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Gender: StormImagine powered Female
Country: Province of Lumos in Quince
Favorite Pokémon: Favorite what?
Friend Codes: Why am i the one apologizing when i’m the one who was hurt?, Why can’t i recall yiu being sorry for anything?, Why do you guilt trip me when i’m already guilty?, Why do i feel like the ones i love most are the ones who hurt me the
most?, You admit you arsorry why did i already know you weren't?,  Why can’t i move on from this? -  Why by me and i  need it up as I was going.

My friends are Demigods n

 Raiden son of
Blazeffeeze child of  Hephaestus  

DracoMeator,  child of Thor

Zen/Kurpii child of Loki

J.C Blackthorne Daughter of Athena

Bandit, child of Apollo

Shatter, son of Hecate

Me, daughter pf Hermes.

I do have Discord bu am not on much. I only play Ultra Sun nowadays but till i can’t i trade, i suck at battles but make a good  punching bag XD.  I am proud to admit I have pots of legit shinnies. (See below) i also have a fair amount of HAs, thanks to Giru.  Even though I play ultra sun  I do not have a 3DS  friend code. So you will have to bear with me if you want to do training or battling.
About me: Shiny List,   

Cassian, 11-27-21

Jacey;, 11-21-21

Jasper, Bonsly  longest Hunt up so far,  11-8-21  evolved  11-8-21

Quinn caugh 10/24/21 Gumshoos first Apopa Native, caught as Yungoose.

Delta (HA)




















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They're quotes without context. How much did you expect to understand?
11 minutes ago by Fenton Force
Dani Plays: Car Battler Joe (and goes completely insane while doing it)

"See ya, street smarts!"

"Well, there goes Lightning McQueen."
[The car looked like it was shooting lightning at me. So funnys.]

"Nah, dude, I'm acin' this."

"Do not mess with a flamin' redhead, boys!"

"Oh god, it's hot pink. As if having your rear handed to you by me wasn't humiliating enough."

"All right, you destroy yourselves and I'll move in for the kill."

"Stinkin' saw boy!"

"Sweet, baby!"

"Will you idiots shut up about my dad?!"

"Battler of the Wild? Gau really is a Car Battler?!"

"I'm coming, everyone! I'll save you!"

"Who gave all these idiots cars?!"

"They come to play, but they never last! Oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh, I'm unbeatable! Joe or Gau or whatever... Car Battle!"
[Parody songs are in full swing.]

"Wow. Singing, drunk, and shooting motorcycles. What a fun night."

"Why is everyone dropping chickens?"

"And alas, my cargo space majestically shrunk."

"Oh dear, car spiders."

"Did I just shoot at a bolt of lightning?"

"No! Joey has his whole life ahead of him!"

"Great, now the car spiders are electric."

"Cool! I just shot out a chicken!"
[For future reference, there's an item creatively titled Food that looks like a cooked chicken.]

"Oh, a village full of creepy women? Wonderful. Where's the village full of hot spiky-haired boys for me to hit on?"

"This music puts me in a mood. I could just shoot out chickens!"

"Ah, nothing like ticking off car spiders down the road."

"Yeah, that's me, Todoroki!"

"Wait, who the hell are you, and can you die fast?"

"Oh, just this guy again? Come on."

"God, stop going on about your love story! I've seen more romance in Super Mario Bros.!"

"Oh great, I got a fangirl too."

"I didn't know we were on a last-name basis, Blondie."

"What's this, the locker room?"

"I am so gonna kick his rear."

"Yeah, you just proved that you can drive aimlessly in circles and hit me a few times while your car sparks with damage."

"Oh, that reaction is great! Too bad I can only have one screenshot."

"Haha! My fan club just knocked you over!"

"Whoa! Whoa! Hold on! Cool!"

"Eat your bloody chicken and upgrade my garage!"

"What's that?! Why's there an arrow?!"

"Did you know that I'm the son of the name of Jim Todoroki? Oh wait..."

"What happened to the oldies? Did they join my fan club?"

"Oh god. I gotta help the grandparents of that girl with a crush on me again, don't I?"

"Well, this is slightly fishy."

"Great. These people need food and water, my mom needs water, and I need story."

"I took the long way around out of laziness. Welcome to irony, may I take your order?"

"Even the mayor's a Gau Todoroki Fan Club member."
1 hour ago by Fenton Force
Oh look! A nonexistent NT character! (Not really just a character made in NT fashion)
Guin Tasked
 Bracelet inspired by: Gumball
  Appearance; ice-blonde haur, pale blue eyes, very pale skin, tall and slender actually somewhat muscular. Guin  usually keeps her blonde hair shorter length which in length.she wears a pale pink long sleeved  Athletic top ( I love you can you tell it’s up top by the way it looks) light blue  leggings with a-brightly colored splatter paint pattern that have a pocket for a phone on the front, baby pink sneakers, a light blue headband and  tie-dyed pink and blue cuff  bracelets (  these benefits have nothing to do with her power bracelets that she  just wear them for fun.) her set includes two  bracelets that have alternating gold beads and pastel pink  washer shaved  Things,  A sm, medium pink bracelet made up of square beads,  A light pink bracelet made up of smallish round beads that has a triangular or Hershey kiss shaped charm on it the middle is light pink the outside is gold and lastly a  bracelet with a very small butterfly charm that dangles from it.
Age: 16
Gender: female
 Personality:  put simply, don’t mess with her  she might wear a pastel colored outfit but she is no girly girl  She is a true tomboy  I would rather spend time climbing trees or running along alleyways and going to the mall and shopping.  If you cross her path you better be on her good side because if you’re not she will probably go after you even if you’re not arguing or anything at that moment.  She’s got StreetSmarts and isn’t afraid to use them, even when it might be wrong.  She strongly dislikes authority figures  but also doesn’t particularly want to go to jail so she follows the rules, most of the time.  She seems to always know something about everyone  which tend to be things that people don’t want  other people knowing. She’ll buy and trade or sell secrets.  That leaves her but not many friends but she doesn’t really care. She, like Constance,  he’s pretty nonchalant about their her world apocalypse, if she could and if she knew that Plum Justin,  she would probably go after her  in attempt to force her to take back her power.( which obviously wouldn’t work)  she’d rather use brute force them strategy  problems. Guin dance to go into a fight headfirst in a fists flying.  She sometimes overdoes A fight and will continue fighting even when her opponent is already down. However she’ll never attack someone who is weaker than her and if she sees someone who is weaker than her being attacked by someone stronger than they are she will attack the stronger person and defend the weaker one. Discerns her favorite among Some people.

Powers; superspeed and   Natural knowledge of all forms of fighting  from all style with swords to any MMA type fighting.
1 day ago by Astrid Sol

Well, darn! I think I might know this Plum person but I could be wrong. See a few years ago I knew a   girl named Plum and her friend Amolphy but we weren’t very close. Plum started keeping to herself after a while and Amolphy sort of “went off the grid.” I  THINK I know where to find Amolphy though maybe she can help us. On another note not really related at all, Chain had a partner! I mean I  KNEW he had one but I’ve never met them before today. They’re name is Sky and apparently they’re Gender-fluid, no she didn’t tell me or anyone but Constance knew just by looking at her as her power allows. I wonder if, next time Constance looks at her if she’ll be going by “he” instead? It was soo obvious how much she cared for Chain I  think she might even be a  little mother-hen like she was ALL OVER Chain when he found Rookie, no she wasn’t with us when we found him but she was waiting at Chain’s house I  was bored so I  just went with them. Even though I’m not good at dealing with Rooks attacks or anything like that even I  felt like hugging him so I  did, not sure how he felt about  it but he couldn’t change it if he had dumped water on me, NEVER DUMP WATER ON ME.yes I’m talking to you Constance. Anyway I’m home now debating on looking for Amolphy, if I recall right she actually had TWO powers though very similar that they count as one. I believe she was a Faunapath and a Florapath and she was pretty nice. Anyway back to Sky, Chain’s partner, she looks like a  green-eyed sSnow White but seems to be living like Cinderella, what I  mean is she has short Ebony hair, sea-green eyes and very light skin. As for the Cinderella part she’s from a poor family, has a stepdad and two stepbrothers who are like a year or two younger, she’s dating Chain and even though they’re disowned Chain was from a rich family, see what I mean? Looks like Snow White, lives like Cinderella sort of. Her power is basically supercomputer smarts though I don’t know what EXACTLY it does. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to give this to Rook next but Sky asked if she could take a look at our journal. I don’t see why not it’s not like she’ll be reading it, right? If she does though I hope she’ll respect our entries I’ve heard she’s nosey I doubt it but who knows? After she looks at it I think Chain is giving it to Rookie. Then Techno is next and then were back to Constance, she better read my entry! Oh one last thing, techno got himself mildly injured today while we were looking for Rookie some kid showed up and started growing plants and aiming them at us, they seemed familiar but I couldn’t place them, Techno was the first to notice the plants growing rapidly and tried stomping on them, this failed because he was wearing thin souled sneakers and apparently the plants had thorns in them. You’ve should’ve seen  him hop up and down like a  little kid who was overexcited, he hopped and thrashed so much that the plants were mere shreds when he was done, that stunk because I  REALLY wanted to burn them. I couldn’t help giggling at Techno as he kept up the hop dance. “Shut up Fiesta, you want to step on these things?”  That made me feel bad for laughing so I helped him along as he was too stubborn to take the thorn out til after we found Rookie. Poor poor Techno anyway I think I see Chain, Sky and Rookie coming. Thankfully Rookie looks alright now. XX.O.X
3 days ago by Astrid Sol

Look, I don’t approve of Jamie’s actions either, but did any of you even READ the letter? He said it would wear off in a day, that he was just demonstrating.
I really hope it did. By the time we woke up, Rookie was gone. If the Apathy is still working, he probably got some idea. If it’s not, he’s kicking himself and freaking out at the same time.
We’re going to search for him. I’ll finish this journal entry once we find him.
Good news: He’s alive and has his emotions back. Bad news: He is crying. Good news #2: He found the source of the dark clouds. Bad news #2: She's gone. Yes, I said she. We’re looking for a person.
Rookie’s in hysterics. We only managed to get a first name: Plum. I’m back at home now. After Fiesta goes, and when Rookie calms down, he’ll explain further.
For now, I’ll recount our search for Rookie. I was at home when I got a call from Fiesta saying he was missing. I ran over as fast as I could. I scribbled out the first part of my entry, and everyone set off. There were five of us: Me, Chain, Techno, Fiesta, and June. We live in a small city, on the bordering edge of town, but for five teenagers, it’s still huge. By the time Chain found him curled up in the corner of an alley, this Plum character was gone. I wish I could have got a glimpse of her. I’ll hand this off to Fiesta, so this is Constance Evenwood, signing off!
3 days ago by J.C. Blackthorne
Sky’s Powers
In short Sky is nearly as smart as a  super computer  they have a photographic memory and can absorb information just by touching a book or overhearing a conversation . Specifically when  detachable they instantly have the knowledge that was in the book and when they overhear a conversation they instantly know what the entire conversation was about. That sometimes gives them the reputation of being nosy but it’s not intentional.
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
Chain’s Partner

Sky Montana
Gender; fluid, born female, they’re  fluidity is 60/40 mostly going by male.
Age: 16
 Appearance: Sky has ebony shoulder length haur, sea green eyes, pale skin, is slender and petite but ihas long legs  which is good because spying likes to run ... A lot. Sky wears teal jeans, a pastel yellow  Long sleeve shirt under a  metallic teal vest usually halfway zipped and yellow lnee high boots that have no heels. Sjy’s bracelets are all  and shades of teal and blue mostly transparent  beads. That’s not very exciting much disguise disappointment.
 Personality : Sky came from a  dysfunctional poor family, they’re father eas rarely home and when he was he was usually pretty drunk, he piked Sky least of his 3 kids as Sjy was his stepkid. Sjy’s mom us kind but timidt t. For Sky’s part , Sky has gotten used to yheir mistreatment and “ turn the other cheek “ as it were, thiugh they’re strpdad has actually hit them and he doesn’t even know that Skye is gender fluid. Sky cares deeply for Chain and it’s always the first one was a kind word or  kind of Chester (such as bringing them water or something when they don’t feel well or  i’m drained them selves) for Chain.

Powers: nor sure help!
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
Yeah, it's a pretty lame Element to be honest. You're likely a hippie vegetarian and get mad when people disagree with you. And you can make vines and stuff sprout out of the ground or something. I mean, who cares? Such a weak Element...

Oh yeah, and I've been considering what Element I'd have...

Fire: Got the hot temper going for me, but I'm no daredevil. Too cowardly.
Water: I am somewhat relaxed and can get really excited sometimes, but I'm sorta afraid of water. I mean, I like wading through it, but meh. Also, I'm more of a troublemaker than peacekeeper.
Nature: I'm a vegetarian, so what?
Lightning: I like to dance, but I'm not outgoing or friendly.
Ice: I'm introverted and somewhat antisocial I guess, so it's pretty close. But Ice is supposed to be smart, and while I think I'm smarter than most people around here ("The neighborhood's like one big, unending TikTok video." -me today), I'm not exactly a genius.
Air: I'm childish. I act like a child. I like video games.

So I guess Ice and Air are closest. As for Light and Darkness, I'd lean toward Darkness. So Ice/Darkness or Air/Darkness.

"i’m going to build me an empire and it’s lonely at the top of Magnus in Chretin‘s compulsion face and nobody will ever convince me to stop"
Beautiful lyrics. The top of Magnus in Chretin's compulsion face is very amazing, and I ain't gonna stop. Stop what? God only knows.
3 days ago by Fenton Force

“I can hear the whispers in my sleep, the voices saying this should be mine.  You, you say you trust me as if I don’t see the doubt behind your eyes.
 I’m going to build me an empire and it’s lonely at the top but madness and greatness can both share a face and nobody will ever convince me to stop it’s my destiny I was born to play this game so fear me or love me it’s all the same.
 Try to find a chain I can’t break a price I wouldn’t pay for what I want. So you can call me calculating ( call me calculating ) you can say I’ve lost my mind ( Lost my mind ) i’m going to build me an empire and it’s lonely at the top of Magnus in Chretin‘s compulsion face and nobody will ever convince me to stop it’s my destiny I was born to play this game so for me or love me it’s all the same.
 Just one word I’ll let the world burn ... just one word I’ll let the world burn. I’m going to build me an empire and it’s lonely at the top the madness and greatness can both share a face and nobody will ever convince me to stop it’s my destiny I was born to play this game  fear me or love me it’s all the same , for me or love me it’s all the same”
Empire by Beth Crowley

 Of course you can’t hear the music in this ***** really cool.
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
Fun facts about the Elements' gender ratios (alternate title: I was bored)

Highest chance of boys: Lightning, with 70/30
Highest chance of girls: Nature, with 15/85
Lowest change: Ice, with 55/45
4 days ago by Fenton Force