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[REDACTED] typed on his laptop.

"Welp while I practically have free time for this period."

He finally decided to continue his writing exercise which just like everyone with exercise in real life, he procrastinated so much he forgot it existed. But today he's going to [try] pick it up again.

"Now lets see, which of these wall posts were the random inspirations I asked for and which are real.."

The boy/girl/idk who was Gekky online in some pokemon website lowkey wanted to just stop with this piece altogether, since its been so long since the last one, and no one probably cares anyways. But he also wanted to persevere, because he wanted to prove.. something. What was it again? Eh.

Also probably because Ball Guy was right across from him "encouraging" him to finish this.

"You can do this, [REDACTED], stretch your creativity! It will be good for your mind. Then after this you could stop procrastinating on your book list, Hitchhiker's Guide is waiting for you!"

Gekky rolled his eyes. Just as he was about to replay some razzmattazz on youtube Ball Guy hacked his laptop and played something called "Space Truckin".

"I don't know what this song is and you don't either."
"Well I came across someone here who told me the lyrics so I thought listening to music being from your wall might encourage you to write this wall story."
"Well alright I guess. I'm getting Razzmattaz back after a few replays though."

Gekky needed a bit of inspiration to continue, he asked Ball Guy for what kind of stuff should he look for. Ball guy replied articulately, so that Gekky might be able to comprehend what he will say next.

"random stuff"

Suddenly Gekky used 100% of his brain.

"Pikachu is yellow. Pikachu is yellow. Pikachu is yellow. Unless he is shiny, then he is not yellow. Meowth is very nuts. Maybe hazel. Inkineroar is the best water starter in digimon pikachu is yellow unless he is glimmering then he is green. Meowth might be strawberry. unless he is shiny, then he is c̷̢̡̼̦̙͎̺̔͑̊̋̊̽́͆͌̚̕͜͝͝͝ơ̷̡̰͍̯͍̘̻̻͍̪͋͋̋͛̆̃̊̀̒̑́͛̚͜͜͝ͅc̷̡̡̛͇̫̲͎̝͙͇̞̮̲̲̐̈̈́̿̒́̈͘ǒ̵̡̳̦̯̭̫̬̱̮͇̑̈̅͊̍̊̊̿́͝͠. I like grass types. Sceptile is the best house leader in Pokemon Three Houses. Sceptile is my only thing in my vision. Help me. Help me please. SCP-3999 has broken containment. All personnel please evacuate the site."

The gyarados from the previous story suddenly appeared out of nowhere to slap Gekky out of this trance.

"But unfortunately, he was still stuck."

Blue = green flowers bloom fire water earth air the blood moon rises once again be careful link think you can take me dont forget me yer done z̷̖͉̖̜̽͋͒̅͌́̚͜ã̶͙͔̠͉̭̫̯̖͙̙̙͚͓͙̊͗̋̃͂̓̕l̷̮̜̬̻̗̦͉̣͖̜͈̂̌̽̎̾͛̀̍́̽̀͊̄̀ġ̴̤͓̬̎̀̄͗̌̅̂ͅo̴̧̙̥̹̗̙̺̤̮͎̣̪̰͚̥͂͑͠ i am ferdinand von aegir what is the narrative what is the narrative why is there a narrative someone please break the cycle

"Uhh what do we do now?"
"Asked Ball Guy to the gyarados"
"Hey narrator you gotta help us too."

ga1ahad thy will shall never collapse so you're a modern day cain with impeccable style the mushrooms spoke i sat here all my life reach for my hand ill soar away they pulled apart their own egos at the seems and spilled their organs everywhere

"Okay now he's quoting song lyrics."
"Wait maybe if we put a song he isn't used to, he'll snap out of it!"
"That doesn't make sense but gekky couldn't find a better way to resolve the plot so lets do it!"
"And so the two put Space Truckin back on again."

For some reason it worked and Gekky was back to normal.

"And thats what happens when you procrastinate. Your lucky we live in Venus." said Ball Guy.

Gekky just stared at him and rolled his eyes. In reply he said:
"After this experience, I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge"
"What do you want to do there?"
"I'll cross that bridge when I get there"
6 days ago by Gekky
1. Hop, to taste Applin Nectar
2. Shedinja
3. Gen 2
4. The moves Storm Throw, Frost Breath, Zippy Zap, Surging Strikes, and Wicked Blow will always result in a critical hit. The move Laser Focus guarantees the next move to score a critical hit.
Aug 7 by Jason the Sly Nicvee
892 point gang
Aug 3 by cranpper
Why thank you sir :)
Jul 19 by Kyogre71
1. Must have Galarian Yamask take at least 49 hp damage, and walk under a specific rock in the Wild Area near Hammerlocke. It is speculated that the rest of it's carving is buried under said rock.
2. Bug resists Fighting and Fighting resists Bug?
3. Alola
4. Bede
Jul 17 by Kyogre71
Next month, I’m going to fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing The Golden Gate in San Francisco in person. My wife asked what I'll do when I finally see it. I told her "I'll cross that bridge when I get there."

Delta airlines have stopped using seasoning on board their aircrafts.
They only serve plane food now.

I’d like to thank Merriam-Webster for teaching me the meaning of the word “plethora”.
It really means a lot.

There are three guys on a boat, and they have four cigarettes, but nothing to light them with – what do they do?
They throw one cigarette overboard, and the boat becomes a cigarette lighter.

I don’t like Matryoshka Dolls.
They’re so full of themselves.

My dad had a failing heart and refused to get surgery.
But in the end, he had a change of heart.

What do you say to an electrician that has no confidence?
You con-du-it

What's blue and not very heavy?
Light blue.

I always mean to watch the sunrise
But then I realize I’m just not up for it

Where does a spirit of a cat live?
In the purrgatory.
Jul 10 by ♥ ~P e k o c h u~ ♥
1. Receive 49 HP of damage or MORE in battle and then take it under the Stone Arch in Dusty Bowl
2. Fighting and Bug
3. Gen 7, it was replaced with Tauros Charge
Apr 25 by Jason the Sly Nicvee
Great to hear that there will be a follow up. :)
Apr 17 by KaatRootje18
Ooh rha’s cool on what you have on Katierootie’s wall
Apr 16 by Supernova
Wow a late response but great story about magikarp! :D
Apr 16 by KaatRootje18