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Gender: Boring cereal
Favorite Pokémon: (in no particular order) Roserade, Eelektross, Regieleki, Dusknoir, Centiskorch, Hydreigon, Serperior, Samurott, Regidrago, Galarian Articuno, Flapple, Scolipede, Sawsbuck-Summer, all Rotom forms, Slurpuff, Beedrill, shiny Corsola-Johto, shiny Applin, Goodra, Alakazam, Rillaboom
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I made my grav. I wish it would show the whole thing but eh.

Regieleki is quickly becoming one of my favourite Pokemon.

Showdown accounts: XScipio, Cosmicog. I play Gen 8 OU, Gen 8 Ubers, NatDex, all Random Battle formats, Gen 8 Monotype, Metronome Battle, and Gen 8 LC. I'm usually up for a battle.

When was the last time you thought about Skiploom?

Silk Scarf + Take Down Herdier hits like a truck in Black 2.

Read this: https://www.smogon.com/dex/dp/pokemon/luvdisc/

LGE Shiny Hunting

The best description of me I have ever heard:
"He's like a fun bowl of lucky charms to you but a boring bowl of cornflakes to me"
-PX to Ty, 2020

You never realize how good something is until you lose it.

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i want my sis's ipad but she has the day off of schoooooooooooool
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Im sorry <\3
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Ofc! I have something to talk to tou bout too
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It isnt that bad lol technically yes but itd hardly notiveable so ill leave it be for nkw
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