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Gender: Male
Country: England
Favorite Pokémon: Mega Scizor, Scizor, Alolan Marowak, Alolan Vulpix, Aegislash, Ice Rider Calyrex, Chandelure, Roserade, Clefable, Gengar, Oshawott
Friend Codes: Main Showdown username: ANoobWithoutANameツ

Alts: AN00bWithoutAName, ANoobWithNoName, ANoobTestingStuff, Twilit Noob, SpeedrunTo1500Elo

And, no, "Twilit" is not a typo of Twilight.

You can find me in the Tournaments, Tours Plaza, Smogon Doubles, Tohjo Falls, 2v2, and Little Cup chat rooms on the main Showdown server. Sometimes I'll come into another chat room for certain tours. If you see me online, feel free to either pm me or battle me! (I won't play a gen 2 format)


Smogon: ANoobWithoutAName


Discord: Nameless#8243


Pokemon Unite trainer ID: EC2L6PR

Username: Namelessツ


Switch friend code: 5136-4308-1809
About me: Your local doubles nerd and aspiring speedrunner.

Trying to be a bit more active on here after 4 months of almost no activity. I still suck at explaining. :p


Favourite Showdown formats:
-Gen 8 Doubles Ubers
-Gen 8 Doubles LC
-Gen 5 Doubles OU
-Gen 8 Doubles OU
-Gen 8 Super Staff Bros 4
-Gen 8 2v2 Doubles
-Gen 7 Doubles OU


Here's a few quotes, because, Wynaut?

“now that you've gotten to the top of the ladder, are you going to climb back down? it looks pretty high up there”
  21 hours ago by SpookyTerrain

[22:19:51] %Fennel Simp: you cant give
[22:19:53] %Fennel Simp: somebody named
[22:19:57] %Fennel Simp: "withoutaname"
[22:20:01] %Fennel Simp: a name
[22:20:02] %Fennel Simp: bro


I also play Smash Ultimate.

Main: Falco

Other characters I play: King K. Rool, Incineroar, Sheik, Ganondorf, Pokémon Trainer, Sephiroth, Link


Pokemon Unite main: Wigglytuff

Other Pokemon I play as: Aegislash, Dragonite, Blastoise, Absol, Gardevoir


Speedruns I've done:

Mario Kart 8 - All 48 Tracks (150cc) : 2:06:36.xx (forgot those digits)
Awful item luck and had sloppy driving. The special, shell, and banana cups were brutal, but star cup was great. According to speedrun.com this time is the 6th best worldwide! I might be able to submit it to the leaderboard but idk.

Showdown - 1500 Elo in AG : 1:20:41.83
Bad run. Used Balance, had some rough matches and 6 losses. I had a few people forfeit in the first three turns which was nice. Frick Baton Pass.

Showdown: 1500 Elo in DUbers: 59:30.31
Really happy with this. The ladder was much more active than usual, and I only had one loss throughout the entire run. Could have been faster if I played more than 2 matches simultaneously, but it was still enough for the sub 1 hour. WP Ho-Oh is goated.

Metroid Dread - Boss Rush: 7:48
Overall pretty solid. Most battles were done well and had good RNG on Kraid and Golzuna. Also got a new personal fastest time on the Twin Chozo Robot fight somehow (funnily I managed to knock out both robots simultaneously). Unfortunately had sloppy Drygoga and Escue fights with time to save on Raven Beak (also bad Experiment Z-57 RNG). Forgot to record. :/



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