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I remember you
Sep 23 by Mega-Blade X
ru there?
Aug 31 by Mayura マユラ
Hey no need to aplogize i’m pretty sure i’m sadly addicated to this place. The only book I read by Meal je Dickerson is The Golden Braid based loosest on  Rapunzel (she’s only in the tower at the end of the book) that series is The Hagginham series (pretty sure i butcherd the spelling there) there are 10 in all but each cab be read as a stabd-alone. I agree about the “having another aspiring author” to talj to part. I wish i knew your real name so when your book went out I could find it. And yeah sorry for the wall pists i started that “shiny Tracker journal” cuz The Glazio Bews inspired it. TBH i doubt people besides Glazio read it (in case u didn’t know Glazio Jawii is Flowersun) i don’t mind you not being on much I get it. If you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of i’d be happy to help. Though you orobablg already got someone flr that. I hotta say it kibda surprised me that you  seem to wanting to help. We didn’t know each  ithef that well but I really appreciate it.
Jun 13 by Supernova
Wow thank you i apperciate your advice didn’t expect that sovthanks so do you know  of the author Melanie Dickerson? She is the author Melanie Dickerson? She writes young adult romance nost of which are based on fairytales wolf win’t be a werewolf but a human who has a “wolfish” or  bad reputation  no grandmother or flowers either i’m thinking  of having pooone be rich or one be poor but either one  poor but maybe not
Jun 9 by Supernova
I just tealized you never vhanged your nane. And imma tell you a “secret” i’m starting the idea for a Retelling  of Red Ridding Hood, a romance/historical fiction i’m toying with the udea of doinh a role-reverssal  where red (not his/her name)  is a boy/teen and the wolf is a girl/teen. This’ll be a full-jength book not a light FF and i’m telling you cuz you’re the  ONLY  other  aspiring  Author i know of here and wibderd if you had any thoughts. (If you don’t mind me asking)
Jun 8 by Supernova
I love whimiscott and yay ur not dead
Jun 7 by Supernova
Hey how are you? Ho’s ur movel going (it’s Snowberi BTW) hope u are okay
Jun 6 by Supernova
Ah, okay. I just wanted to say hi. Haven't seen you in a while.
May 11 by Mega-Blade X
Wow! I agree that Unova has the best dragon-types. their designs are cool!
Apr 25 by Fierce Ember
To whom it concerns, due to the fact that I am not going to be super active on the Database anymore, I'm removing my PokeQuiz and disbanding the Cub Club. I will post the people who took part in both events on this wall post for those of you who are nostalgic for the good old days when I didn't have so much work to do.

People who attempted my quiz:
- KitkatKK2 (x2 attempts)
- Snowberi (x1 attempt)
- Flowersun (x1 attempt)
- Deathrider (x1 attempt)
- Xblade999 (x1 attempt)
- RobloxianSceptile (x1 attempt)
- Multivee (x3 attempts, best attempt: 6/7)

Former Cub Club Members:
- Flowersun
- iloveflareon123
- KitkatKK2
- Snowberi
Apr 20 by DelphoxOracle