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Gender: It's a boy!
Country: America
Favorite Pokémon: Stonjourner, Rayquaza, Hoopa, Dialga, Kricketune, Shuckle, Galarian Moltres, Regieleki, Scolipede
Friend Codes: Switch: 8092-2611-5630
About me: I'm going to take a break from this site for a while, I'm spending too much time on it. I might post new quotes on my profile from time to time though.

Call me Stonjourner or Waluigi

Name changes: GmaxStonjourner-- GmaxWaluigi

1,000 Points reached on 12/26/20

I've been playing Pokemon since I was in 1st Grade, and know more about it than the average 13 year old. I usually don't answer the question unless I already know the answer because I'm lazy. :P

I've played Pokemon Diamond, B2, X, Omega Ruby, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Let's go Pikachu, Sword, Shield. I also own the Virtual Console for Gold and Silver but having a Lvl 9 Cyndaquil and a lvl 2 Sentret is not fun. One day I'm going to try to play it tho.

Shinies I've FOUND, Im not including my three boxes of raid den shinies.

Hawlucha-fail. First playthrough of X and didn't know what shinies were
Foongus- fail. No idea when or how I found it. I was just looking through my Pokedex in X and saw that I had a shiny Foongus in there. I probably just hadn't seen the sparkles ✨ and Foongus shiny only changes on the back.
Pancham- Random Friend Safari encounter. First ever shiny, almost failed it until I realized it looked different.
Metapod- Bug Guts Sos hunt 242 encounters Ultra Moon
Vikavolt- ZippyZap Sos Hunt 50 encounters Ultra Moon
Crustle- Radioactive Ultra Wormhole Random Encounter
Cubchoo- Purpadurp Horde Encounter X 98 encounters
Yanma- Bugsy Horde Encounter X 10 encounters
Clauncher- Mr. Krabs Chain Fishing X 100 encounters
Trevenant- Ghosty Boi Horde Encounter X 49 Encounters
Alomomola- Dora Chain Fishing X ? Encounters
Oddish- Catch Combo LGP
Amoongus- Revenge:) Random Encounter Sword. I was literally pretending it was a Max Mushroom with my friend because it's red and is a mushroom and it was shiny and I screamed
Dubwool, Diggersby, Comfey all Dynamax Adventures
Moltres- Raw Dynamax Adventures 13 encounters Sword

This is my shiny dex account. It is not up to date. https://www.shinydex.com/lepausch415

Half of my brain is probably filled with Pokemon knowledge. Whoever says Pokemon is for children has never played a Pokemon game. I also love the Legend of Zelda series, arguably more than Pokemon. I 100% Breath of the Wild on Normal Mode and Master Mode. Age of Calamity was super fun too

My favorite food is guacamole.

I love music primarily Pokemon/Zelda music. Here is my playlist. I highly recommend.

A couple of my favorites:

Ballad of the Goddess 25th Anniversary Edition
Monk Maz Koshia Theme
Maxie and Archie's Theme in ORAS
Attack on Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Lake Trio Battle
Gerudo Valley
Unova Elite Four Theme
Kahuna Theme
Gladion Theme

Favorite Movies: Smokey and the Bandit and My Cousin Vinny

Favorite YouTubers:

Austin John Plays

Favorite TV show: Survivor or Impractical Jokers

People I think are cool:

Members of the Mythra gang:

Please wear a mask and save lives

Quotes: Today, right now in fact, the stupendous chief of the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga, is gonna kill you all... To death - Master Kohga - Age of Calamity

It's hard to be strong enough to admit your weak, ya know? -Hau

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.  - Wayne Gretzky

Don't argue with an idiot, they'll take you down to their level and beat you with their years of experience- my Dad's friend

Questions are always simple if you know the answer, and horribly difficult if you don't - Stephen King, Eyes of the Dragon

Embrace change or it will be cruel to you. -Me

We are not in the same boat. We are in the same storm. Some have yachts. Some canoes. Some are drowning. Just try to help whoever you can. -Famous Facebook post regarding Covid-19

Fun fact if you post a comment and it says you don't have enough characters just put a bunch of spaces and then a period.

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Sure, sounds good
Feb 19 by Xurkit
FINALLY! Someone who thinks (actually knows) that Mythra is superior to Pyra!
Feb 19 by Xurkit
disagree, but mythra is great too
Feb 19 by Giga~Blade X
Feb 18 by —Marill4Life—
Found this for you, lol https://ibb.co/7XdbtBq
Feb 18 by —Marill4Life—
Feb 16 by hoennseptile
Feb 8 by Stephwheel8
theres a doublade to the right and a honedge to the left
Jan 29 by Giga~Blade X
1,500 let's go
Jan 21 by GmaxWaluigi
Perhaps not the best, but i like it lol
Jan 19 by Giga~Blade X