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Gender: ησρε.
Country: Sinnoh
Favorite Pokémon: See About Me
Friend Codes: Hi! I'm iloveflareon123, but that's too long of a name , so just call me Flareon. But not Peasant. Only Consider can call me that.

I am a cantaloupe. Deal with it.

My birthday is on January 27th.

Consider7 aka Ms Taco Goddess
probsbly some others like snoberi, hex maniac, and Kitkat, but whatever

New 3DS: 0534-1165-4048

Joined: 11/25/2019
100 pts: 12/27/2019
200 pts: 1/3/2020
300 pts: 1/12/2020
400 pts: 2/8/2020

Welcome to Cornya, the land of good eye sight and bad jokes.
*Did you hear about the old skydiving trend?*

It plummeted.
*Did you hear about the new murdering trend?*

The creator made a killing.
*Did you hear about the new stilt-wearing trend?*

I heard it was the height of fashion.
*What did the Minecraft YouTuber say so they didn't get demonetized?*

Oh, Shitake Mooshrooms!
*What did the fish say when it ran into a wall?*

*What do you call a fish with no eyes?*

A fsh.
About me: This is a really inspiring story. The poor little boy looked so happy when he finally got his wish. Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-ydGUHUDj8

Hey, Im starting a club! Totally didn't get ANY ideas from anywhere...
Its called the Joke Club:
1. iloveflareon123 - me
2. Flowersun

Favorite Pokemon:
Flareon, Gallade, Giratina Origin Form, Naganadel, Wooloo, Poipole, Mudkip (i leik 'em), Blaziken, Staraptor, Bidoof, Palkia, Cosmog, Decidueye, and Strawberry Ice Cream.

Favorite Games:
Pokemon Pearl (first pokemon game ever)
Pokemon Ultra Sun (My most active game, got loads of good pokemon on it)
Pokemon R/S/E (I want to buy Emerald, but I only have a 3DS and a DSi boohoo)

Games I own (in order of when I got them):
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Ultra Sun
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Sword (technically I don't own it, but whatever)

Games I want:
Pokemon Emerald (only played on emulators, please don't hate me)
Pokemon Y (because I need to complete my dex in OR)
Pokemon White 2 (So I can play Unova and transfer some of my Gen 4 pokes to Gen 6 -> 7 -> 8)
Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver (2 regions in one!)

Longtime champion of Sinnoh!

My Shinies:
Ultra Sun (main for hunting)
-3 Altaria via Ultra Warp Method
-2 Barbaracle via Ultra Warp Method
-1 Stunfisk (first in game) via UWM
-1 Quagsire via UWM
-1 Nuzleaf via UWM
-1 Houndour (now Houndoom) via Masuda Method
-1 Giratina (trade)
-1 Shaymin (trade)
-1 Mew (trade, probably hacked :,/ )
-1 Hariyama (trade)
-1 Seviper via MM
-1 Yanmega via UWM
-1 Caterpie via MM
-1 Mesprit via UWM (failed)

-1 FULL ODDS Giratina (failed)
-1 FULL ODDS Staravia (failed)
-1 FULL ODDS Starly
I use this site more on my 3DS than my computer, thanks Pokemaster

-Thryre (pronoun) : synonym for 'they're' or 'they are' - by iloveflareon123
-Fripping (adjective) : synonym for 'fricking', 'freaking', 'fu... you get the idea. - by Flowersun

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You can join my club if you want to. Everyone is welcome.
Feb 2 by DelphoxOracle
No. Not really. It's from a song. In a musical called My Fair Lady. I had it stuck in my head, lmao. :P
Jan 31 by Consider7
I'm gettin' married in the mornin'....
Jan 30 by Consider7
Jan 29 by Consider7
Jan 29 by Consider7
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEASANT! I hope it's a good one!
Jan 27 by Consider7
I just noticed that Palkia's in your favorite Pokemon list. :)
Jan 26 by Flowersun
sup, we are far and few in between
Jan 25 by wokeboke
Hey, I noticed I was in your Friends list! :)
Thanks! :)
Jan 25 by Flowersun
Also, did you find out about me playing Pearl by looking at my question about Sneasel?
Jan 25 by Flowersun