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Gender: Male
Country: (114 grassfields, Hoenn-Da Viper) (DarkVoid-■Primal●Shadow■)
Favorite Pokémon: Fave by type: Normal: Happiny line, Snorlax, Meloetta Bibarel (Good HM slave). Fighting: Toxacroak, Heracross, Lucario, Gallade, Falinks (I never used one but they look like black Kirbys so what's not to love?) Electric: Luxray. Grass: Vileplume, Bellosom, Grovyle, Sceptile, Cradily (Like the cry.) Cacturne, Leafeon, Snivy, Serperior, Foongus, Pumpkaboo, Phantump, and Rowlet lines, and Tapu Bulu. Water: Tentacruel, Octillery, Mantine, Empoleon, Gastrodon. Flying: Fearow, Crobat, Mandibuzz, Noivern. Fire: Chandelure, Blaziken, Magmortar. Poison: Seviper (Ssssssup), Toxapex, Salazzle, Nihilego, Trubbish (What? I think he's cute.) Ground: Wooper, Claydol, Hippowdon, Gliscor, Krookodile, Palossand. Bug: Yanma line, Vespiquen, Leavanny, Masquerain, Ribombee. Fairy: Wigglytuff, Togekiss, Alcremie. Dark: ●Darkrai●, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt, Hydreigon, Inkay. Psychic: Abra, Mr. Mime, Mew, Wynaut line, Spoink, Gardevoir, Bronzong, Mime jr., Cosmog line. Steel: Forretress, Steelix, Skarmory, Jirachi. Ghost: Gengar, Drifloon line, Dusknoir, Decidueye, Mimikyu, Dhelmise. Rock: Sudowoodo, Tyranitar, Armaldo, Rampardos, Carbink. Dragon: Dragonite, Kingdra, Flygon, Rayquaza, Dimension trio or whatever it's called: The one in sinnoh!, Garchomp, Goomy line, Zygarde. Ice: Dewgong (Because he didn't battle when I first beat the pokemon league, I started calling all pokemon who didn't battle Dewgongs.), Lapras, Articuno (We had our battles.), Swinub, Walerain, Snorunt line, Snover, Vanillite line, Snom, Eiscue (Because I like penguins.)
Friend Codes: Um, friend code?!? What in the Void is that?!? I don't have a 3ds YET, but I will get one!! As for Showdown, my name is Seviper38. I'm getting better, but my skills aren't the best yet. I'll mainly take battle requests for National Dex AG.

Users I consider friends:

-Dragapulse: Helping is funny. He has such cool Gravs too. He is my best friend online (at least I consider him to be) and he would probably be my best friend outside of Pokebase

-Primal Kyogre: A fellow shiny hunter. He gives me a good laugh every day too. SCREEEE!

-Giga Blade X: Great with knowledge on Pokemon and a cool guy overall. He also plays Mario Maker 2 which is cool.

-Coco (~Chocolatte~): Someone good to hang around with. (Seviper still isn't bottom Snek.)

-タイ ™️: She likes Leafeon and she has a Snake. Awesome!! (Felix is Top Snek.)

-Mewderator: So I don't know Mew that much but I was within his presence when he said things on the chat. That's all I needed. I also like Mew to so yeah.

-~megaltaria~: A great friend. I can agree when she says that users aren't just strangers behind computers.

-Swastic: Wise. We both feel the same way about Calyrex-Overpowered. I mean Shadow.

-Stephwheel8: Seriously though. Don't use Delibird if you know what's best :)

-Celadon: We both play gen 4. All I needed. Also, I like Latias too.

-☆SleepyDreepy☆: Thank you for the name change :)

-sumwun: Someone who knows the power of Kecleon.

-Aurora Zapp: Someone I enjoy talking to.

If I missed you, pester me on my wall.
About me: Here it is. The Dark side of me. You should have took me seriously when I said "RAGE OF THE VIPER!!" The mysterious side of me is ready to rock this place. My brother is Porygon-Zangoose (but I'm not a Seviper so does it really matter right now?). Get ready to be sucked into the Black Void with this trivia:

-My strongest pokemon I ever trained was a Graveler in Ruby. Back in the ol' days, I didn't know that you had to trade graveler to evolve him. I just assumed he would evolve at level 50. So I kept training him and training him... He never evolved.

-I actually don't know if it was Graveler or my level 80 something Fearow in LG. Once I thought you could evolve him into Ho-oh with a rainbow wing. Lies of the Internet...

-I call my pokemon who don't battle in the pokemon league "Dewgongs", because in my first ever pokemon league, he was lazy and didn't battle. (You can't blame him, he was the level 30 surf slave.

-Some of my "Dewgongs" were Dewgong (Duh!), Aggron and Magcargo in Ruby, and Bibarel in Diamond.

-Another thing that was started in LG was the Moltres catch. I was low on pokeballs, and one more move would K.O. it. I didn't think to save at the time, and I didn't know that if I ran, it would still be there. I threw my last Ultra ball... AND I FREAKING CAUGHT IT!!! WHAT MY LUCK!!

-Once, I was trying to catch Mewtwo, and my brother said, "Let me know when you catch Mewtwo." 30 Seconds later, I burst into his room and said, "I JUST CAUGHT MEWTWO!!!" What my luck.

-I never caught Entei due to the roar glitch. :(

-Articuno was the hardest legendary for me to catch. After I didn't catch him and I had caught some other pokemon, I reset. That's when my brain turned on and I started saving before legendaries.

-I wasted my master ball on stupid Zapdos. That was a bad move! :(

-I never caught Groudon in Ruby. My Wobbufett killed him with Destiny Bond...

-Ruby was my first game. My first starter was torchic.

-I wasn't a theif in Ruby. I didn't steal the master ball.

-Until Diamond, all the games I played were on roms.

-My first shiny was a Toarkoal in Sapphire. Second was a Oddish in FR.

-In mystery dungeon RRT, I recruited Kecleon. IT ISN'T IMPOSSIBLE!!!

-I started shiny hunting this year. I caught a Shiny Drifloon in diamond.

-When I was younger, I didn't like Pokemon, and I had no reason for it! It wasn't till my dad introduced me and my brother to the XY anime that I started liking pokemon.

-My first ever pokemon plush was Meowth!

-My favorite music in Ruby is the Lilycove/Pacifilog town slowed down and the Deoxys music regular speed and sped up on 1.5.

-My favorite music from FRLG is the trading place music slowed down.

-My first team in mystery dungeon R/B RT was Meowth and Totodile, then Psyduck and Chikorita. I think next was Bulbasuar and Pikachu.

-My first team in mystery dungeon D/T was Munchlax and Chikorita.

-Outside of mystery dungeon, I never leveled a pokemon to level 100.

-My favorite music in PMD is Absol's friend area in PMD R/B sped up.

-I'm drawing a PMD comic. Its based off EODAT.

-I'm a Sinnoh boi.

Outside of pokemon, I like to draw, read Wings of Fire, and play the viola.
So far, I like it here on pokebase and I'm glad I joined and will do anything to help out. :)
-------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

(If Pokemon are basically animals, then is forcing them to battle animal abuse?)

Some of my catchphrases are:
-Yo wassup
-Lol wut?
Some of my faces and symbols are:
-   :)
-  :(
-  /:(
-  >:(
- Shroomish face:  >:(
- Drifloon:  ¤(:×)=:

So I had this weird dream. It was kinda like mystery dungeon, but it was different. At the end of the episode, Darkrai was in a ball spinning in circles and floating after Bowser's airship. The screen finally focused on Darkrai's Eye, and this song played:

GOTCHA lyrics:
 Gotchaaaaaaa. Gotchaaaaaaa. Gotcha, gotcha, got got go go got got gooootchaaaaa.
Gotchaaaaaaa. Gotchaaaaaaa. Gotcha, gotcha, got got go go got got gooootchaaaaa.
You may think you're all 'high and mighty.' You may got big airships to prove it. Dropped bombs that destroyed mountains, took over distant kingdoms, even got ya buddies to back you up.
You even defeated me and my pals, dumped us to the bottom of the frozen ocean. But don't underestimate me and my friends. We are gonna get up and GETCHA!
You got us coooorrrnneeerrrrdd. There's no hope lleeeeeeeffttt. You about to destroy all our land, beat us up badly and lock us in a dungeon. But you're so foolish, you don't understand, how powerful we are to get hurt and still stand. We soar'in in the skyies on stormy nights, the hunt ain't over we still need to fight. Until we reach yo big airship in the sky.
Even then we will not die! We will fight for victory! We Won't Surrender Our Kingdom To You! Just Give Up Already Your Hope Left You! We're Together in The Control Room, None Of Our Pals Just Me And You! I've Gotten Stronger While I Was Away, You're No Match For Me Cause I Finally

Current Clubs I'm in:
-Dark Flaming Dragons

●Dark Night Club●
■Giratina~founder of club~not on Pokebase
■Primal●Shadow■~user on site (filling in for Viper)
■Da Viper~taking a break from site
■Megaltaria~used to be Absol, that counts
•A few Polteageist and the occasional Umbreon•
Current Tournunaments- Ghost Tournament: Won by Sleepy Dreepy. Congratulations! :)

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Lol I had got it two weeks ago and I had also said it! btw thanks!
2 days ago by ~BlazingStaraptor~
2 days ago by PrimalKyogre
I’m never running sucker punch again I’m gonna run shadow sneak now-
3 days ago by PrimalKyogre

Me vs primal
We did ag because dragapult got banned from nat dex
3 days ago by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
Hey, how are you?
I might have to leave the Ghost tournament because I haven’t adjusted to my new sleep schedule yet. Sorry, but I have to do it. Bye!
4 days ago by ~Dragapulse~
The Aether Company

One day, N looked through a newspaper. Peta Isis had become bored, and he wanted to do something. But, sadly, nothing caught his eye. He sighed and put down the newspaper, but that's when he noticed something printed on the back of it. It was showing a building, home of a company that had recently opened: the Aether Company. They produced unique Poke Balls thought of off the top of the workers' heads. N got on his Wario Bike and headed to the newly opened Aether Company. He crept inside and saw that the workers were Pika, Gladion, and their children, who were hard at work working the machines. Surprisingly, Junior seemed to be in charge. He was giving them orders and keeping them supervised. This amused N. But then he saw something. Gladion's Silvally, which was whacking Poke Balls across the room for fun. He immediately wanted to liberate Silvally from Gladion, but he knew he couldn't just waltz in there. So he called Gladion on the phone, hoping to distract him. "DON'T CALL ME, I'M BUSY WORKING!" Gladion yelled before swiftly hanging up. N jaw dropped because his plan didn't work. He stomped his foot on the floor and thought about what to do. He got an idea and ran over to the Apparel Shop, bought a few items, and then went to the Salon. When he came back, he walked into the Aether Company girlishly, decked in a white dress with his hair dyed blond. Everyone looked at him as if he was high. "Hi, big brother!" he said in a high-pitched, girly voice, as if he had used helium, to Gladion. Since work had halted so they could stare at N as if he was high, Gladion walked over to him. He thought his Lillie disguise was perfect. "Lillie?" Gladion asked. "Yes?" N replied. "When did you wear that Rubik's cube-looking thing?" N was dumbfounded that Gladion had noticed, but he tried to act like nothing was wrong. "Oh, this? I picked it up on the street corner." "Uh-huh. And where'd the hat come from?" N looked up at his hat, which he hadn't bothered to take off. "Uh... the Apparel Shop." "And since when did you wear pants?" "Since... since I liked pants...?" "And when'd your hair get all weird?" "Since I was born." "And your name is...?" "Natural Harmonia Gropius, but you can call me N for short-" That's when he realized he had just blown his cover. "Get out. Right now." came Junior's voice. The children all surrounded him, and he tossed his clothing off, like Team Rocket would do with one of their disguises when they revealed their identity. However, he hadn't been wearing a shirt under the Lillie dress, and so he was now only wearing boxer shorts. "PETA ISIS SAYS LIBERATE POKEMON LIBERATE THEM NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW DIE!" he screeched and tossed Sad Hauhead at the Poke Ball-making machine. However, June ate Sad Hauhead and wrote in her diary about it. N screamed like a little girl in terror. He decided to use his special attack, Derp I Am N. "DERP I AM N DERP I AM N PETA ISIS DERPING KING THRILLER DERPY NIGHT GRANDMA FARTS IN THE MAGICAL HAUHEAD GROUDON ABOMINATION OF YEET HA HA HA HA HA HIGH HEX WHEES IN DIALGA KETCHUPED OOOOOHHHHHHHHH HEAD HEAD BEEEEEEAM!" he shrieked and launched a beam of baked bean malasadas filled with impartial OMGs at the Aether family. However, Gladion blocked it and kicked N in the knee, causing him to run off, wailing. He was never seen again.

The end.
Nov 25 by Gladion Aether
I am mad. I can't answer anything. Or get points. So busy
Nov 24 by ~Dragapulse~
I'm not allowed to use spectrier right
Nov 24 by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
Today's story issssss...

The X's New Shoes

One day, X was walking around. The sun was shining and he wanted to get some exercise. He wasn't wearing shoes, but had his precious Skiploom socks and Hoppip hat on. He also had his Jumpluff jacket. But in the middle of his walk, he noticed Gladion. Gladion was dressed in his other outfit and hadn't noticed X's existence, as he was asleep. X was going to walk by, but then he noticed Gladion's shoes, which were black and purple. He immediately wanted the shoes. He thought about waking Gladion up and asking him where he got the shoes, but instead of doing that, he tiptoed over to Gladion. He begun to take off Gladion's shoes, but accidentally woke him up. "Hey, let go of my shoes!" he cried, causing X to fall backwards with one of Gladion's shoes in shock. In what felt like a half-second, he put the shoe on and stared smugly at the very angry Gladion. He hadn't wanted to be woken up. In fact, he had been napping because he wanted to be in peace. "Give me back my fricking shoe, you overgrown toad!" he screamed. This offended X. "No, I'm keeping the shoe!" he angrily replied. Gladion sent out his Silvally and told it to use Multi-Attack. X barely dodged it and stuck his tongue out at them. But then the angry Silvally bit his arm and he screamed like a little girl. This held him in place as Gladion tried to get his shoe back. He got it off of X's foot, but then X kicked him in the face. The kick was hard enough to knock him unconscious. X took off Gladion's shoes as Silvally stared in shock, and then grabbed Silvally's Poke Ball. He returned Silvally to its Poke Ball and strutted off. X felt proud of himself. Now he had his Hoppip hat, Skiploom socks, Jumpluff jacket, and Gladion's shoes. He got home and looked at himself in the mirror. He thought he looked good, but suddenly a hand broke through the mirror and grabbed him by his jacket collar. It was Gladion, who fell out of the mirror. His face was red with anger and X was about to have a heart attack. "Give me back my shoes." Gladion growled. X shook his head. "These shoes are mine now, and they go great with my outfit!" Another head poked out of the mirror hole. It was Pika. "Hi guys!" she said, smiling. Gladion gave her a look that would've melted her if it was possible. Then he grabbed her by her tuxedo collar and threw her at X. This impact nearly broke X's spine, but he got up as Pika laid unconscious. Then another head poked out of the mirror. It was N, who fell out of the mirror as well. N had a derpy face on and said "HEY X WANNA JOIN PETA ISIS?! WE CAN STEAL LOTS OF GLADION SHOES!" "Heck yeah!" X replied, and him and N quickly ran outside while being chased by Gladion. However, Gladion lost sight of them and his shoes. Hours passed. But then he saw them. They were waltzing together and stepping on Pika, who was traumatized. Hau was trying to climb up a tree to get away. "Give me back my fricking shoes you bunch of lameheads!" Gladion screamed. X and N stopped their waltz. And X, though he was a thief, hadn't been stupid. But now N had turned him into a derpy Peta Isis lamehead. "LIBERATE YOUR POKEMON RIGHT NOW!" X yelled. "YEAH, DO IT!" N screamed. As Gladion looked at their derpy idiot head eyes, he thought "Well frick." Then he decided to calm himself a bit. "Look, I want my shoes, nothing more. So can you please just give them back?" he asked politely. A look of intelligence came into X's eyes. But N noticed it and shoveled lamehead-infused baked beans into his mouth until he turned back into a Peta Isis lamehead. "NO WAY! I LIBERATED THESE SHOES FROM YOU!" X screeched. Gladion gave him a look. Then he ran off and came back minutes later with a cannon. X and N's jaws dropped as they saw the massive cannon. Gladion grabbed Hau, who hadn't climbed up the tree right, and Pika, who was still lying on the ground, and balled them up before shoving the human cannonball into the cannon. He fired the cannon, and a flaming Hau and Pika cannonball struck X and N, causing an explosion. When the smoke cleared, the four of them were unconscious. Gladion walked over to X and got his shoes back before walking away. But when he looked back at them, X raised up a hand. "I don't care... if it takes my whole life... I will have... your... shoes..." he wheezed before falling back into unconsciousness. Gladion walked on, hoping he wouldn't run into X again.

The end.
Nov 23 by Gladion Aether