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Wall for A typical glance (page 1)

Nov 15 by ~Dragapulse~
W h a t
Nov 15 by SSuperiority
I guess so
Nov 15 by ◦KyogrePulse◦
What did TY do On my wall?
Nov 14 by J™
XD what did the teacher say?
Nov 14 by ♪Barbara Bingbong♪™
Y o ◦
Nov 14 by ◦KyogrePulse◦
Nice person that you like. Atg x TY

Nov 13 by ~Dragapulse~
TY ™️: Nice person who I like.

w o a h
Nov 13 by SSuperiority
X admitted to it, and soon he will be killed via stale malasadas to the skull
Nov 13 by PrimalKyogre
Wow! 444 votes :3
Nov 13 by Swastik