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seconds ago I'm gonna get so many livers

seconds ago But my ass was a meme once, so that might count for something ?

seconds ago Holla holla got dolla.

a minute ago PX: Dank memes meets British accent

Doctor Disco
seconds ago tem/tem IGtem would tem again

Bow down to the twerking android cat generals

The scruff says I'm rugged, but the pink says I live in a disco ball.

Teach a man to fish and he'll fish for a day.
Teach a man to finish and he'll never fish again.
2 hours ago by Doctor Disco

'I can see shia lebeouf over there.'
'Really? Looks like someone isn't following their dreams again.'

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No probs PX- thanks for approving my question.
Aug 10 by Deathrider
Aug 4 by EdDaBoss
Is it ok if I call you the comment police?
Aug 4 by The Lonely Pikachu
Just curiosity.
Aug 2 by Olli
I'm just curious about one thing, how old are you exacly? If is not a problem to ask.
Aug 2 by Olli
I don't know what "clutter" means.
Aug 2 by SeeYaLater
On the UU mini tour
Aug 1 by SeeYaLater
Why did you hide my comments?
Aug 1 by SeeYaLater
Pibb Xtra
Jul 30 by HitManCho
Empty Boxes
seconds ago
accidental chinese communism
Jul 29 by PX ™