite (Victory Road encounter), Latios holding Latiosite (Southern Island encounter), Audino (Mirage Forest encounter), Dusclops holding Eviolite, Swellow, and one Pokemon I can't remember.
Update: I beat the Omega Ruby nuzlocke! With only 11 deaths!
Yay :3. Now, time for the tense Post-Game Nuzlocke, in the Delta Episode! I'm ready for you, Deoxys. Mega Aggron is a beast.
Update 2: I beat all the main threats in the Delta Episode. Zinnia, Rayquaza, and Deoxys. And only 1 death! My two final challenges are Elite Four rematches, and finally Wally. I've also allowed myself to get items from the Battle Resort to make it easier, but the Flame Orb didn't work out on Swellow. He got rekt by a Ferrothorn :(. See you in the next update!
Update 2 1/2: There has been a big delay on this nuzlocke, haven't had time to do it recently. This may or may not be canceled.
Update 2 3/4: Some grinding. Very minimal grinding.

Future Nuzlockes I may do:
Pokemon Ultra Sun Scanlocke (A scanlocke is where you only use Island Scan pokemon) (Very Hard Challenge) (Still haven't attempted yet :P)
Pokemon Crystal VC Hardcore Shinylocke (No healing during battles!) (What was I thinking?)

Favorite VGs: Pokemon Gen 1-7 (NOT LGPE THAT GAME IS THE WORST GEN 1 REMAKE EVER), Pokemon Insurgence, Pokemon Quest, Pokemon Shuffle.

Fun Fact Frenzy: Tres is the spanish word for three, that is how I got my profile name, in fact.

Favorite Pokemon By Type:

Normal: Porygon-Z
Fire: Moltres (Of course)
Water: Feraligatr/Primarina
Grass: Celebi
Electric: Magnezone/Vikavolt
Ice: Mamoswine/Abomasnow/Alolan Sandslash
Fighting: Lucario/Hitmonlee
Poison: Mega Beedrill
Ground: Swampert/Mudsdale/Nidoking
Flying: Dragonite
Psychic: Mewtwo/Metagross/Azelf
Bug: Volcarona/Scizor
Rock: Aggron/Kabutops
Ghost: Banette/Marshadow/Aegislash
Dragon: Salamence/Tyrantrum
Dark: Hoopa/Weavile
Steel: Jirachi
Fairy: Sylveon

Pokemon Shuffle is a pretty fun game, Gen 7 updates, weekly events...


Pokemon Quest > Pokemon Shuffle


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Can I get an invite? And do you have acces to your old Discord since I’m pretty sure that I don’t have the RPnow thing in my browser history.
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Feb 23 by SeeYaLater!
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