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Ah! How u do dat? Your turn was cancelled.
1 day ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
x :)
2 days ago by Hexhalem
He thought we were a couple. Also, he said the same thing to me as the wall post below this one.
4 days ago by AlphaSapphire
Sometimes, I like to imagine I'm helping you with expressing your thoughts, but that's probably not true.
5 days ago by ○Celestial Shadows●
Good game last night. I think what I really needed to beat your team was a fire type Pokémon. Question how did you not know that my sivally was a poison type? I’m not against that I’m just curious.
Jan 12 by ShinyMagikarp555
These remakes and remasters kinda suck. Funny thing is, after playing the remake, you don't like playing the original.

I played my first non-Pokemon video game today. That was awesome.
Jan 12 by Draco Magnis
I know this is unrelated to your Harvest Moon post (I *might* comment on that later), but reading Sonic X critic reviews is hilariously funny.
Jan 11 by ○Celestial Shadows●
Jan 10 by ○Celestial Shadows●
Oh huh, u saw that?

But yeah I have to agree. That was a pretty weird convo.
Jan 10 by This Guy
Oh, and I got bored so now I'm going to recall the ways Harvest Moon boys have flirted with me.

You forgot me-erm- Snake Man
Jan 9 by ○Celestial Shadows●