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Wall for Galarian Ponyta (page 1)

Eh, might update it later... :P

Better than last week. :P
May 12 by Staka~
Because I quit from July 3rd, 2018 to... now...
May 12 by Nuivo
Am I not your friend
May 12 by Nuivo
Oh, ok. I asked about it because Deathrider needed someone with PokéBank.
May 9 by SeeYaLater!
Great! With you?
And btw do you have Pokébank?
May 7 by SeeYaLater!
Meh, it's fine.
May 6 by Agent 3
Así, así. I haven't had much to talk about lately... :P

 ¿Y tú? :P
May 6 by Staka~
I might not be as active starting today.
Apr 29 by Galarian Ponyta
So.... You're Dialgia's brother huh, Intresting.... Another possable trainer to battle with....
Apr 26 by Cobruks
Good, you?
Apr 20 by SeeYaLater!