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Gender: Male
Country: Hoenn
Favorite Pokémon: Blaziken , Greninja , Infernape
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About me: Heck, No Switch No Nothing except a phone and I liek not mudkipz but Blaziken and I kinda or really sucks at battling do you wanna know why I like blaziken....... so I played emerald and my starter is torchic named shadow (idk why chose that name) I used him all the time not using any other Pokémon and he’s now lvl 78 and all of my other Pokémon like lvl 40-ish. Some dumbass down vote me down that make me sad cuz i can't post things on ur wall so please help me to upvote me Guys i just hit 30 points and then in the morning i got only 4 points for god sake stop down voting me !!!!

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your about me just gave me a stroke
Sep 3, 2021 by ~pancakes<3~
Aug 30, 2021 by BM™
People down vote posts because they are bad. If you don't wanna get down voted post better posts.
Jun 5, 2021 by PKBroccoliHead
A little tip: When replying to others go to the person's wall you want to reply and reply there
May 13, 2021 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Hey mate
May 13, 2021 by RaidenTheSworded 雷電
Gligurr was an old user that abused his few powers he had as an expert.

He has made many dupes in an attempt to, well, be annoying I guess.
Apr 30, 2021 by OriginPulse
Let’s go 30 points babyyyyyy
Apr 30, 2021 by G. Guy
You can select the best answer to your question by clicking the green checkmark in its top-right corner. If your question is resolved, please select the answer. More information here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/59637/
Apr 27, 2021 by Fizz
another beyblade burst fan I see. Enjoy your stay in this site!

also, what Fizz said is true. please stop posting undetailed questions. they are confusing/unanswerable and that is unpleasant to see ;-;
Apr 19, 2021 by ~asmarion~
Please give more detail to the questions you are asking. For example, when asking which Pokemon is best, you can mention what role you need the Pokemon for, or at least the battle format you're playing.
You can read this for some more ideas: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/76386
Apr 19, 2021 by Fizz