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Gender: 100% Male ♂
Country: Unov — I mean United States :P
Favorite Pokémon: Umbreon
Friend Codes: Bulbapedia: MoonlitMadness
Minecraft Hypixel: MrMoonlightMan
Pokemon Showdown: MoonlitMadness
Nintendo 2ds: 1478 - 9088 - 2483
Discord Tag: #7324
Discord Username: MoonlitMadness
Discord Avatar: Hugh from Black 2/White 2
About me: I am an 12 year old Pokemon fan who likes to help people with Pokemon!  I know every Pokemon and their typing form Gen 1-6 and most of Gen 7. I love the games and think playing the TCG is boring, but I love collecting them

My favorite Pokemon quote is by Meowth; "We do have a lot in common. The same Earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of always looking at what's different, ... well who knows?"

Favorite Pokemon by type:
Water: Croconaw
Electric: Togedemaru/Mareep
Fire: Monferno
Grass: Sceptile
Dark: Umbreon
Steel: Metagross
Dragon: Dragonite
Ground: Marowak
Bug: Scyther
Normal: Smeargle/Youngster Joey's Ratata/ Shiny Eevee
Flying: Crobat
Psychic: Mew
Fighting: Lucario
Fairy: Sylveon
Poison: Nidoking
Rock: Terrakion
Ghost: Pumpkaboo
Ice: Mamoswine

Mega: Youngster Joey's Ratata
Pokemon I think is in top Percent: Youngster Joey's Ratata

Favorite PkMn Games by rank:
1. UM
2. B2
3. C
4. Y
5. OR

Favorite Books: Prey, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Animal Farm, Chaos Walking, A Monster Calls.

Favorite Movies: A Quiet Place, Oceans 11, JWFK, JP, JPTLW,JP3,Jw(Basically the whole Jurassic Park series for all the movies that started with J)

Favorite Anime: Hunter x Hunter (Naruto sucks. Yu YU Hakusho is pretty good too.)

I hate superheroes and star wars.

First ever Pokemon Game: B2

Games I want: Platinum, E, X, and JWE(So I can do dinosaur Battle Royales)

A good Pokemon Youtuber I think you guys should watch: Jethrotex(He has not uploaded for a long time tho since he had brain surgery)

Things I hate: Snapchat, and all social media apart from YT, Discord, and Gmail. AND I HATE BUGS!!!!!!!!!

1000 POINT MILESTONE-7/23/18(In only 4 weeks!)
1500 POINT MILESTONE-8/19/18
1750 POINT MILESTONE-8/27/18
2000 POINT MILESTONE-9/14/18
2250 POINT MILESTONE-10/25/18
12th BIRTHDAY-11/15/18
2500 POINT MILESTONE-11/26/18

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

First Shiny: Lake of Rage gyrados
Second Shiny: Elekid(Restarted the game so I lost her *tear*)
Third Shiny: Stunfisk(Really good shiny BTW)
Fourth Shiny: Abomasnow
Fifth Shiny: Wingull(Was EV training and it came and I found it)
6th Shiny: Floatzel
7th Shiny: Poipole(Gift)
8th Shiny: Eevee(More than 132 sos encounters. Is now shiny Sylveon)
9th Shiny: Beldum(30 SOS encounters. This game makes it way too easy LOL -- now a shiny Metagross)
10th Shiny: Sandygast(Over 120 SOS encounters -- now a shiny palossand)
11th Shiny: Audino(Who else loves its mega?)
12th Shiny: Mimikyu(Gift)
13th Shiny: Litten(123 hatches)
14th Shiny: Natu(Thanks KRWL890)
15th Shiny: Macargo(It has Flame Body, so hello Swap Breeding)
I have 1 hacked shiny I got through wonder trade — shaymin. DM if you want it

Ongoing Hunts:
Rayquaza SR: 137(Paused)
Minior eggs: 102(Paused till New Years)
Drifloon(In Platinum, and so far over 650 SRs)

Hunts I want to Do:
Shiny Eevee hunt in Crystal
Shiny Eevee hunt in Ultra Moon(Again)
Shiny Mareep hunt in Ultra Moon

New Year Shines I hunt during and only at new years:

When I was a salty 11 year old I wrote this: "I won't hate you if you if downvote me, but I will hate you if you downvote me and don't tell me why you downvoted me."

-The Lonely Pikachu(As point thirsty as me)
-Azealfo(One of my best friends on DB. Extremely nice)
-EvilTwinneedleTM(Fortnite(now I don't play) buddies! :( He got permabanned on this site)
-SeeYaLater(Only other person I know who nicknames their Pokemon)
-OCTALAMARI(Listened to my anime suggestion ;)    )
-Horus(Why not? He is nice and kind)
-Alolan Vulpix(SAMPLE TEXT)
-Staka(We always end up on showdown at the same time)
Just talk to me enough to join this list.

I think HT used to hate me.

Favorite non-pokemon quote:
"Woah! This question is madness!" - SeeYaLater(2018)

Funny Pokemon Quote by Blue in RBY:
"Hey, Red! What brings you here? Is your Pokémon dead? Hey! It's alive! I can at least make them faint! Let's go!"

"I just beat did my first speed run on Pokemon Crystal! I beat lance in 4 hours and 17 minutes and I beat Red in 5 hours and 38 minutes!" -  me on Aug 28, 2018

"Finished my Pokemon Yellow Speed Run! It took me 3 hours and 38 minutes!" - me on August 30, 2018

Username Changes: MoonlitMadness™  -> Octazooka™ -> BlackAce™ -> ¿Qwerty?(Yep, already thinking ahead!)

Watch this: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IAlrAmYHjI(Dragonite and Charizard dancing too Gangam style)

Contact me on discord if you need anything!

\ (•◡•) /

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5 days ago by Time Master Dialga
Probably, but we'll decide when we announce the tournament. Are you on the db discord server? I can contact you easily there.
Apr 16 by PX ™
Hi there.
Apr 14 by Time Master Dialga
I think the biggest advantage of learning C++ earlier than other languages is that it makes you think about how a computer works while designing a program and stresses the importance of how the program works, making you think a lot more about memory allocation and design when you create a program. :P

A lot of people suggested I start in Python, but I didn't feel like it. :P
Apr 8 by Staka~
I take online classes. Some areas host Programming classes for 4th-8th graders. Also, I heard good places to start programming are Scratch/Snap, the Unity engine, and supposedly Python. :P

I've learned HTML and CSS, I am currently learning C++ (my school counselor said it would be hard but I think it is easy), and I also plan to learn Python, JavaScript, and C#. I plan to go into the computer programming field, and do some game developing as more of a hobby or second job. :P
Apr 8 by Staka~
Saw your replay. You had to do custom game because AG allows everything possible with legitimate game Mechanics, and legitimately, you can only have 1 Dusk Mane Necrozma at a time because it is formed like Kyurem, and can't be traded while fused. :P

Just wanted to let you know. :P
Apr 8 by Staka~
Groudon @ Red Orb  
Ability: Drought  
EVs: 252 Atk / 100 SpD / 156 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Rock Polish  
- Swords Dance  
- Precipice Blades  
- Stone Edge  

Necrozma-Dusk-Mane @ Solganium Z  
Ability: Prism Armor  
EVs: 248 Atk / 8 SpD / 252 Spe  
Adamant Nature  
- Rock Polish  
- Swords Dance  
- Sunsteel Strike  
- Earthquake  

Gengar @ Gengarite  
Ability: Cursed Body  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Shadow Ball  
- Sludge Wave  
- Icy Wind  
- Taunt
Apr 7 by PX ™
Hi, I said Monday onwards. Please give me the rough times that you're going to be on. I expect to schedule properly in tournaments. I'll give you my team when we meet on Showdown.
Apr 7 by PX ™
So... I guess this means I gotta help you. I'll try, but not now. I'm busy :/. I'll try not to keep you waiting. If I don't think my answer is good enough I won't post it.
Apr 7 by Time Master Dialga