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Favorite Pokémon: Altaria, Hydreigon, Excadrill, Silvally, Goodra, Chandelure, Serperior, Cradily, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Salamence, Decidueye, Whimsicott, Lilligant, Gliscor, Swampert, Froslass, Gardevoir, Gallade, Luxray, Cincinno, Shaymin, Arcanine and Amphy.
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About me: Hey I'm CC. I've been playing the franchise since 2011 and my favorite games are B2W2. I like messing around in chat and answering questions when I feel confident enough lol. Outside of Pokémon I love writing poems and being a writer in general.

As school opened and it's my last year of high school, I'll be a bit inactive :(
I'm on Discord if you need me

Favorite Games: Black 2/White 2
Favorite Region: Unova
Favorite Gym Leader: Raihan
Favorite Elite 4: Acerola
Favorite Champion: Iris

ily ty <3
ngl Leon's pretty hot o_o
credits to Ty for the cute grav :3

This community is so cute ❤️

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Who's Sofia
2 days ago by Felix⠀
I make enough mistakes
And it feels like she's the only one that hears the things I say
So if for any reason there's some miscommunication or I'm lying to her face
My immaturity and habits gettin' in the way
'Cause I can barely breathe and I don't know how I'll explain myself this time
Wish it wasn't a case of "this time"
But why can't I be any other boy
That doesn't need a hand in love?
Someone that I would trust
But how did I fail
To give you all the love that you deserve?
When you're the only thing that's worth
What life is worth
And I don't mind if you hate me
'Cause baby if I were you
I would probably hate me too
I said that I don't mind if you hate me
'Cause baby if I were you
I would probably hate me too
2 days ago by Felix⠀
Sep 19 by Mega-Blade X
I was thinking of answering your old question (https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/337306/what-are-efficient-ways-to-make-money-in-swsh) because you haven't selected the existing answer as best. Would you want a second answer, that isn't just Luxury Ball farming?
Sep 19 by Mega-Blade X
Sep 17 by cranpper
slide me your insta ill make an account to follow
Sep 16 by PX ™
omg it really looks like ours
Sep 16 by SeeYaLater!
omg rlly
Sep 16 by SeeYaLater!
where does the b come from
Sep 15 by SeeYaLater!
Sep 15 by SeeYaLater!