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Gender: 50% lureantis 50% tsareena 100% awesome Female hybrid mon
Country: Alola obviously
Favorite Pokémon: Myself any other hybrids who hang out here
Friend Codes: Welcome to THE CC, Corne
R Club. Established 1-18-22, we are yhe observant, sensitive or caring  members of the chat room. We talk but also go to yhe corners of the chat room   When the conversations get heated Or confusing.  We sometimes make comments But we’re  p generally quiet.


 I am making a hidden ability List.

Corinne, , bPoplio, bred for

Brigette, Escaliver, from Pika

  Adrian, Zangoose, from Pika

Marlene, Servine, from Pika

Lukas, Avalugg, from Pika

Elsa, A-Ninetales, from Pika

Idalia, Sunflora, from Pika

Holly, A-Vulpix, from Pika

Seth, Greninja, from Pika

Zeph, Pangoro, self-caught

Alex, Honchkrow, from Pika

Lizza, Gothitelle

I’m trademarking something. It’s called “Shiny Vision.” It’t the condition that occurs during a long shiSymptoms include seeing shinies that aren’t  there and false excitement. Side effects include  disappointment  And perhaps  frustration.

DracoMeator,  child of Thor

J.C Blackthorne Daughter of Athena

Bandit, child of Apollo

Shatter, son of Hecate

Me, daughter pf Hermes.

I do have Discord bu am not on much. I only play Ultra Sun nowadays but till i can’t i trade, i suck at battles but make a good  punching bag XD.  I am proud to admit I have pots of legit shinnies. (See below) i also have a fair amount of HAs, thanks to Giru.  Even though I play ultra sun  I do not have a 3DS  friend code. So you will have to bear with me if you want to do training or battling.
About me: It’s not even the new year yet and I making a new year resolution  today December 25, 2021 .  This resolution is that , online DBfrienda’ birthdays  I will attempt, very hard. To catch a shiny said shiny Will be named after the user on whose birthday I caught it  i.e Jacey was on J.C Blackthorne’s birthday and Delta was on DracoMeteors  birthday.  What I need from you guys is your birthday so I know what day to do it on  and 1-3 Love your favorite Pokémon that belong in the Alola Games OR can be found in ultra space.  I just think this will be a fun idea. If you want me to do this for your birthday please put your birthday (Month and date Kh) on my wall.

Vim = Eevee 4/24 success!

Shiny List

Lola 7-17-22

Gideon, 7-10-22

Silver, Eevee, 4-24-22

Koral 3-18-22

Makani, name means “The Wind” in Hawaiian. 1-25-22

sol, Elekid, 5!IVs, HA,  adamant nature, Alert to Sounds, 1-11-22 evolved 1-11-22,

Koa 1-5-22 evolved 1-7-22

Keola, (means life in Hawaiian,) 12-27-21. I had just heaved a HUGE sigh of boredom(i was approximately 130 KOs in the chain) when said sigh was cut short by a sparkly sound.

Uluwehi, 1-21-22 name means lush plants

Lucy, named by Shadow,

 I became a self-proclaimedShiny Hunter on december nineteenth 2021! I had caught 30+ shinies.

Aolani, 5th Alolan shiny name means “ heavenly  cloud.” Caught 12-22-21 Fomantius Lonely nature.  EvolveD 12-23-21

Kainalu ( Hawaiian four “ serve.”) 30yth shiny, HA Mantyke. 47yh called caught 12-19-21.  Evolved 12-19-21

Mayleigh, 12-15-21 fourth Alolan shiny  evolved  12-15-21

Zara Pellipper female, first random encounter. 12-14-21

Sebastian, 12-10-21  evolved  12-12-21 Named by Dani

Cassian, 11-27-21

Jacey;, 11-21-21, evolved 12-3-21 Named after J.C Blackthorne

Jasper, Bonsly  longest Hunt up so far,  11-8-21  evolved  11-8-21

Quinn caugh 10/24/21 Gumshoos first Apopa Native, caught as Yungoose.

Delta (HA) Named after Dracometeor (Deltaemerald)






Reese traded to Dani

   Esmeralda  Named by Kyogre71











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"I went well I said that there was a new idea for a potential
Whose name would be fuse, and who called his powers striker Which is heavily based on lightning but we can do tech"

Azure Striker Gunvolt
19 hours ago by Yuya the Goggles
Name: Aurora
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Plasmoid / Astral Elf
Class: Warlock
Appearance: Like her Plasmoid race defines, she's basically an amorphous blob that can shapeshift and has a default shape of a humanoid elf. Her gloppy body is Blue in color and resembles that of Space and the Stars. She wields a bladed shield which allows her to both attack and defend.
Personality: Wise, Kind, and Loves Space and anything astrological
Powers: Edltrich Blasts from her Core, Disguise Self to take the form of another, Levitation, and Communication with Creatures.

She is known to have Astral Projections that can come alive to aid in battle.
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
I meet Plum when I visit her hometown when I just came from slaying that Dragon with Dyla (nostalgia).
I would be questionable of her attire and color scheme, but I would be intrigued to know what her power set would be.
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Name: Jasone Anderson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human / Warforged
Class: Paladin
Appearance: Wears Grey Armor with Black Boots, chainmail on arms and legs, Pauldrons (shoulder armor), and a Black Cape.
Personality: Strong willed, Determined, Great Leadership qualities
Powers: Wields a Sword on left right which can fire independently charged ions. Also has a blaster arm on the other hand. Each Arm Blaster shot can be a different color and power depending on the type of gear used:
Red = Fire (Flamethrower)
Orange = Difficult Terrain (Earthquake)
Yellow = Lightning (Thunderbolt)
Green = Acid (Dragon Pulse)
Ice Blue = Cold (Ice Beam)
Blue = Force (Air Slash)
Purple = Poison (Sludge)
Pink = Psychic (Psychic)
Black = Necrotic (Dark Pulse)
White = Radiant (Dazzling Gleam)

Also, he knows a spell which can turn his body into a pure Electric-being (called Ionize) or into a living Fire-being (called Incinerize). These would power up his two Spite Attacks (Thunderous Spite and Searing Smite).
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
New DND Characters inspired from No Time



Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: human

Class: she’s a Shadowdancer; she is the only person she knows with her powers, close to a sorceress but with her own spin

Appearance: she has purple-black hair that falls past her waist, dark brown eyes flecked with gold, a creamy skin tone. She is slender and graceful she moves like she’s dancing. She wears deep purple leggings, black ankle boots, a black top that looks sleeveless but the sleeves are just unattached they are long and the whole thing is covered in purple silk embroidery. She also wears a deep purple cloak with a hood that is floor length.

Personality: Plum is quiet most of the time but she performs for a living, it used to be just for fun but after her partner, Arasmus fell ill she did it for profit. She has always considered herself an outcast because of her powers, so similar to that of a drow elf that people believer her to be half Drow, she isn’t though not as far as she knows and she knew both her parents before leaving to travel with Arasmus . She gets passionate about people being unjustly harmed because of their race. She knows what it’s like to feel alone and despite telling herself its fine, she knows deep down it isn’t. She won’t back down from a fight and her powers only become more formidable the angrier she gets. She can also shut down her emotions to win a fight but after they come flooding in tenfold. For a long time she believed Arasmus dead and that’s when she shut down. After learning he was alive after all shies still working on opening up her emotions.

Powers: she can summon shadows from everywhere and everyone around her, controlling those takes practice in battle but she uses them in her performances to add some mystery. She can turn the same shadows into weapons, some forming a sword she calls “Darksong.” And others forming shields and walls. She can see in the dark perfectly and blend in by turning herself into a shadow. She can also use her own shadow as an ally, making it sentient and equally powerful to herself but if the shadow takes too much damage it recedes into back into her, this causes disorientation so she only uses this power in dire circumstances. She can also create shadow balls that do the same kind of damage as a large fireball. And sometimes she can give every shadow within a fifty foot radius sentience, this is when the power becomes hard to control because the shadows are usually bloodthirsty and stop at nothing. When she loses control the shadows speak to her and show her things that aren’t there. They even go after anyone else invading their mind and showing them scenes of despair and loss. This has happened a few times and is one of the reasons Plum is so mistrusted and seen as bad; people think she does this on purpose.


Bracelets: Plum wears a set of five bracelets that allow her to control her powers, barely, if any one of them were to break her control completely and her own shadows would turn on her.   the set: one bracelet has medium sized dark purple stones with small silver spacers, one has silver “coffin” shaped beads that are flatish and have dark purple spacers, one is made up of small beads that look like volcanic rocks and has a section of small chains, one silver, one lavender and one black the last two are much smaller and made up of lavender beads, one the beads are shaped like sprinkles and the other the beads are round.
2 days ago by Eos The Lureena

Chapter 24


Why Me?

I was more than a little confused at this point, again Darci and I had started arguing but then she’d shifted the conversation completely on its head. As she called up to Guzma and he appeared dropping a Poke Ball in her hands I wondered what my first course of action should be. I’d expected Darci to use Lola so no one could rightfully blame me for my shock when instead of her signature pink partner; well lavender now, out popped a Salazzle, a none-to-happy one. I gave Darci a questioning look but she just pointed out the back door where an extremely large Pokémon came running in, it shock itself violently and a waterfall of rain came off it. “Hiya Golisopod!” Riff and Darci said in unison. “Hey, what about me?” came an unfamiliar voice from behind the Golisopod “Tupp, I could go a thousand years and never miss you.” Darci said snarckly at the source of the voice, out from behind the large Pokémon came a slightly rotund human in a skull mask. “You look stupid.” Darci told the human, I assumed this was the Tupp from how she’d addressed him prior. “I was still making my choice of partner when Riff came and sidled up beside me. “So, what’s the plan teammate?” I jumped slightly, I’d assumed I’d be battling alongside Darci but Darci remained where she stood just then Guzma came down the final steps and walked over to stand beside Darci. “You better not lose this sis; I’m only returning Salazzle to you for this battle. Darci nodded and got into a battle stance. Suddenly a bunch of grunts surrounded us and started bopping up and down and saying something I couldn’t understand because of how rapid they spoke. “Aye, it’s the lils.” Darci said grinning. “Yup, they came to wish their big sis and brother well.” I turned to see the speaker, the Skull member from the door; I think his name was Zipp. “It won’t be in vain.” Darci said, far too cheerily. “Well, what are we waiting for? The sun to shine?” someone above asked, I looked up to see an older girl, probably about eighteen, leaning over the barrister. “Don’t forget to cheer on Riff too.” The older girl chided and the weird dance and song began anew. “Just wait and see Plumaria we’ll beat these two.” Darci said. I found that presumptuous but Riff seemed to just shrug it off. “Stop talkin and get fightin.” Plumaria said, tossing her wild hair behind her. “Alright, the battle between the team of Darci and Guzma and the team of_” Darci cut off Tupp “Wait, were not in teams really, this is a battle Royale battle.” This time it wasn’t tupp who made the announcement it was Zipp. “The battle Royale between Darci, Guzma, Riff and Jason is underway, challengers choose your Pokémon, it’ll be one on one the first, second and third to fall are the losers, last one standing is the victor!” I didn’t miss Zipp misprouncing my name and I couldn’t help but think he’d done it on purpose. I was almost caught off guard when everyone called their Pokémon forward, Riff and I hadn’t even picked ours yet. “Salandit, lets fight!” I heard Riff call as everyone else’s voice distracted me, it wasn’t just us battlers calling Pokémon Names, it was the crowd too. “Golisopod!” “Salazzle!” and on and on it went, sending me into confusion I tossed someone out but in the confusion I didn’t see who. “We can totally win this!” Darci cheered, only adding to the confusing cacophony of voices. Not if I could help it she wouldn’t win.
3 days ago by Eos The Lureena
Hey, let me know when StormBreaker returns.
3 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Welcome, but I think it's worth mentioning Mina's trial isn't the only trial on Poni Island. There's also a trial in Vast Poni Canyon. Time for more long Bulbapedia copy-pasting. These are shorter than the others.

"The trial site is located at the north end of the canyon. The trial begins once the player enters the trial site; they can leave the way they came in at any time, although this will reset the trial. If the player loses the battle against the Totem Pokémon, when they attempt the trial again they will only need to battle the Totem Pokémon; however, if they then leave after this, the trial will be reset. The player cannot use Charizard Glide during the trial.

This is a natural trial that has no Trial Captain, said to be the first ever trial. A tablet at the entrance of the trial site explains the trial. The player proceeds forward through the trial site, being attacked by a wild Jangmo-o and a wild Hakamo-o that leap from up high as the player proceeds toward a Z-Crystal pedestal. If the player tries to proceed out of the passageway behind the pedestal, they will be forced to turn back due to the fear that the Totem Pokémon will attack them from behind. When the player attempts to take the Z-Crystal from the pedestal, they are unable to retrieve the Dragonium Z before being attacked by the trial's Totem Pokémon, a Kommo-o.

In the battle with Totem Kommo-o, it will call Noivern on its first turn, and call Scizor if its HP is below 2/3 (if the ally Noivern has been defeated). If its HP drops below 2/3 before it has a chance to call an ally, it will call Scizor first, then call Noivern at the first opportunity after Scizor has fainted. Once an ally is defeated, Totem Kommo-o cannot call it again.

After completing the trial, the player collects the Dragonium Z from the pedestal."

TL;DR: ...Can I really make a TL;DR for this? You defeat a Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o, try to get the Z-Crystal, and then fight Totem Kommo-o.

Now for Mina's trial.

"In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after resolving the Necrozma crisis, the player can talk to Mina here to start her trial, which starts immediately with a battle with her. [She uses Mawile, Granbull, and Ribombee (with Fairium Z).]

After defeating her, Mina will give the player a Pink Petal and tell them to collect the six other petals from the other Captains. After collecting all the petals, Mina will take them and make a Rainbow Flower out of them. This will attract the trial's Totem, Ribombee.

In the battle with Totem Ribombee, it will call Pelipper on its first turn, and call Blissey if its HP is below approximately 2/3 (if the ally Pelipper has been defeated). If its HP drops below approximately 2/3 before it has a chance to call an ally, it will call Blissey first, then call Pelipper at the first opportunity after Blissey has fainted. Once an ally is defeated, Totem Ribombee cannot call it again.

Defeating the Totem Ribombee will complete Mina's trial and earn the player a Fairium Z."

TL;DR: Actually, I'm going to be making this a bit longer by giving the locations of the Captains (and Nanu) in lazy copy-paste, plus the Pokemon any Captains you have to battle use.
- "In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Ilima can be fought at Hau'oli Cemetery during Mina's trial to earn the Orange Petal." He uses Gumshoos, Smeargle, and Komala (with Normalium Z).
- "In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon only, Mallow can also be encountered at Lush Jungle during Mina's trial, along with Lana. After spotting her near the jungle entrance, the player can follow Mallow deeper into the forest. There, she's seen enjoying a relaxing Aromatherapy released by a group of local Pokémon, until she and the Pokémon are startled by the player's presence. In order to make the player keep what they just saw a secret, Mallow [in US]/Lana [in UM] then challenges the player to a battle, after which Mallow will give the player a Green Petal as a part of the trial. Afterwards, she and Lana will offer to escort the player to Wela Volcano Park to meet Kiawe and get the next petal from him." Mallow uses Trevenant, Shiinotic, and Tsareena (with Grassium Z), while Lana uses Lanturn, Cloyster, and Araquanid (with Waterium Z). Oh, and you also get the Blue Petal from Lana. Doesn't matter which one is battled, you get both the Green and Blue Petals.
- "In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon only, Kiawe can also be met during Mina's trial, giving the player a Red Petal after defeating him and Hiker David. During this encounter, it's also revealed that Kiawe is considering to make David his successor as a Trial Captain, although David is more interested in dancing. Afterwards, Kiawe will offer to escort the player to Hokulani Observatory to meet Sophocles and get the next petal." He uses Arcanine, Talonflame, and Alolan Marowak (with Firium Z).
- "When the player meets with Sophocles, they find him expressing disappointment because Molayane is temporarily leaving. In Ultra Sun only, Sophocles will then challenge the player to a battle. Afterwards, the player will receive a Yellow Petal from him and be offered to be escorted to their next destination at the Aether House on Route 15." In UM, you don't battle, he just gives you the petal. If you battle him, he uses Togedemaru, Magnezone, and Alolan Golem (with Electrium Z).
- "Later, [Nanu] also appears in Acerola's place at the Aether House during Mina's trial. In Ultra Moon, he challenges the player to a rematch, while in Ultra Sun, he is not in the mood for a battle due to having just been defeated by Hau. In both games, he then gives the player the Purple Petal, the final flower petal of the trial." If you battle him, he uses Sableye, Krokorok, and Alolan Persian (with Darkinium Z).

I think that covers it. Anything else?
Sep 4 by Yuya the Goggles
Below is a fanfiction idea, I will say the first couple sentences are aimed at a friend of mine because I just copied and pasted this from an email but there’s nothing wrong with that if anyone is interested let me know what they think and if they want to join please and thank you
Sep 3 by Eos The Lureena
Hiya, so I was wondering if you’d be interested in joining a Skylander Fanfiction. So far we’d be the only two people making characters but I’m trying to convince someone else to try it out. I don’t have a summary yet but the main idea is as follows.
Every Skylander has a human companion, they just don’t usually ever meet. When Master Eon gets word that Kaos, who’s been missing for months, is planning a revolution starting on earth, he sends some of his most trusted Skylanders to earth to stop the villain. The plan seems foolproof, they have all defeated Kaos several times and this is just another incident, however upon arriving on earth, the Skylanders are stripped of their magic except the most basic skills, and are also forced into human forms with human names and lives. The only way to stop Kaos is to get their powers back and find his earthen headquarters the problem, besides the obvious? Well, they don’t have the first idea about how to live like humans, how to act human is as foreign to them as not having powers. So, before they can even find Kaos they need to find their human companions, easy right? Not really, while the companions know that they have a special bond with a Skylander, it’s not like they expected to ever be needed. They used to be friends, the companions, but they’ve recently split up, half of them thinking they don’t need to worry about any Skylanders, bordering on believing the Skylanders are myths. The other half believing that someday soon they’ll be needed, if not wanted. So, when the Skylanders finally decide to look for the companions, they are faced with more challenges than expected. Will the Skylanders and Companions finally meet up? Will they be able to stop Kaos from taking over both worlds? Only time and hope can tell.
Okay that’s a pretty full summary but anyway, I haven’t named the one I came up with first. She’s Ghost Roaster’s companion, I picture her but haven’t named her yet. She has long tightly curled jet black hair, picture a well-kempt pirate. Dark blue eyes and dark skin. She is almost as skinny as a skeleton but not quite and she’s petite, smaller than me by a couple inches so she’s a legal dwarf. She’s seventeen  and often wears black, dark purple and dark blue sometimes with hot pink thrown in to throw people off. And I am starting to think of one for Voodood too. But not enough to mention yet.
I believe I have a way for the companions to be identified , they wear necklaces with one of the ten elements as the pendant, once the Skylander finds them their name gets etched into the back with the name of the element. For example
Ghost Roaster’s Companion has a gun metal necklace with a skull pendant, one eye is bigger than the other and the “jaw” is just the three lines or whatever Skylanders used for the Undead element, upon seeing Ghost Roaster for the first time she feels something hot and sees that his real name has been etched into the back of the skull, after this the pendant works as a beacon that only Ghost Roaster can see/hear.
All Undead pendants would be the gun metal and virtually the same except for the name on the back, and every Light element one is platinum, so on and son on.
So after that long explanation what do you think? If you want to join, let me know and I’ll send the requirements for the characters.
Sep 3 by Eos The Lureena