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Gender: Male
Country: most likely Unova
Favorite Pokémon: Reshiram
Friend Codes: ask N
About me: Hey I'm CC. I've been playing the franchise since 2011 and my favorite games are B2W2. I like messing around in chat and answering questions when I feel confident enough lol. Outside of Pokémon I love writing poems and being a writer in general. I'm currently working on a novel !

Favorite Games: Black 2/White 2
Favorite Region: Unova
Favorite Gym Leader: Raihan
Favorite Elite 4: Acerola
Favorite Champion: Iris

i love ty <3
we're living in a simulation

Excited for Gen 5's 10th anniversary on March 6th 2021 (American release)

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1 day ago by A typical glance
Thanks :D
1 day ago by ◦KyogrePulse◦
Hey CC
2 days ago by Dracovish
Yep. NEVER underestimate Sakura!!
4 days ago by ■Primal●Shadow■
Same here lol. My uncle got me a copy of Pokemon White for Christmas in 2013, because and he also liked Pokemon and I think I told him I liked it. My first game was technically Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness, but Pokemon white was my first main series game. Both games are so nostalgic for me. Its kinda strange thinking that they are so old now.
Jan 12 by -Ellis Harmonia-
Wow I can't believe gen 5 is so old. I started playing and 2013 and my first game was pokemon white so wow. I'm excited for the anniversary too
Jan 12 by -Ellis Harmonia-
No he didn't tell me, he said it was a secret lmao
Jan 12 by -Ellis Harmonia-
Hey CC I asked N what your friend codes were
Jan 12 by -Ellis Harmonia-
I literally made it up as I was typing, but thx!
Jan 11 by ~megaltaria~
hey here I am just wasting a wall post but it's nearing the end of the hour so I thought I might as well :D

Here's a poem I am making up literally as I type:

Pokemon is my favorite game
I love it so much I play it everyday
From Red and Green to Sword and Shield
Whenever I see them I squeal
Whoever made them was so smart
Pokemon fills up most my heart
I know I may sound obsessive
If you kill my pokemon I may turn aggressive
but enough of the violence pokemon is a fun game
and it's my favorite game(s) to play
I hope I convinced you
To like pokemon, wait, you already do!
sorry for wasting your time and space
on your wall but I wanted to say it face-to-face
I'd like to meet you in person
but I'm afraid it will be worse and
I don't even know your name
wait, let's just talk about video games
anyway, sorry for writing this for no reason
I was bored so maybe I'll write another one next season!

:D how you like it
Jan 10 by ~megaltaria~