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Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Favorite Pokémon: Garchomp, Milotic, Gardevoir, Greninja and Giratina. Top five anyway
Friend Codes: 3952-8299-6897

Omega Ruby IGN: Reggie
Alpha Sapphire: Natasha
Ultra Moon IGN: Lucifer
Ultra Sun IGN: Natasha
About me: The world's number one Charizard hater. Yes, I hate that dumbass lizard as well as Gamefreak's fetish for it. Buffed defog when new Charizard forms introduced. Coincidence? Doubt it. Too cheesy. Boots introduced when there is another Charizard form? There can be no doubt

Most of the time, I am usually just watching youtube or playing csgo. I read a lot of fanfics varying from Warcraft, Bleach or other anime, and these days, about Damian Wayne and Raven

I enjoy rewatching a lot of shows and movies I've downloaded. My top five favorite movies are in this order. Apokolips War, The Dark Knight, The Winter Soldier, Under the Red Hood and Infinity War

I play a lot of competitive in the ou tier, both gen seven and gen eight. And I am really, really salty whenever the game's rng kicks in. In fact, I would dare say I'm the saltiest player when some rng bs happens. Playing a lot of gen eight ou is also why I hate Charizard

I like demons. I grew up being taught that they were evil because of the religion nonsense and now, I've grown fond of them. This is mainly due to Warcraft where I learned to be open minded because of characters like Illidan and free myself from the prison known as religion

Discord username: Unkindness
Smogon username: Red Raven
Showdown usernames: Infernal Horseman and First Commandment

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im not calling you i just felt like saying sin
3 days ago by kuroyupii
4 days ago by kuroyupii
its okay, even if not chatty im fine^^
Sep 7 by Chesta Adabi 481
well, everyone have their opinion, in indonesia a LOT of people love it. anyways, lets be friend!
Sep 7 by Chesta Adabi 481
lets be friend!
Sep 7 by Chesta Adabi 481
durian is yummy, one of the bes fruit, if not the best fruit in the whole intire world
Sep 7 by Chesta Adabi 481
I didn't save the replay. Stupid me
Aug 24 by GeniusGatik942
I just 6-0ed a team = with Ferro, Pex and Tapu Fini using your Garchomp set. Thanks a lot!
Aug 24 by GeniusGatik942
You seem to be answering a lot of my questions.
Aug 23 by GeniusGatik942
Happy second year anniversary!
Aug 18 by GeniusGatik942