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Gender: Male
Country: Deep in the void...
Favorite Pokémon: Darkrai and shiny Cresselia
Friend Codes: :/ Me 2DS screen cracked

Showdown: Haven't been there in a while. If I am it will probably be Vipey D.A.S.
About me: I'm an enthusiastic 8 year old that never reveals his true age to strangers.

We live in a strange society where having a girl as your grav means you're a simp...

I had a dream were there was a Dark/Electric/Steel/Dragon Zekrom...

Gen 8 AG peak: 2042
Gen 8 Ubers peak: 1687
NDAG peak: 19something
NDMono peak: 1646
Monotype peak: 1601
Gen 8 1v1 peak: 1657

Noob teams:

I'm also a shiny hunter. I mainly hunt in Omega Ruby. I've gotten and hunted shinies in other games.

Sapphire: Torkoal
This was my first shiny ever. I was doing some training and was going to leave when I decided to do one last Torkoal. To my surprise, it was differently colored. I caught it because I didn't know what shinies were but I knew it was special somehow.

Fire Red: Oddish
Just training some pokemon and encountered this. I was excited because I knew what shinies were and I eventually evolved it into Vileplume.

Diamond: Drifloon.
This was my first official shiny hunt in an actual game and not a rom. Took me about 3 days which was lucky. I evolved it into Drifblim.

Omega Ruby
This is where most of my shiny hunts happened

-Wingull -> Pelipper
I decided to abuse horde battle rng and I walked away to get Pizza rolls and heard the noise. I inspected each wing and saw a shiny

Hatching eggs for nature and watching Youtube.

-Mudkip -> Swampert
Same as above only I was playing Showdown

So I was hunting for Cresselia, it wasn't shiny, so I decided to check the new mirage island to check the Pokemon. I walked around for a bit, then I saw the shiny and panicked. I was excited, but at the time I didn't know if I could encounter Cresselia again if I ran. I didn't know whether to fail the shiny or Cresselia, so I asked the chat. PrimoridiaISea found a question that confirmed that Cresselia could come back, so I caught the shiny.

I was using Dex Nav to hunt for Magic Bounce and found it. This was the same day as Zebstrika

I don't know the exact order of which I got these shinies except the last few so I'm just scrolling through the Pokedex.

Dex Nav hunt

Dex Nav while hunting for shiny Imposter. I found this instead but I was still happy.

I was hunting for Shiny Deino, this appeared on the Dex Nav, I somehow knew it would shine and I was right.

-I was training Zebstrika and this appeared. I used Overheat, looked up to RNGceus, RNGceus turned it's head as I clicked Volt Switch, a crit happened, and I failed it. This was my first ever fail.

I hunted for this and reclaimed it, making sure Zebstrika didn't attack this time.

-Zigzagoon -> Linoone
Abused horde rng

-Seedot -> Nuzleaf -> Shiftry
Second shiny troll. "All these 3 stars and no shiny---" Dex Nav hunt

-Ralts -> Kirlia -> Gardevoir
Dex Nav hunt

-Wailmer -> Wailord
Dex Nav hunt

Dex Nav hunt

Dex Nav hunt

First shiny troll. I was going to type still no shiny, but the darn thing showed up at the perfect time.

Dex Nav hunt

-Deino -> Zweilous -> Hydreigon
Dex Nav hunt

-Larvesta -> Volcarona
Dex Nav hunt

-Honedge -> Doublade -> Aegislash
My first masuda hunt that resulted in a shiny. This was a long hunt which I hatched over 1000 eggs.

Dex Nav hunt

-Phantump -> Trevenant
Dex Nav hunt

This was my first non-hacked legit shiny legend. It was a quick hunt and It took about a day.

Second legend I soft reseted for. This took a while.

Third shiny legend. This one was rather quick, taking about a day.

I finally came back to this hunt and got it.

-Whismer -> Loudred -> Exploud
Horde Battle rng

-Happiny -> Chansey -> Blissey
Dex Nav

Longest Dex Nav hunt

Soft reset hunt that took about 2 to 3 weeks

This hunt took less than have a day holy $#%+ this was a quick hunt

Took a while


Kinda noticed it ngl

Took a break from hunting it to semi-hunt and train. Reshiram brings good luck. Under 600 encounters so that's a shock. Wanted it in Dusk or Nest but mislicked and got in 1 Dive Ball lol.

-Joltik -> Galvantula
Dex Nav hunt, quick one thankfully

-Nincada -> Ninjask [Shedinja]
Dex Nav Hunt

-Starly -> Staravia
-Pichu -> Pikachu

Showdown Randoms (shinies that I specifically got not the opponent)
-Eternatus (Gen 8 random)
-Tauros (Gen 7 random)
-Magmotar (gen 8 random)

Showdown shinies I remember seeing others get
(I may have forgotten some but eh)

I contribute when I can...

Just some random teams:


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You went from Ladybug Person to... uh... Rollerskate Shoe Helmet Person.

(aced it)
1 day ago by Fenton Force
Oi right back at ya!

Where did you get your grav from? Also is that a kid or an adult in the grav?
5 days ago by Aaaaaaaaa
(Shrugs) i always put the games on my birthday/ Christmas  lists  then came right before or right after my birthday  they are pretty much hot off the press  ironically ultra sun is doing when I play right now and then I have sun, moon  i’ll make a ruby, of the sapphire X, Y,Black, White 2.  Diamond, pearl, platinum, Heartgold, Soulsilver and Conquest oh  yes I have a mystery dungeon game which is great to infinity but I never really finish that one.
5 days ago by Astrid Sol
That's you
5 days ago by Kiawe
Yay i can remember suff!

Ah well put em on your wishlist for christmas ir whatever you celebrate. If you do maybe we can meet in festival plazza skmetime! up
5 days ago by Astrid Sol
Hsn’t yohr brother Megamanectric?

Anyway that kinda stinks, unless yiu chose not to get them. I sometimes wish i had a Switch but not often...
5 days ago by Astrid Sol
Oof i was gonna say something but if you’re okay then i won’t althoughi think it stinks you’ve been “rejected before”  (onsert what i would’ve said here)

Neat, i forgit you were in OR is that cuz you don’t have anything newer or are you trying to achieve  a goal? Ohh Joltik
! I’m jealous i think Joltik is adorable!
6 days ago by Astrid Sol
Oh you saw my posts? Neat! I’m on US still yes i know bery boring lol. What game were you playing? And thanks! I’ll apparently  need puck for Flabebe as i think i’m somewhere around 150 now vut i stopped counting. I reley on Decidueye runnibg out if PP to determine when i switch now i.e i kniw Razir Leaf has x amount of uses when its out i move onto Leaf Blade and at some point restore Razor Leaf and so on.

BTW did you ever falk to tour crush, i think it was  you i was talking to awhile back about it.
6 days ago by Astrid Sol
Congrats on the shiny!
6 days ago by Stephwheel8
6 days ago by Aaaaaaaaa