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I dont connect to the internet in my 3DS, so i cant get my own frined code
Feb 11 by Dr.Lugia
On ORAS i have shiny (that i caught myself)
Feb 11 by Dr.Lugia
Also if you have a 3ds how u have no friend code?
Feb 7 by stall_fest
Also what other shinies do you have?
Feb 7 by stall_fest
U lost  points for it? Are you sure? I normally like to have sources on the answers to my questions, just because it let's me know that they are right.
Feb 7 by stall_fest
Welcome Boi
Feb 7 by stall_fest
Okay. Also (late) welcome.
Feb 6 by Galarian Ponyta
A week late, but welcome to the Database!
Feb 4 by Lucky Ranno