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Favorite Pokémon: Metagross and its mega are my favourite pokemon of all time but I will list other pokemon I like too. Keep in mind that if a pokemon in here has a mega or primal form, just pretend I mentioned it. Anyway here's the list: Gallade, Darkrai, Kyogre, Decidueye, Serperior, Zamazenta (hero of many battles form), Necrozma, Accelgor, Marshadow, Rotom, Vikavolt, Zygarde (50% form), Gigalith, Blaziken, Gigantamax Orbeetle,Groudon, Mega Beedrill, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Sableye, Kyurem-White, Mega Heracross, Absol, Steelix, Glalie and Mega Bannete.
Friend Codes: I won't be able to give you my friend codes for personal reasons. I don't know if this counts but you can challenge me in showdown, my username is the same there "a typical glance". I noticed most users put their friends on this site here so I'll do that too. Don't judge me I'm already self-conscious af.

Glazio kawaii: ah yes, the entertainer of the chat.

Primalkyogre: violence expert.

TY ™️: nice person who I like.

Kyogre71: probably the nicest person on this site.

Snom: OK maybe you can change your username.

Lylegoliath: stop shipping me with primalkyogre and glazio kawaii.

~MegaCharizardY~: chat entertainer number 2. Huge thx to Y for inventing squigglies

Snivlerthesnivy: top S N E K

Sm 4ever: q   u   a   c   k
About me: Hi, I'm a typical glance but you can call me atg. I'm a 13 year old with barely any self-esteem who strongly dislikes the outside world because interaction with real humans suck. "lol imagine being so Timid and
cowardly that you're scared of real humans lol. can't relate at all" Me being sarcastic as always- . I like some other franchises and games other than pokemon, I like Undertale, deltarune, Kirby, smash bros and minecraft, these are all games an alternative universe atg would like more than pokemon. I've never played past unova and probably never will but its ok. Hoenn is the best region, any hoenn fanbois in here? I love the dark, electric, ice and ghost type, morpeko is disappointing I wanted luxray to be electric dark. I occasionally make this thing called "ATG news" on my wall so check my wall daily since I might post atg news, but don't expect me to do that daily since I have school and other problems irl. I only caught three shiny pokemon before and I'm not sure if the third one counts or not, they are: a pidgy that I evolved into pidgeot, some random zubat and a frillish that I screenshoted on random pokemon generater. I found a pokerus on my dustox today yay. Since this website doesn't have a least favorite pokemon list for some reason, I will make ones for my least favourite pokemon if each type. Since I don't really dislike that many pokemon, some of these are just pokemon that I don't necessarily dislike. I'm also not going to repeat a pokemon if it's dual typed. I hope I don't dislike your favorite pokemon tho.

Bug: Sizzlipede (not a pokemon I necessarily dislike)

Dark: Alolan Persian and Inceneroar (sorry couldn't pick, they both suck)

Dragon: Druddigon (I know its origins but origins just aren't enough)

Electric: Alolan Golem (I never liked golem in the first place and that "beard" doesn't help it)

Fairy: Granbull (frock fairy doggo)

Fighting: Conkeldurr (why tf does it look like a clown. These veins aren't helping)

Fire: Carkoal (it's actually inceneroar but I won't repeat pokemon)

Flying: Therian landourus (I hate it mostly because of competitive Battling)

Ghost: Gourgeist (W A S P)

Grass: Zarude (zaRUDE)

Ground: Mudbray (its actually landourus but I can't repeat pokemon)

Ice: Jynx (the true mistake of pokemon)

Normal: Stantler (stantler tail looks like its butt was inflated)

Poison: Skuntank (not a pokemon I necessarily dislike)

Psychic: Bruxish and Grumpig (sorry both of them suck)

Rock: Binacle (it's actually golem but no repeats)

Steel: Galarian Meowth (why did they give it to regional forms)

Water: Simipour (frock water monkey)

Congrats to Stantler for being my number 1 least favorite pokemon.

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A little late to this but thank you.
10 hours ago by :
Your typical news
Friday, October 23rd 2020

After demonic gladion and demonic hau head hopped into the magic school bus to invade the primal dimension, the magic school bus ran out of fuel and crashed them in to the glazio kawaii fanfic dimension where they see a sight enough to make a grown man cry, Xs head levitating with tsareena legs hanging off of it, N tieing up pika in a ferris wheel, her biggest fear but she activates the N sacrificer 3000 which chops off his toes and Deep fries them and force feeds then to Satan, sad hau head summoning pantaloon squirrels that are nibbling on pks fins, scree cloning machine clones Gla-Glas spleen and yeeting it in the mouthes of pika clones while Gla-Gla is screaming in agony, snorlax using amnesia and forgetting N exists which deletes N from existence while the splee reincarnation machine brings N back to life and infinitely continuing the cycle while an is screaming in agony, qhee aerodynamics machine slowly making the actual hau more aerodynamic while he is screaming in pain, a creature so ugly it blinds blind people crying while trying to escape sight but someone super glued a camera on it that is constantly recording it to a stadium full of lame among us crewmates screaming "SUS" at each other, atg grabbing primal clones by the toes and distorting their turning them into fart POOPOO brain pika spleens. Demonic hau head and demonic gladion decide that this dimension is too beautiful to eradicate so they sneak into lyles robotics shop at night and steal a magical space garbage truck and try to escape the glazio fanfic dimension, but the leader of the dimension, pika, grows 5 miles long muscular tentacles and grabs them out of the magical space garbage truck while it's still in the air which crashes it into losermines pantaloon squirrels shop which makes gladion sad because it was his favourite pantaloon shop. Anyways back to my fanfi- I MEAN ATG NEWS. Pika grabbed demonic gladion and demonic hau head and clones them with the scree cloning machine and forces atg to distort their dna which turns them into pantaloon squirrels. Pika then orders her slave N to give the demonic clones the intentions of original demonic duo which were to eradicate the primal dimension, pika then orders her slave N to shove the demonic hau head and demonic gladion clones in the magic school bus v2 and launched them to the primal dimension. Pika then grabs the demonic duo pantaloon squirrels and gifts them to gladion because she is a sim- I MEAN THE ULTIMATE FANGIRL. Stay tuned for the next atg news.
1 day ago by A typical glance
Next stop: Beating YOU!
2 days ago by Dragapult
What would happen if every Pokémon is genderless legendaries or female?
4 days ago by Swastik
Psi is pounds per square inch
4 days ago by Dragapult
Spamspamspamnononononononononono procrastination
4 days ago by sm 4evr
Your typical news
Tuesday, October 20th 2020

Evil demonic gladion turns sad hau head into an evil unholy demonic creature that lusts human blood, especially lyles, and fuses it with the whee machine so that the demonic hau head now has the power to determine the fate of the poor soul he fights. Demonic hau head then sprouts spider legs and feeds miss frizzle to hungry sharpedo and rides the magic school bus to the Lyle dimension with the evil demonic gladion. They arrive and start super glueing the lyles to muks, weezing, garbodor, and skuntank butt's that they force fet taco bell. But the leader of all the lyles, lylegoliath, sprouts tentacruel tentacles and grimmsnarl hair and goes 500 times his normal size and tries to squeeze the demonic hau head and the evil demonic gladion at a force of 10,000,000,000 PSI (per square inch) but they hop into the scree cloning machine and clone themselves 10,000,000,000,000 times. Lylegoliath dynamaxed the other lyles and prepare 50,000,000,000 squiggly atomic bombs, lylegoliath squeezed half of the clones at such immense force that they dropped their intestines and exploded and dynamaxed lyles kill the ¼ of the clones with such violent ways that I might get permanently banned if sead them. The and then the lyles shove squiggly atomic bombs so deep up the cloneses throats that it pops out of their butt's and burns them from the butt to the head. The original demonic hau head and the evil demonic gladion op into the magic school bus and invade the pk dimension. TO BE CONTINUED. stay tuned to read the sequal.
4 days ago by A typical glance
(yeets Lyle at a force of 500 Gs into ferrothorn and then grabs and drags him at a speed of 500 km per hour in a road of sandpaper and then super glues him to skuntanks butt an feeds skuntanks hot chilli sauce)
4 days ago by A typical glance
4 days ago by PrimalKyogre
He refuses to call me his sibling instead of his sister
4 days ago by SnivlerTheSnivy