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Gender: It's a boy!
Country: the US of A
Favorite Pokémon: lord helix Shuckle Destruckle Gen 3: Rayquaza Gen 4: Dialga Gen 5: Probably Hydreigon Gen 6: Hoopa, I don't know why it is so hated. The movie was not bad. Gen 7: Marshadow Gen 8: Stonjourner, (obviously)
Friend Codes: Switch: 8092-2611-5630
About me: I love to hunt shinies!

My shinies include Charizard, Metapod, Alolan Raichu, Vulpix, Wigglytuff, 2 shiny Machamp, Golem, Alolan Golem, Gmax Kingler, Seaking, Mewtwo, Yanma, Qwilfish, Suicune, Ho-oh, the entire Lotad family, Wailord, and more. This is my shiny dex account. https://www.shinydex.com/lepausch415

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Oh, you're welcome! I'm really trying to do my best, seeing as I'm almost an Expert.
Aug 27 by Mega-Blade X
Which answers have I contradicted lately?
Jul 3 by sumwun
Hey there, I wanted to talk in regards to one of my questions you recently answered. It's wrong. If you want to answer, maybe read everything before answering with something already proven false? Please remove or fix your answer.
Thanks, Flaweon
Jul 1 by ItsYaBoiFlareon
Thanks for your help GmaxStonjourner!!!
Jun 29 by ZuzutheWooloo
Lord Helix...


Amaura and Archeops say what?
Jun 18 by ~MegaCharizardY~
haha giga drain go drain
May 23 by SpillThePolteageist
May 22 by NebbyY
May 1 by stall_fest
Mar 22 by SpillThePolteageist