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Meep! *Hugs* Don't be in the gloom! I can now post on wall's!
...Oh wait.. That IS kind of a bad thing....
Apr 9, 2016 by Torchic the Ninja~
Hay there meep! Hey, remember I've been asking you if you're in a spriter mood? Well what I wanted was a ship sprite, (Lucario X Flaaffy) same for the one you made for me before, slightly bigger and without animation pweeeease ^w^
Thank u!
Mar 27, 2016 by Meowstic
I want a PKMN Trainer sprite in place of Mario. I wanna make a Mario game with Pokemon, and make it about evil pokemon taking over the region or something.
Mar 1, 2016 by Your Excellency
Thanks. I'll try that.
Feb 25, 2016 by sumwun
Feb 23, 2016 by Callista Woods
"MeepTheMareep02 x MeGa_SePtile02 OTP
2 days ago by Polite Poyomon"


"Gender:    ...
Country:    ...,
Favorite Pokémon:    ...
Friend Codes:    ...
About me:    ...

>Country:    ...,
Feb 4, 2016 by Hellfire Taco
Jan 31, 2016 by Keromatsu
Hey meep, I heard you liek mudkipzz(and that spinning pikachu!) So I made you a gif...t
I also sent it on ph, cause... Wynaut?
Jan 26, 2016 by loomhigh223555
11 hours ago Im not attacking you :l?
PKMN Trainer 151.1
11 hours ago plz dont attack me right now / dont say stuff that will make me feel worse plz
PKMN Trainer 151.1
11 hours ago sapphy
11 hours ago Because they didnt make that show to specifically appeal to you :/
PKMN Trainer 151.1
11 hours ago bye sep
PKMN Trainer 151.1
11 hours ago there are 3 girls and 3 guys on this tv show WHY ARE THEY ALL F*KIN DATING //facetable
Jan 17, 2016 by Keromatsu