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I'm a lazy cosmog who decided to scour the internet. I wanna grow up into a big Lunala one day!

seconds ago
my brain is getting small
About me: Yo! Moderator now. Be nice to me or I'll ban you.

If you have any questions please do ask. Don't bother Pokemaster or other mods with trivial stuff, take it to me please.


Ok so I wanted to talk about this and it's hard so I'm just gonna put this here pubicily and have y'all wander into it. Please don't make a big deal about this or be rude.

I'm (possibly?) male to female trans, or at least I'm considering it, and identifying as female in the mean time. It's a complicated issue that I'm not super sure about myself, but being open about it helps, which is why I'm making this public. If you're an old user and knew me from a while back as male and wondering why I go by 'she' now or vice versa with new user, then theres why.  I didn't want to talk about it at first because I didn't want the headache of explaining this to people or anyone treating my differently because of it. But not being able to discuss stuff openly isn't great for me, so that's that I guess.

Again please don't be rude or whatever, I'm literally the exact same personality wise. Plenty of people can attest to there being almost no difference lol.

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5 days ago by PrimalKyogre
Was Lyle permabanned? Just wondering. He did make dupes after all, so..
Sep 11 by PrimalKyogre
Sep 8 by ~MegaCharizardY~
4 minutes ago
Sep 8 by ~MegaCharizardY~

Hello PX. This guy claims he's Lyle, and he made this account because he was banned. Just wanted to report this.
Sep 8 by ~MegaCharizardY~
I don’t know what that is but it sounds cool. :)
Aug 23 by PianoGeek123
Is it anyone in particular?
Aug 20 by PianoGeek123
How long have you had that grav?
Aug 19 by PianoGeek123
Why hide on meta?
Aug 11 by Rayquaza2753
It'll happen eventually
Aug 8 by Mega-Blade X