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Favorite Pokémon: Sceptile and Runerigus
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And no, that's my brother constantly using my account to play Fortnite, because I was to lazy to set it up in his profile,

Showdown Name: A Geeky Jawa
About me: Currently on a general hiatus for the next week or so

If I post a random story on your wall, yeah don't be weirded out by posting on my wall its guaranteed I'll write a story about it. Or just tell you don't want me to post stories on your wall if its bothering you.
Archive if you want everything: https://pastebin.com/sCGtK8tr

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I reached 100 points in the pokebase on June 8, 2014
I found the chat room empty on several occasions ever since June 16, 2014
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Came back around July 2016
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IDK when this happened history
I accepted the chat room will be dead most of the time.
I had my first tournament sometime I forgot though and it was a Multi-Tier Tourney where I lost the first round to sumwun because in one turn I went stupid.

Name-Change History
Sceptile_03 - Leafy Blade - Blades with Leaves - A Geeky Jawa - Gekky

For those who visit my wall (I don't think many do), Here is a little quiz I made up. (Updated 30/12/19)
1. How do you evolve Galarian Yamask?
2. What 2 types resist each other?
3. What was the only region to not feature Bicycles?
4. Who starts out as a Psychic type trainer who later becomes a Fairy type trainer?

You're still reading? Huh... someone wants to actually know stuff about me. Well here's something random: My first shiny is a Zigzagoon in my old Sapphire rom. I am now building a competitive Hoenn Linoone in Shield, and no one can stop me.


I was skeptical at first but the Isle of Armor made me have hope for the series again. Currently hyped for Crowned Tundra.


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1. Receive 49 HP of damage or MORE in battle and then take it under the Stone Arch in Dusty Bowl
2. Fighting and Bug
3. Gen 7, it was replaced with Tauros Charge
Apr 25 by Jason the Sly Nicvee
Great to hear that there will be a follow up. :)
Apr 17 by KaatRootje18
Ooh rha’s cool on what you have on Katierootie’s wall
Apr 16 by Whimsicott-W
Wow a late response but great story about magikarp! :D
Apr 16 by KaatRootje18
yeah we had a lot of luck on venus
Apr 6 by cranpper
Pikachu is yellow, unless he’s shiny then he’s orange unless he’s not then yellow. Meowrh is nuts probably hazlenits or pecana yummy! Incineroar is the best startef unless u like waterbtypes then it’s Empoleon but if u like grass types you’ve gotta have Sceptile unless u don’t then you need Megnium she’s pretty i want a Megnium.  Now a shimy one cuz she’s yellow unkess she’s not then she’s grreen and pink but if she’s shiny she’s yellow.
Apr 6 by Whimsicott-W
The fireball that we rode was moving
But now we've got a new machine
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, the freaks said
"Man this cat can really swing!"
They got music in the solar system
They danced around the Milky Way
They danced around with Borealis
We're space truckin' every day
Apr 6 by Hellfire Taco
random stuff
Apr 6 by Felix⠀
what kind of stuff are you looking for?
Apr 6 by cranpper
epic I can’t wait to get more points

And yeah it’s a good book. You should read it
Mar 31 by cranpper