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Member for: 3 months (since May 31)
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Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
Favorite Pokémon: Zangoose, Salamence, Tyranitar
Friend Codes: 3Ds Friend Code is: 2166-2145-0001 Mii's name is Zangoose50.  I have the game Ultra Sun. My character's name in Ultra Sun is Walter.
Name in Showdown: Zangoose373
Character's name in Pokemon X: Zangoose2020
Discord name/tag: PorygonZangoose#4974
About me: I'm starting this Abra with the ability Synchronize service for the games X/Y, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.  Here are the requirements:
1: Which Nature you need
2: Wheter you want an Abra or Kadabra (Kadabra will evolve into Alakazam
3: Wheter you want IVs or not
4: Friend code
The natures I'm accepting is the following:
Please wall me if want to catch a Pokemon with a certain nature. I will provide you with an Abra with that nature with the ability Synchronize.

New inspirational quote of 2020: "Um."- PorygonZangoose
9/1/20: reached 500 points

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Thank you!
14 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
Sounds fun! Mind sharing the course ID when it's done?
15 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
Perfection. XD
2 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
Nice! My favourite courses I've uploaded are my Bowser's Fiery Fortress trilogy -- they're fun to play through. I also quite like my "What not to do in a level". Figured I would randomly say that here, lol
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Ok! I have some courses, too, I can give you my ID if you want. I like to think they're not as garbage as most other levels, lol.
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Nice. I might check out your levels. Are they good?
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Sorry for deleting yours! I delete Y's seeing as she shouldn't be here. But sometimes I go on autopilot and delete someone else's, lol. Sorry about that.
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
I've only got two castle levels, the first level, and an optional one, lol
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
It's fun, tho I don't have much done yet.
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Re switch question: Yeah, that's fine. I'd wait some time if you were looking for another opinion, since people are less likely to answer questions that already have an answer.
Re natures question: No, that question is fine. If it's something you can answer based upon strategy, then it automatically gets a pass from me.
3 days ago by Fizz