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Gender: You’ll never know(unless you search my nickname on this site please don’t)
Country: I'm a Xerneas/Yveltal from Singapore
Favorite Pokémon: I have favorites, but why should I tell you?
Friend Codes: - My nature is Hasty. I'm a mixed attacker that learns great moves.
- My nature is Timid. I use the power of life to sweep
- My nature is Timid. I'm not that good at competitive battling but I'm a good player at competitive battling on showdown.
- My nature is Bold. I always get insane luck in random battles against my Yveltal/Xerneas friend.
- My nature is Lonely(Adamant). My best friends on this site are a Yveltal and a Kyurem.
- My nature is Modest. I often talk with someone called "Gladion". We always tell stories together
- My nature is Adamant. I'm a friendly user who is a rival with a Blaziken, Sceptile and Yveltal.
- My nature is Modest. I'm great at gen 7 Ubers. I have a lot of friends on this site.
- My nature is ???. I often change what Pokemon am I. You can call me X.
- My nature is Timid. I'm great with National Dex AG and I'm also the rival of that killer Kyurem
- My nature is Adamant. I'm a fusion with Porygon, my brother is a Darkrai
- My nature is Lonely, I’m a fusion with Eevee and I don’t like Greedent
About me: Hello! I’m kind of inactive on Showdown to finish my art commission pieces!

You can still occasionally catch me on Showdown laddering for AGCL6!

I’m quite good at drawing so you can leave a wall post here if you want me to draw something!

As every user who leaves this site...


16 minutes ago
I'm going to leave the site until I reach the Gen 7 Uber leaderboard, or maybe not
17 minutes ago
Still at the leaderboard of Natdexag, 251 elo to the Gen 7 Ubers leaderboard
18 minutes ago
I'm continuing to ladder on Showdown
21 minutes ago
Random battles are making me lose my sanity
22 minutes ago

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Hi prof
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Hi profff
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hi prof, long time no see!

This week my exam would be over. Hurray!
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I'm getting On now.
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Sorry I couldn't make it today.  Can we do tomorrow at the same time?
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