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Fun fact: I like my guys older, taller, stronger, smarter, attractive, and less emotional.
1 day ago by Fenton Force
Chapter 20

Colourful Markers


Great. Now BOTH of my best friends have crushes on girls that definitely don't like them back. At least they made up, I guess.
    The three of us went to Cory’s house, and I settled on the white garden chair I had set up in his yard, to watch while they clowned around with water and rocks.
    Of course, today, that wasn’t what we were here to do. Mason couldn’t, after all. We didn’t have a more serious purpose in mind, but we were here.
    Mason fell back on the ground. “Wow. I haven’t had a real chance to just… relax since the incident with Sam.”
    Yeah. I felt that. Between trying to make Cory and Mason get along and discovering near-conclusive evidence for Jessabelle’s guilt, I hadn’t had much room to breathe. It was nice to be sitting in that familiar little garden chair once again.
    Cory had sat with his good leg, the right, crossed under the left, which was out in front of him. He held a green permanent marker. “Mason, you wanna be the first to sign my cast? Nobody else has yet, and I thought I’d let you do it, to make our reconciliation official.”
    Mason snatched the marker out of his hand, and carefully wrote his name on the plain white cast. His handwriting was surprisingly rounded and had a lot of curlicues. Not what I’d expect from Mason West, but you learn something every day, I suppose.
    I grabbed the marker, and went to write my own name, but Cory grabbed it, and instead pulled out a yellow one. “Use this!”
    I didn’t understand why, but I did. My name was close to Mason’s. “So… are the other’s going to get to do this too?”
    “Yeah. I have markers for everyone!” He pulled out 5 more markers. One red, one royal blue, one light blue, and two in purple.
    Suddenly I realized the connection. “So, let me guess. The red one’s for Justin, the dark blue for Kimber, the light blue one for Astrid, and the two lavender ones for Jas and Evie. Pure Powers.”
    Cory answered in the form of a wink, letting me know I’d been right. “What about you? Don’t you have one for yourself?”
    “You think I would forget MYSELF?” He pulled out a final marker, this one pink, and wrote his name around the top in huge letters, but because of his short name, it only covered about half.
    Mason smiled. “Good to see a few names on that cast. So, what now? You want to go find everyone else?”
    “Of COURSE I do!”
    And so, we went out to do the least serious thing we had done in days.
    Evie and Justin were together (naturally) in the park. Justin was teasing Evie as I had Cory.
    “Hey!” Cory yelled from across the park, getting the pair’s attention.
    The two of them came over to us, and Cory got out the red marker and one of the lavender. “Sign my cast?”
    Each grabbed their corresponding marker, wrote their name, and gave ME, not Cory, the markers back. I put them in my pocket and made a mental note to give them back later.
    “So… Astrid and Jas, or Kimber next?” I asked.
    “Kimber,” Cory replied.
    Kimber was at home, practicing her ice powers. Clearly it wasn’t going well, as when I approached, she snapped at me. “What are YOU doing here?”
    “Well,” I said, “Cory wants everyone to sign his cast!”
    “Fine. Hand me the marker.”
    Cory did just that, and Kimber signed her name in small dark blue letters.
    “So, then,” I thought aloud, “That just leaves Astrid and Jas.”
    Cory started walking without Mason and I, but, due to his injury, we quickly caught up. As it turned out, Astrid and Jas were in the Collins’ backyard. I walked into the yard. The two of them were joking together.
    “Hello!” I said. “We’re going around asking everybody to sign Cory’s cast. Actually, you two are the last ones.”
    Astrid smiled. “Sure!”
    Cory tossed Astrid and Jas a light blue and purple marker, respectively, and walked over. Astrid wrote her name, and Jas his, right next to mine, making our three names close to each other.
    I pocketed the last of the markers, and Cory put his free hand to his shoulder as he walked. “So that was fun!”
    “Not really,” I said. “It was kind of boring.”
1 day ago by J.C. Blackthorne
Since when was Timid a bad nature? Xerneas is a Special attacker, and that boosts her Speed without lowering any useful stats. She's probably Specs, so she doesn't really need a Special Attack boost, but Timid can allow her to outspeed more things.

Erin? Oh boy. Yeah, we totally need more of those lame wormhole Shinies to dupe noobs who don't know about them out of way better Pokemon.
1 day ago by Fenton Force
The Gengar Experience

Mia Anderson is a young trainer living in Alola but she wishes she lived in the “big city” of Lumiose in Kalos, despite being island born she is a city girl at heart. She also likes being unconventional and doing things outside the norm, so when she learns about “Wonder Trading” she quickly catches a random Pokémon and attempts to do a successful trade, she got more than she bargained for though as she waits she notices that whatever she is getting isn’t a commonplace Wingull or Slowpoke as she expected, instead she gets a Gengar, not something she is initially is proud of. Then she takes a closer look and realizes that she has gotten herself a shiny, very quiet strong Pokémon with its own Mega Stone and more experience than she is used to. However not being easily daunted she vows to keep the Gengar and do her Island Challenge with it. She likes to think she can handle anything but she becomes frustrated when Gengar refuses to obey her and show off in the most embarrassing ways doing everything contrary to what Mia wants him to.


Gengar is proud and rather bold cocky and rather proud of himself. He finds himself hilarious when he disobeys Mia, whom has very little experience. As they grow closer and Mia becomes quite a good trainer, despite most of her wins are sole due to luck and Gengar’s own pride of not wanting to be second to anyone.



Mia Anderson

Age: 13

Gender: female

Region: Alola, although her mom is from Kalos

Appearance: Mia has strawberry-blonde hair that she wears in a long ponytail with a light blue bow on the elastic that holds it in place. Her eyes are sky blue and she has light skin with small freckles on her nose. She is petite and twig thin. She wears a light blue lightweight hoodie with rainbow glitter on the sleeves, a white jean miniskirt and light blue ballet flats with rainbow glitter around the tops. She has a light blue messenger bag that says “sparkle is success;” on the front flap.

Personality: Mia is girly but not timid; she is quite extroverted and will get in someone’s face if she feels like it.  She is prideful and quite a  bragger, but her bragging isn’t taken seriously as she is usually proven wrong quickly, this doesn’t faze her much though and she keeps a  “I  know better than you.” View. She isn’t mean but comes off as sort of a jerk unless someone’s gets to know her really well. When that happens they see a nicer, less confidant, more caring side.



Gender: Male

Level: 100

Nature: Bold

Item: Gengarite


Personality: Gengar is bold and even more prideful than Mia, he will hardly ever show when he is hurt, not feeling well or upset.  He keeps his emotions to himself and hides any weakness under a “veil” of confidence and pride. Eventually he will show how he is really feeling but only to his trainer and he is surprised when she actually protect him, not that he thought he needed protection though.


 And realize that grammar wise this doesn’t look very good. But oh well...
2 days ago by Astrid Sol
Me just now: “i’m bored so i’ll do some WTing.” (Gets WT set up ades a random Vanillish) “lets see if i get Wingull or Slowpoke.” ( E*TRADE commences ) i get... a Gengar!  No of course I’m curious because that’s not a no I was expecting  looking around on it and its shiny, okay  that’s the first sign that it’s a hack but  that doesn’t mean I’m going to instantly trade it away  so I keep digging  it’s also level 100 so now I’m definitely sure it’s a hack but its  when I like to call “ A proper hack.” Shiny,  level 100, holding Gengarite, male..  DB a proper hack in my mind it has to be shiny level 100  preferably holding an item such as a mega stone if it’s a Pokémon that can mega evolve  and because I Mysterio taper I also have certain genders I expect the hacks to be  like if I got an Altaria I would want a female or in the current case I got what I wanted.  I guess sort of surprised that I only did one trade and ended up with a hacked Pokémon  right off the bat. this is what happens when I go in to wonder trade and get a few random anymore than Pokémon and then all of a sudden I’ll get some nice hacks.  And no I won’t be trading list gengar, i traded Dragalge cuz it wasn’t lroper it wasn’t level 100 I had a bad nature  and I don’t think it was holding anything. Oh  i’m not really a big deal but Gengar  apparently “ seems to have traveled across both time and space to reach me from the Kalos region.” He’s also inspired and fanfiction, doesn’t take much for that to happen but still. The idea is a pretty simple one A Young probably an experienced trainer does a trade and receives a lvl 100 Gengar mega snowing at all  yes it would be shiny and yes it’s based off of the one I got. The story would basically be about the inexperienced trainer having to train a Lvl 100 which sounds like it’s going to Golden currant crossings. The idea keeps up in my mind I’ll post a OC later.
2 days ago by Astrid Sol
Ah I see

Also, I'm sort of a night owl :)
2 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
Eh it was floating in my head for a few days so I thought, why not tell you, you might like it. There's probably more, but not that I can think of rn. If I were to ever write a story, I could come up with character development and stuff.
2 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
I'm currently debating if Pika should kiss someone.
2 days ago by Fenton Force
I have an idea for an OC (which I'm probably never gonna type a story for but :/)

Black Rose

Rose would be part of a secret organization that gathers secret information and steals valuable items. Rose does villainous work out of boredom, since he doesn't have much to do. He does take his work quite seriously though, as he won't hesitate to injure someone if he has to. Rose also tends to toy with his "prey" from time to time.

Rose has many abilities and techniques he has to get his work done. His main weapon is his Sword, which resembles an upsidedown black rose. The sword is covered with spikes that resemble thorns. Rose also is very attentive. He can often sense if something is wrong or someone is hiding something. He has a technique related to this, being "Petal in the Wind," in which he blows a black rose petal which floats to various places of interest and gives him visions of said place. Another power of Rose's is to sprout vines covered with thorns to immobilize others. He also throws black roses that have an odd smell that makes those who smell fall asleep. Rose is very quiet, agile, and often makes appearances and disappearences in a cloud of black rose petals.

As for personality, Black Rose is full of surprises. Rose prefers to be called Black Rose, Rose, or Thorn. He hates red roses, as he's been rejected in the past, which is why he isn't smitten easily (although he does have a soft spot in his heart for a girl which he often refers to as  Lavender). Rose is often quite bored and serious, but can have fun if he's doing something he enjoys, and if he's around the right people, he will show a kind, tender part of his heart. Rose prefers being alone, and doesn't like working with others unless he sees a good cause. Rose also hates being lied too, and will often get angry and lash out if others aren't sincere with him. Thorn often leaves a card with his signature and a picture of a Black Rose on it at the scenes where he strikes.

I can't provide much for appearance, but I can tell you he wears a lot of Black and he's kinda tall. What do you think?
2 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
Nope. Luckily, his Millennium Puzzle protected him and his friends. But still...

Oh yeah, once Joey nearly drowned. This one guy had tossed Yugi's most powerful cards into the ocean, and Joey dived off the ship in an attempt to get them back. But then he... nearly drowned. Yugi jumped off the ship as well in an attempt to save him. And he did. Luckily, the others were able to toss down a ladder so that they could climb back onto the ship. That was also emotional.
2 days ago by Fenton Force