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Gender: ~~~ {likes dreamy Gladion}
Country: Home of glittery rainbows, Gladion fan girls, and the Stars and Stripes that unite us. God bless America.
Favorite Pokémon: Serperior (TOP SNEK), the eeveelutions (even Flareon, which is garbage), Alolan Raichu (cute af, that’s all I have), Absol, Zebstrika, Shaymin, Krookodile, Snivy, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Swampert, Zoroark, Galarian Ponyta, Tyranitar, Goodra, Braixen, Amaura, Lucario, Torchic and Mega Charizard Y, Obviously. Best Pokemon Ever: Bandit The Yveltal
Friend Codes: Starting things off, I'd like to leave you guys with these beautiful videos: rb.gy/wpgqic, rb.gy/yaxdzx, rb.gy/oqrad1, rb.gy/c5xjfm, rb.gy/jr3zpf, rb.gy/jah5od

Showdown!- VoltBolt55, Delta SerperioritY, RainsHail

Switch- no

2ds- no

Friend List (I have decided to put this here for no reason):
Glazio Kawaii- The first person to talk to me, probably my best friend on this site! Also, she’s into Gladion. Pure gold.

Whimsicott-W- She’s really fun to talk to! Also, Glazio, KitKat, Mega-Blade X (not to be confused with me), Darkrai07, and her write super cool stories! If you work on this project with them and you were not named, I’m really sorry. A great friend!

Mega-Blade X- Yay! I got to know him well, and he's a super good friend of mine! He thinks <3 is a heart and not ice cream. Why though, me and Snivy have no idea. Oooooo-oooooo he ice creamed meee-eeee *singsongs*.

Dawkwai-Z- Im Dark's.... personal team tester on showdown! Yeah! That’s what I am! Also, an amazing friend.

ItsYaBoiFlareon- yes, yes, maybe yes.

SpillThePolteageist- My personal team criticizer. My Togekiss needs to drop Ancient Power according to him. Spam his wall with “soccer”. He loves it. Edit: not cool man, not cool.

Drifty-Boy- GET THE SOUL EXTRACTOR AWAY FROM ME *drinks access blood off on leaf tail*

PrimalKyogre- me and WW like to annoy him with Taylor Swift fangirling. He’s an awesome friend.

CC™️- #MidnightGang

Ty™️- Where else would she be other than with CC?

Jason The Sly Nicvee- He's a fanficnatic. See what I did there?

NebbyY- Don’t threaten to put him in a bag :(. He helps me a lot on RMT, thank you! :) Also, #NebbyYForExpert

Pringles- He. Doesn’t. Get. Sugar. Highs. What. The. Hell.

SeeYaLater!- Her gender is llemhaf and her life is egnorc don’t argue with me.

Nswift- he’s swift when kidnapping Game Freaks director. Also, watch out for Seviper. Seviper is BOTTOM SNAKE. Bottom Snake can’t spell snek. Also Assault Bands are the best weapons.

SnivlerTheSnivy- yes, stuff of a legend. <3 is ice cream, grass clippings are a gender, and Indonesian donuts are delicious.

Kyogre71- she puts up with my nonsense. Like, she can take a squiggly filled convo like a champ.

Stormy Eevee- the toast cult uwu

melcakes- my showdown! friend. Crap, that’s crap and really good.

AureliusReyes- I’m generally nice that’s cool. Also the Leaf Cult is finally a thing do you know how long I’ve been waiting?

Polite Patamon/Your Excellency- cool showdown friend. Apparently he thinks I’m great. Cool dude. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Seriously I say cool way too often halp.

That’s really it for now! Hope to get more friends in the future LOL.

The Midnight Gang (crazy people who stay up til midnight or past on here):

And Me

I Hate Taylor Swift Alliance (#ParlorSwippleIsDoomb):
Piano (aka Shaymin Lover please spam his wall with “shaymin” it’s his favorite Pokémon he will be overjoyed.)

I Love Taylor Swift Alliance (#folklore4ever):
Ar (folklore really changed him)

Carefully Neutral About Taylor Swift Alliance (#NotOnlyX):
X (we all know that he’s a member of the I Hate Taylor Swift Alliance. Who are you fooling, X?)

Self Proclaimed Queen Of ___ Club:

Joined- April 3rd 2020
First Trash Moveset- April 3rd 2020
And we’re skipping to....
2000 points- 6/25/20
The day I started making kinda good Pokémon sets myself- 6/27/20
100 Meta Points- 7/3/20 (I didn’t know I had it in me :P)
150 meta points- 7/3/20
200 Meta points- 7/4/20 (I’ll stop here until I hit like 500 or something)
3000 Points- 7/7/20
4000 Points - 7/26/20

I ran out of wall posts. Sue me.
About me: Hi. I’m Y, and if your name is Mega-Blade X, I’m Y-Chai, and actually, do you know how many people have bothered to check my gender while it was up there? The answer is like 5 people. So I’m not even going to bother anymore.

Anyway, I’m the master of quotes and weird EV spreads. Isn’t that fun? I like to build teams, and I take great joy in rating weather teams. Outside of weather teams, I’m quite mediocre at the RMT portion of this website. My personal favorite team I made revolved around Pelipper, Jolteon, and Ludicolo. It had a defensive core with Ludicolo + Ferrothorn, and Jolteon used Volt Absorb to take electric type attacks aimed at my lead, Pelipper. I made the team for my first successful RMT answer, and ever since then I’ve been gaining confidence and doing more teams.

Onto the quotes part. My friend Dawkwai_Z collects quotes and puts them into a Google Docs that’s on his wall. A lot of them are me saying things about “squigglies”. What are squigglies, you may ask? Well, those things surrounding my name? I call them squigglies, ever since a PS! conversation. Then PK asked if they were drugs, and Dawk said yes, and that’s why I’m on his quote wall so much. So yup that’s the origin of squigglies.

I’m 99% sure I’m younger than you. Deal with it. By the time I’m the same age as everyone else, they’ll just have their birthday like 3 months later. Sad.

I like Taylor Swift, the Imagine Dragons, and The Chainsmokers as far as music goes. Mostly Taylor Swift. I can listen to the same Taylor Swift song on loop for hours and not get bored. My favorite songs are Next To Me by the Imagine Dragons, Blank Space by Taylor Swift, and Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift. My favorite albums are Lover, reputation, and 1989, which are all Taylor Swift albums. Folklore just came out, and I’m really in love with my tears ricochet. It’s obsessively pretty and heartbreaking. Oh! Also hoax is great. I love the way she says ‘stood on the cliff side screaming “give me a reason”’.

Something only Swifties & haters understand: rb.gy/y2iwrr

Best lyrics:

“In my defense I have none” -the 1

“I’ll paint the kitchen neon, I’ll brighten up the sky” -Soon You’ll Get Better

“Cursing my name, wishing I stayed, look at how my tears ricochet.” -my tears ricochet

“They say home is where the heart is, but god I love the English” -London Boy

“He looks up grinning like a devil” -Cruel Summer

“Time won’t fly it’s like I’m paralyzed by it” -All Too Well

“You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest” -All Too Well

“I knew you’d linger like a tattoo kiss” -cardigan

“When you are young they assume you know nothing” -cardigan, it’s way too true

“‘Cause I knew everything when I was young” -cardigan, they tables have turned, also, me all the time.

I really like writing, mostly fan fiction. I do a lot of Pokémon fan fiction, but my most successful fanfic? My Spy School ones, no doubt about that. Obviously, no one here is going to be interested in Spy School fanfics, so I don’t really talk about them.

I love Clue the Movie. It’s really hilarious. I used to be terrified of it because of all the murders, but somehow it makes a bunch of murders not depressing with the lighthearted comedy. This is my favorite quote:

Wadsworth : You see? Like the Mounties, we always get our man.
Mr. Green : Mrs. Peacock was a man?
[Colonel Mustard slaps Mr. Green, who turns to get slapped by Wadsworth]

My favorite conversation from it:

Mr. Green : [to Miss Scarlet]  So, how did you know Colonel Mustard works in Washington? Is he one of your clients?
Colonel Mustard : Certainly not!
Mr. Green : I was asking Miss Scarlet.
Colonel Mustard : [to Miss Scarlet]  Well, you tell him it's not true.
Miss Scarlet : It's not true.
Professor Plum : [to Miss Scarlet]  Is that true?
Miss Scarlet : No, it's not true.
Mr. Green : Ah ha! So it is true!
Wadsworth : A double negative!
Colonel Mustard : A double negative?
Colonel Mustard : You mean you have photographs?
Wadsworth : That sounds like a confession to me. In fact the double negative has led to proof positive. I'm afraid you gave yourself away.
Colonel Mustard : [angry, to Wadsworth]  Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?
Wadsworth : You don't need any help from me, sir.
Colonel Mustard : That's right!

My favorite types are Dragon, Electric, Fire, Fairy, and Dark. In order it would probably go Electric, Fire, Dragon, Fairy, Dark.

My catchphrases:
Sue me.
Shish kebabs.
<3 is ice cream.

So yup now onto the interesting part of my About Me.

“Leaked Plastic is the Ultimate Meal.” Glazio Kawaii, 2020, wow, her keyboard has a mind of its own.

"Isn't that right, -GMaxCharizardX-?" ItsYaBoiFlareon, also 2020. I hate him for it, but I can't help but laugh at his "creativity".

"IM AS STRAIGHT AS STRAIGHT CAN MAKE ME!!!" ShinyCharizardEX, again, all of these are from 2020. Might have gotten this quote wrong, Glazio, help meeeeeeee!!! Thx Glazio, ur a lifesaver (I like cherry ones)

"Chazoird." Not sure who the heck said this to me, and this isn't the full quote, but wow did they spell my name wrong, 2020.

“I screwed screw up I really screwed up” Me, 2020, I’m laughing at my own jokes.

Shinies (Hacked):
Ultra Sun: Mewtwo (Creatorpi), Rayquaza (Creatorpi), Rotom-F (WT)

Shinies (Legit):
Ultra Sun: Jangmo-o (traded a Type: Null for it, from Glazio :), Thx), Quagsire (5/7/20, in a Wormhole, who the heck knows how I encountered it), Hippowdon (5/8/20, in a Wormhole, why did I encounter 2 in 2 days?), Quagsire (5/8/20, Wormhole, Huh?), Nuzleaf (5/8/20, Wormhole, Uhhh), Medicham (Wormhole, 5/9/2020, do I really care? No.) Barbaracle (5/20/20, in a wormhole, I like its shiny.)

Wormhole Shiny Challenge with WW:
Quagsire (male, 6/14/20), Yanmega (female, 6/14/20), Hippowdon (female, 6/14/20), Drapion (female, 6/14/20), Swellow (male, 6/15/20) yay I won the challenge you were a great opponent WW :)

Don't repeat that one quote on Dark's wall said by me that makes you question me as a person... or the other one that I... im ashamed of it.

I am the self-proclaimed Nickname Queen. I can guess what your Pokémon is based on it’s nickname and I’m your girl if you want nicknaming help.

I’m also the self proclaimed Queen of Aria, X’s fanfic region.

I'm also the self proclaimed Huggle Queen.

I’m also the self proclaimed Queen of RPing.

I’m also the self proclaimed Queen of Opening Lines.

Illegal words: Jynx

Illegal Pictures: Jynx

Illegal videos: Videos including Jynx

Still the best pokemon in the world: Bandit the Yveltal

I’m forever cryling. ™️ (Crying+ smiling= cryling™️)

Smilushes™️ (Smiles+ blushes= smilushes) oh crap.

Jealing ™️ (jealous+ crying)

Serperior is Top Snek. Don’t say otherwise.


I’m crushing on Gladion. Duh.

K I looked up smite you’re either going to strike my with a firm blow or you’re going to be strongly attracted to me.
  55 minutes ago by ~MegaCharizardY~

^because they are very, very similar.

Wish upon a million stars, but wishes are just wishes and dreams are merely dreams.
  14 minutes ago by ~MegaCharizardY~

^sad, but true

Jump on a clandestine plane with someone you like, it’s probably fun.

Stop throwing religious stuff at me. I’m an atheist.

Teams you can review or use or whatever:

My Avatar Tournament Team (my favorite team ever): rb.gy/chhy1f

What could’ve been my Avatar Tournament team, but I didn’t use it: rb.gy/zkgvrm

Megas Team: rb.gy/gphjt3

You made it through my whole About Me. Nice. Your reward is a huggle that may or may not kill you. If you’re injured by one of my huggles, sue yourself.

Welp I'm gone now oof. Uh, I'll be on Showdown if you want to battle. I'll answer questions maybe. Cya.

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Why those lyrics specifically?
6 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
Good night, Y-Chai! <3
6 hours ago by Mega-Blade X
And also I answered your type question, still not done but hope it helps!
6 hours ago by Prankstar
Gladion was so cute <3 mine pic is gladion too,
6 hours ago by Prankstar
The Glazio News
Me gotted a Type: Null that was named GLADION with all caps on GTS and another Silvally got to level 100. Yeah Pokemon news is dead. Onto Sol and Luna! I made an edit, there are two stones. One for Pika, one for Flare. The girl introduces herself, and we learn that her name is Lillie. Although you're probably going "WELL FREAKING DUH", Pika and Flare didn't know. They also learn that Nebby's a Cosmog. Lillie gives them each one of the snazzy stones and  starts to head off, back to Iki Town. Then she stops and asks them to come with her, and they agree to. Pika asks herself a bunch of questions about Lillie, but obviously doesn't get any answers. Like, what, would Lillie suddenly gain psychic mind-reading powers or something? Anyway, Flare asks Pika if she's all right, and she replies yes. Then Lillie asks them if they're siblings, which is a yes. They wonder why, but Lillie says she was just curious. They reach Iki Town, and we find out that the professor has arrived and that Hau learned how to tackle-hug. Pika's reaction was "Did Hau really have to embarrass me every time we met?! Sheesh?!" So then Flare whispers something to Lillie, and they both sorta crack up. Pika stomps on her brother's foot, guessing that he was talking about shipping. And yes, he was. So Flare and Pika yell for a minute and Pika yells that she doesn't like Hau, which is true, then realizes that her yelling is making everyone in the town stare at her. Then the professor, apparently not caring about the yelling and all, asks Pika, Flare, and Hau if they're ready to recieve their starters. They say, or rather nod, yes, and then that's it for now. Ha ha I cliffhangered you. See ya!
9 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
Gladion is cuteing me.
10 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
Pokemon news is that Gladion has awesome music and I listened to it quite a bit and danced to it. So, anyway, Sol and Luna is going well. The girl asks Flare and Pika to save Nebby, the Pokemon that was attacked by the Spearow. Pika actually goes to the bridge, but slips! The bridge doesn't break, but she is shaken up. She tries to protect Nebby, and the Spearow attack her as well. Suddenly, Nebby uses some sort of power, blowing the bridge to pieces! By the power of dramatics, Pika apologizes in her thoughts as she falls. Apologizes to Flare, Scarlet, the girl, Nebby, and even herself. But then... she's rescued as a Pokemon flies down to save her! Second time she's been rescued by Pokemon she doesn't recognize. It then flies away, and Flare hugs his rather reckless sister as the girl thanks her for saving Nebby. Then there seems to be some odd kind of stone just sitting there, on the ground... ooh, mysteries that you probably solved in two seconds! See ya!
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
Good night, Y-Chai <3
2 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Back to posting news on your wall! :D

The Glazio News
This has turned into pure fanfic news. So here's Sol and Luna for your viewing pleasure! The epicness of Pika wears off as Scarlet still says no, that she and Flare can't go. Hey, that rhymed! They're very crushed about this, but Pika says she's doing the Island Challenge whether Scarlet likes it or not. Flare says that he's going too, so they think up a plan. The next day, their plan is revealed: they're going to get their starters in secret and head out on the Island Challenge! They play sad and Scarlet lets them outside, which is perfect. Flare says that the shirtless professor who really needs a shirt would be at Iki Town to give them their starters. Well, he didn't say anything about the professor's lack of shirt, but that starter stuff was said. They arrive at Iki Town to see the shirt-needing professor's not there. But then they notice a blond girl with a bag that's come to life heading down Mahalo Trail or whatever it's called. So Pika goes into stalker mode and invites Flare to join her, which he eventually says yes to. Pika notices Ms. Blond Head's bag moving, and says it too loud, blowing their cover and making her run. So then Pika and Flare chase her because... uh... crud I'm writing this thing and not even I know. Then she stops at a bridge and a Pokemon flies out of her bag only to be attacked by Spearow! And now I'm accidentally leaving you on a cliffhanger by not writing more yet, so enjoy that! See ya!
2 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
Night, Y-Chai <3
4 days ago by Mega-Blade X