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you were around 7 years old when i first joined the database

If I wanted a bulbapedia page, I would’ve went on bulbapedia

And trees
-TY™, circa 2013

“I am a MEW here I will Mew: MEEEEEEEEEEEW”
- Ty, 22 September 2013

I think my name is tea for a reason

pm plz give me an odd number of points


Call me daddy again and I will piss on your kneecaps

Suggestion: ban all the dumb little kids

Someone has to do X's job now that they are gone.


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do not idolize fizz. his thirst for his "pork grinds" is all he cares for, and you will only be hurt. you have been warned, child.
1 day ago by Hellfire Taco
How can you get such epic pfp’s
4 days ago by Assault Ποσειδώνας
Welcome to the site
5 days ago by BeastMaster™
Oh right, I would've done that if I knew about that before that lol. But tbh I like my new username more so I'll keep it. I even changed my Youtube username to this. :P

Also, I found something even more hilarious. Apologies in advance for mentioning this masterpiece:

I am a MEW here I will Mew: MEEEEEEEEEEEW
By Mew, 22 September 2013

Dont ban me lol.
6 days ago by -oPsydxck
Oh okay I didnt notice Mewderator had changed his username at that time. I wish this nasty son of a gun changes his username too:
But ig that'll never happen. :shrug:

I also noticed you added that in your quotes list, which is hilarious!
Jul 29 by -oPsydxck
Danny Phantom
Jul 29 by Giru-Rūku
And trees

-TY™, circa 2013
Jun 23 by Omega-Blade X

Ok but why is this so freaking funny? :dead:

Also, how did you keep your username "mew" when it was already taken by Mewderator at that time?
Jul 28 by -oPsydxck
Ohhhhhhhhhhh lol
Jul 28 by ELLIS DEE
Cheese is good
Jul 28 by BeastMaster™