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Gender: I wish to ladder in Natdexag and Gen 7 Ubers
Country: I'm a Xerneas/Yveltal from Singapore
Favorite Pokémon: I have favorites, but why should I tell you?
Friend Codes: - My nature is Hasty. I'm a mixed attacker that learns great moves.
- My nature is Timid. I use the power of life to sweep
- My nature is Timid. I'm not that good at competitive battling but I'm a good player at competitive battling on showdown.
- My nature is Bold. I always get insane luck in random battles against my Yveltal/Xerneas friend.
- My nature is Lonely(Adamant). My best friends on this site are a Yveltal and a Kyurem.
- My nature is Modest. I often talk with someone called "Gladion". We always tell stories together
- My nature is Adamant. I'm a friendly user who is a rival with a Blaziken, Sceptile and Yveltal.
- My nature is Modest. I'm great at gen 7 Ubers. I have a lot of friends on this site.
- My nature is ???. I often change what Pokemon am I. You can call me X.
- My nature is Timid. I'm great with National Dex AG and I'm also the rival of that killer Kyurem
- My nature is Adamant. I'm a fusion with Porygon, my brother is a Darkrai
- My nature is Lonely, I’m a fusion with Eevee and I don’t like Greedent
About me: As every user who leaves this site...


16 minutes ago
I'm going to leave the site until I reach the Gen 7 Uber leaderboard, or maybe not
17 minutes ago
Still at the leaderboard of Natdexag, 251 elo to the Gen 7 Ubers leaderboard
18 minutes ago
I'm continuing to ladder on Showdown
21 minutes ago
Random battles are making me lose my sanity
22 minutes ago

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Going to focus more on RMT then pokebase
1 day ago by ★~ProfDelldell~★
I can't tell if one of those people is me or not
5 days ago by SSuperiority
Send me your team's Pokepaste
5 days ago by Swastik
(Reads ★~ProfDelldell~★'s "About Me")

6 days ago by ~BlazingStaraptor~
btw Cute Dratinis!
Jan 17 by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Thanks! And I am too busy nowadays. I have preparatory from 21st of Jan.
Jan 17 by ~BlazingStaraptor~
Jan 16 by ~BlazingStaraptor~
hi prof(filler, I had to search for you in my wall's pages to recount our match, just send hi so I don't hav to go to page 10 again.......)
Jan 12 by hoennseptile
Uno matchup Me versus Hoennseptile
He said that I could post it so....
Swas didn't join because he was angry over his lost against Scep
Jan 12 by ★~ProfDelldell~★
Btw almost every1 uses Showdown!’s dmg calc.
Jan 12 by AssaultDestiny