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Favorite Pokémon: mismagius, sceptile, charizard, scizor, linoone, beedril, glaceon,flygon,hisuian zoroark
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anyone wanna join the mismagius club?

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my showdown username is  "my magius" (i tried to set the username to mega mismagius but that username was already chosen. i might change my usename to ima be magius though)

can i make you a nickname?
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sometimes i feel like being dead is way better than living

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Awwwwww :3

Cute grav
3 hours ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
That's a cute Grav.
16 hours ago by Fenton Force
16 hours ago by Creative481
Nice grav
1 day ago by Mr. Beast™
1 day ago by ~azureshiram~
spoiler alert, cynthia garchomp was hard in the old games, but in BDSP, CYNTHIA WAS GIVEN COMPETITIVE TEAM! every elite four has competitive too, i believe BDSP elite four and champion are the hardest one to complete in all of the main and remakes games.

im using froslass cause i like the snorunt line, but never used froslass. and froslass was interesting. and froslass is a backup to cynthia garchomp, cause froslass will get absolutely destryed. yes, thats why im using togekiss. fun fact, i wanst going to use togekiss until i realised that gliscor is UNAVAILABLE UNTIL POST GAME. yeah, torterra is the best sinnoh starter! but i dont hate infernape, that thing is pretty cute, but chimchar is the absolute best at infernape line(cause chimchar is too cute).

i dont know, maybe someone. we never know if someone just pretend to be good. in this world, there is always someone we hate, and someone we love. we tried to protect the ones we love like family and friends, and sometimes fight the one we hate. personally, i dont hate someone. i just wanted to make friends. but like i said, we have allies, and we have enemies. sometimes, we dont know if we hate them and just go along with it. but the truth about them is deep in our feelings.
that is a life lesson from me, hope you get it and live a good life :)
1 day ago by Creative481
Im not a fan of froslass, but i want to use it, because it is interesting :)
And drapion is there as a "bug type". Togekiss is obvious. Torterra the best sinnoh starter, and lucario and floatzel is cool :)
Dont want make a team full of the sinnoh staple, just floatzel :D
1 day ago by Creative481
That mimikyu is cute :3
1 day ago by Creative481
1 day ago by mega mismagius
BDSP team (sad cant use gliscor :[ )
- torterra
moveset: wood hammer, earthquake, leech seed, stone edge/rock slide
- floatzel
moveset: aqua jet, waterfall/aqua tail, bite/dig, strength
- togekiss
moveset: air slash, dazzling gleam, flamethrower/fire blast, psychic/ancient power
- drapion
moveset: cross poison/poison jab, crunch/night slash/knock off, x-scissor, taunt/acupressure/toxic
- lucario
moveset: drain punch, meteor mash, calm mind, dragon pulse
- froslass
moveset: ice beam/blizzard, shadow ball/hex, will-o-wisp/toxic, thunderbolt

there it is, my BDSP team :D
1 day ago by Creative481