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Hah, I didn't know apple cores can be better than shiny Minuns xD
1 day ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Oooh alright.
Maybe she was a bit nervous that moment. Did you notice any signs that she likes you back? Like wanting to be near you, making eye contact, smile at you etc?
1 day ago by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
LOL cope
1 day ago by Cristal Maybach
Wow, he said I wasn’t too far off but i’m syrprised at how close i was.
1 day ago by Astrid Sol
Ahh still ouch

Isn’t ut great when peopke don’t do their work? I hope ut doesen’t get weird. I see you got a point yhere i’d go with your thought though, yhat maybe its just  experience, i’ll remain hopefully realistic for you though,

Aww baby Ralfs, Ralts is just plakn cute thiugh uts one i wished was in Alola.
1 day ago by Astrid Sol
*cancels your turn*
1 day ago by Fenton Force
*uno reverse card*
1 day ago by Fenton Force
No u
1 day ago by Fenton Force
Please refrain from posting such idiotic bullsh*t on my wall, thanks :)
1 day ago by Fenton Force
Right, because it’s a good idea to pull on things you don’t know what they are especially when they’re on your body, sorry that sounded kind of mean  just for future reference don’t pull on your skin.

Oof well theres nothing you can do about random seating.

What users?  Not that it really matters I guess But if  it were me I wouldn’t go around saying “ she likes you.”  I guess it’s kind of nice of them to see that at the same time it’s also not.

A  denial / accept it?” Like your simultaneously denying and accepting what’s going on ? That’s  conflicted but i can kinda imagine it,
For me most things are black and white,  it’s either really good or really bad tho,  I know I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with that  I had a reason for saying it XD

HOW RUDE OF THOSE BIRDS, and this may not be as much as usual but it seems like a lot for one guy to handle, not that i’m saying yiu can’t on yhe contrary i think you’re handling it pretty good considering.
1 day ago by Astrid Sol