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Gender: Male. As a Azurill, and now as a Marill, I have always been a male. IRL: Boy
Country: I was born in Hoenn as an Azurill, when I hatched out of an egg. But I didn’t act the way my trainer wanted me to, (Nature) so he traded me away for a Drowzee. But then my new trainer told me he didn’t care to fight other trainers, so he didn’t care the way I acted. Then a few days later, while in Kanto, I found my old trainer and his Drowzee, and I asked my new trainer to go into a trainer battle. As me and the Drowzee fought, my trainer ordered me to execute the finishing move. I did it, and I evolved out of happiness, and now I live in Hoenn. IRL: America
Favorite Pokémon: My number 1 favorite is Marill, and the rest of the evolution chain. I also love most water types, like Poliwag, Squirtle, or tougher ones like Greninja. Ash-Graninja is sick. Other then water types, I like Gardevoir, most Alolan forms, Torchic, Metagross, Galarian Darmanitan, Roserade, and many more. #CharizardIsOverrated. My absolute most hated Pokémon is Hypno. Just, creepy, and... eesh.
Friend Codes: I have no friends. Yeah, that is the Harsh truth XD. Except I am thankful for GigaBlade~X for answering some of my questions.
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She’s talking about the story you put under your country section. She’s blind in one eye and has bad vision in the other, so she can’t type well.
11 hours ago by PrimalKyogre
Why the “???” What parts not inderstandable? I like the story u lut under ckuntry and i said i just hoped X and Primal made ammends someday, not sure how clearer i can get...
16 hours ago by Unbirthday
Sure sorry!

I was saying that i liked the luttle story ynder ykur ckuntry section and that i. Hope someday X and Primal can make ammends
16 hours ago by Unbirthday
I kindA like yhag little dtory indef ckuntry XD i jyst hope soneday C and primal make ammends
19 hours ago by Unbirthday
I don't know what exactly he did.
19 hours ago by Porygon-Zangoose
Gligurr was once an Expert on this site and got banned for misuing his editing powers?
20 hours ago by Porygon-Zangoose
Ah, at leazt someone else gets it but apperently they “hate each other”  pretth sure both said so
21 hours ago by Unbirthday
Oh. Uh... I’m sorry for being a bit stupid with that.

22 hours ago by Stephwheel8
Also I checked and Primal didn't seem to care
1 day ago by Giga~Blade X
I'm probably going to change it soon, but I found it funny lol
1 day ago by Giga~Blade X