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Gender: mail
Country: Canada
Favorite Pokémon: Sylveon, Vaporeon, Driftloon
Friend Codes: Discord: Tube of the Test#6486
Showdown: Cool66
About me: I come here to look at move sets for pokemon and talk with my friends.
Anywhoo, I play pokemon Ultra Sun and if you want you could find me.
But onto the more "About me" Stuff
I live in Canada and LOVE games, some of my favourites are Undertale, Pokemon (Duh), Mario 64, and Kirby. I am doing a Nuzlocke of red and have a spin-off of Galizo's News broadcast where I talk about How my Nuzlocke is going, The only two people who I post on are Mega-X and Galizo. Outside of the Internet I like going outside, Canada is basically a freezer x100 In the winter and 1/4th of a Microwave in summer, So that's why I like going outside. Back to the internet stuff, I make cartoonish drawings, an example my Grav, it's one of my favourite Past times. I also Like pokemon Showdown, I'm down to play anytime. I also have a little Discord server I'm working on, I'll post a link on my wall. Anywhoo Onto some things that I like and some questions you might have (I came up with most of them lol)
Favourite Pokemon? - Sylveon or Driftloon
Favourite Undertale Character? - Sans, and not Cause his theme (Though Its raining somewhere else, TSTMPWYFS and Megalovania are cool), But his Lore and story. If I couldn't pick sans then definitely Asgore.
Favourite Kirby Star ally character? - Waddledees. If you don't think they are cute something is wrong with your head.
Is my fangame done? - No, I still need to send the map to Flaweon then I can begin coding.
(Insert salt here) I am salt, help me expand by putting me at the bottom of your Info
Thanks to anybody who read this, See Ya!
Z E T I M E F O R R H Y M E!
Also As June 23rd 2020, I now have 100 points :DDDD

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The Glazio News
This has turned into pure fanfic news. So here's Sol and Luna for your viewing pleasure! The epicness of Pika wears off as Scarlet still says no, that she and Flare can't go. Hey, that rhymed! They're very crushed about this, but Pika says she's doing the Island Challenge whether Scarlet likes it or not. Flare says that he's going too, so they think up a plan. The next day, their plan is revealed: they're going to get their starters in secret and head out on the Island Challenge! They play sad and Scarlet lets them outside, which is perfect. Flare says that the shirtless professor who really needs a shirt would be at Iki Town to give them their starters. Well, he didn't say anything about the professor's lack of shirt, but that starter stuff was said. They arrive at Iki Town to see the shirt-needing professor's not there. But then they notice a blond girl with a bag that's come to life heading down Mahalo Trail or whatever it's called. So Pika goes into stalker mode and invites Flare to join her, which he eventually says yes to. Pika notices Ms. Blond Head's bag moving, and says it too loud, blowing their cover and making her run. So then Pika and Flare chase her because... uh... crud I'm writing this thing and not even I know. Then she stops at a bridge and a Pokemon flies out of her bag only to be attacked by Spearow! And now I'm accidentally leaving you on a cliffhanger by not writing more yet, so enjoy that! See ya!
11 hours ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
All right, there's not much news on anything... aside from Sol and Luna, so fanfic news time! After Pika was rescued from the Yungoos, Scarlet goes to take them back so they can do the stupid clothes shopping. But Pika feels like she's being watched when they're not in the store. When they go inside, she tells Flare about it. Eventually, they leave, and she feels like she's being watched again. This causes her to panic a bit. Then she sees something, like a flash, behind her, and that freaks her out even more, as it really seems like she's being watched. However, she bumps into Flare and falls to the ground, eventually fainting. She later wakes up at home. She soon gets a visit from Eevee, who's very happy to see her again, as he had worried about her being dragged into the house unconscious. And Scarlet comments on Pika being Pokemon-loved, as Pokemon seem to warm up to her very quickly. And before you ask, no, Eevee's not a new Pokemon who just met her or something. He's been there when they were in Kanto. Anyway, Scarlet wants her to rest and she wants to explore. Scarlet eventually gives in and Pika, Flare, and Eevee head out to explore the area. They go to Route something-or-other, which is where she was attacked by the Yungoos. Luckily, they don't run into any more Pokemon. Pika soon notices what looks to be a village or town. It's Iki Town, but she doesn't know that because she doesn't really know about Alola's locations. However, when she's about to reach it, someone crashes into her. They all introduce themselves and the person who crashed into Pika is revealed to be Hau, who was not paying attention... although Pika wasn't paying attention either. Then they meet Professor Kukui who Pika thinks needs a shirt, so we must salute her. And I love this line: "Flare looked at the approaching professor like he was the loony bin incarnate." Who can deny that? Anyway, Professor Needs-A-Shirt AKA Professor Kukui seems to know about them and he invites them to the lab to check out something that has to do with the Pokedex. They start to go and Pika accidentally starts bringing Hau along, which is kinda hilarious because how can you legit not notice that you're holding someone's arm and towing them along? Pika's a dum-dum. And then of course Flare ships them because why wouldn't he? And yes, Hau has a bit of a crush on Pika, and no, she doesn't like him back. I know I haven't written all that much, but yeah, Hau x Pika is one-sided and always shall be. So take off your shipping hats for the moment. Continuing on from the cronge, they make it to the wreck of a lab. Flare's Eevee makes friends with Kukui's Rockruff, so yay for that I guess. So the professor shows them a Pokedex and suddenly here comes a Rotom, which is a Pokemon that Pika shockingly knows about. Rotom goes into the Pokedex and unintentionally startles Pika so much that she faints. Again. So she wakes up in bed later. Again. Scarlet wonders what happened during their little adventure, so Pika tells her. And Flare adds that he dragged her partway home. Scarlet says no more adventuring for the day and leaves the room. Then Flare tells Pika that something else happened while she was unconscious. Flare had told Professor Needs-A-Shirt about Pika wanting to do the Island Challenge, and he said that she could get a starter if she really wanted to give it a shot. And Flare agreed to go on the Island Challenge, so he asks Pika if she really does want to go. She becomes very excited at the whole idea of it. So she happily tells Flare that she wants to. In their excitment, they make a commotion and Scarlet wonders what's happening, so she goes to find out. Flare tells her that they want to go on the Island Challenge. Scarlet is, of course, enraged. She tells them that they can't because it's dangerous. Flare tries to reason that they'd have Pokemon that would protect them, but Scarlet's mind is unchanged. She starts talking about dangerous Pokemon and people, and that they can't put their lives at risk. But Pika's had enough. She yells that she doesn't care. She says that yeah, it's dangerous, but the whole world is dangerous, and staying in a house isn't safe either. She says that it's safer with Pokemon by your side. Since Eevee is all they have, they're not all that safe if they're attacked, as Eevee's not all that powerful because he hasn't been trained. She says that Scarlet's trying to protect her but doesn't know how, so, she asks, what's the point? What much epic. That's it so far. See ya!
1 day ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
Pokemon news is that I got two more Silvally at level 100, so yay for that. And I still don't have that Shiny Uxie, so not yay for that. Anyway, onto the fanfic news. I've started a new Pokemon fanfic. It follows the Sun and Moon games' plot with some more stuff thrown in. The main character is a girl named Pika, and she has a big brother named Flare and a mother named Scarlet, who all moved to Alola from Kanto. Pika and Flare eventually go on the Island Challenge. I've decided to call it Sol and Luna for now. And before you say "Sol and Luna is lame that's just Sun and Moon in another language", it'll actually make sense later on. I'm kinda wary to spoil it although I absolutely will at some point. Sol and Luna will make sense later on. It's part of a plot thing that I may or may not use, and that's why I might rename it. But I like the idea so far so I might just keep it. Let me tell you what happened so far. On their first day, Pika's bored about unpacking and wants to explore and stuff, and who can blame her? They do eventually get it all unpacked, but it's too late for them to go out by the time they do. Then we get a bit of backstory about Pika and Flare's father, who isn't there. The next day, they indeed go outside... for clothes shopping, that only Scarlet really wants to do. Pika is not pleased about that and runs away from the shop to explore when Flare and Scarlet are distracted. She runs up Route... Route something, the Route near your house that you head up. I forget the number at the moment. But she steps on an aggressive Yungoos, and she's soon surrounded by them. Scarlet and Flare soon find her, but they don't have Pokemon because Scarlet is a nerd. OK, not really because she's a nerd, but whatever. But when she's about to be attacked, a mysterious Pokemon rescues her. Yay that's interesting right? Anyways, see ya!
2 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
I want name changes so bad, but they're not here, so yeah. Anyway, I did some more work with the HAs and stuff and one of my Silvally reached level 100, so congrats to him. And the Silvally's a he because I say so. I lost my first battle in the Battle Tree thanks to some dumb Hiker and his dumb Pokemon, so that's kinda sad. Now I'm writing nonsense about Pika buying 13 Gladions online and her mom freaking out because she kinda ordered 13 Gladions online. See ya!
3 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
I've started breeding my male HA Pokemon to get female HA Pokemon. And also ones with my OT. Don't ask, I'm just bored and kinda wish I had a breeding job to do. I did a little bit more soft resetting for Shiny Uxie, and so far I have not the dedication to reset a lot. I went to the Battle Tree for some battling, and I lost the 20th battle thanks to stupid Cynthia and Gladion the Umbreon's Snarl missing. And I got more Type: Null and Silvally thanks to the GTS. That's it. See ya!
4 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
The using Abras to get Legends or other Pokemon to get Type: Null and Silvally continues! Fun and thrilling and crud totally. Pure excitement, eh? Anyway, not much happened. I'm having fun imagining and writing what it'd be like if there was a chatroom with my main fanfic characters in it. Insanity blooms there. See ya!
5 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
I wanted two Type: Null, so what did I do? I used Abras for Kyogres! I've bred more Relicanth to put on the GTS for Type: Nulls, so that'll be cool. Anyway, on to the fanfic news. Truth or Die, the name of my main fanfic characters truth or dare, is going well! The first dare shall be written soon! Can't say I ain't happy. See ya!
6 days ago by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
Not much news today. I'm starting the main fanfic characters truth or dare, and I'm trying to breed my shiny green and two-tone Chao together to get a shiny two-tone green. But they're stubborn. See ya!
Aug 5 by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
Not much new. But I do have a story to tell. So, I was on the GTS. I went to see if there were any Type: Null I could snag, and I came across a level 98 one. I immediately wanted it for the high, but not max, level. But the person wanted a level 91 or above Mewtwo, something I certainly didn't have. I went to Mewtwo's section of the GTS, and sure enough, there were level 100 or so Mewtwo. But I couldn't get any of those. I felt like there was no hope to get the Type: Null... but then I remembered the Abra event. I didn't know if it was still going, but it was worth a shot. So I put an Abra into the GTS asking for a Mewtwo. I waited a while, but nothing. I tried not to get my hopes up. After all, it was probably over. So I did some other stuff and came back to the GTS. Then I saw a message: "The Pokemon you deposited was traded!" And sure enough, a level 100 Shiny Mewtwo from the hacker who did the Abra event came flying into my PC. I went to the Type: Null section of the GTS, and the Type: Null was still there, so I traded the Mewtwo for it. And that's how I got a level 98 Type: Null. Many thanks to the hacker person for making my dreams come true, or... something like that. And that's the Pokemon news. Main fanfic characters truth or dare is going to be an actual thing, just you wait. See ya!
Aug 4 by Glazio Kawaii
The Glazio News
Not much happened in Pokemon. I soft reset a few times, made my Silvally play to gain more EXP at Poke Pelago, got a thing, did a thing, continued a thing... yeah. Fanfic news is that progress is being made on my shipfest fanfic. The scene with N has ended and now we may just have some more Pika x Gladion happening. See ya!
Aug 3 by Glazio Kawaii