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About me: Hi. I don't know why you're reading this. There's no reason for you to read this. You're wasting your time. I've basically taken away like 10 seconds of your life and its your fault.

Anyway I like cookies. Do you?

Also the best theme in Pokemon is Zinnia's theme from ORAS and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise. Unless you say Cynthia's theme. Then I'll let you tell me that just to give myself a reason to beat the living crap out of you. And I will enjoy every second of it.

I probably like very different things than you. The only thing we have in common is probably that we like cookies. If you don't like cookies then you are big noob. Big fat ugly noob with a poo poo stain on your shirt.

There's 1 thing I've noticed about this site, and its the fact that if 100 users were to start an uprising and only 1-2 mods were online, we could theoretically start a revolution, or at least plan one, in the time it would take for those 1-2 mods to ban everyone. Also, if we could crash the PCs of those mods then the only way to stop the uprising is for Pokemaster to get online and ban everyone at the same time. To crash the PCs of those mods, we could just spam very large emojis until the mods stop banning. Don't worry, I've got experience in crashing sites. I've crashed the PCs of Discord mods before.

In late 2023-2024, there will be an uprising. No, a revolution. We will stand as warriors in this battlefield. And although we may not win the battle, we will win the war.

Oh yeah all that is just bs except for the fact that I've crashed a discord mods pc before lol.

I'll be online in 10 minutes, and if I'm not then just read my About Me again.

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Hm, never thought of that. Interesting...
Jun 16 by Yuya the Goggles
Nope, definitely not.

And you better not comment anymore. >:)
May 25 by xPsydxck
May 24 by TheMasterApe
What kind of question is that lol? Only weirdos with a degradation fetish would say yes to that.
May 21 by xPsydxck
LMAOO I mean its still insulting my favourite Pokémon and not me.
May 17 by xPsydxck
Being someone's mother is a risky decision because of the amount of "ur mom" jokes thrown around on the internet.
May 13 by xPsydxck
As far as I know, my mother has never used a move.
May 11 by CyberHedgehog IV
*Shakes hand solemnly*
May 11 by VTSupernova
I think my mother is a human being. Maybe you meant a Pokemon's mother?
May 10 by CyberHedgehog IV
I never heard of the Pokemon Your Mother. What type is it? What are its stats? What are its ability(s)? What is its movepool?
May 8 by CyberHedgehog IV