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Gender: what do you think (for the sake of seriousness, male, he/him)
Country: USA, bald eagles and liberty and freedom and other patriotic things
Favorite Pokémon: Delphox because it was my first Pokémon ever, due to me falling in love with my level 5 Fennekin immediately. I really should visit him again...
Friend Codes: DS: 5000-3261-9903
Switch: SW-7659-2664-7389
Showdown: RedMikki07
About me: Intro:
Hey there, my name is Red/Hallucinogens. I'm a 15 year old, a Pokémon fan since 6 years old (XY), and I've been using the site since without an account, so I finally got an account. Fear me. You can call me whatever you want, at this point I don't really care. I really hope I don't get stuck like Hope though. Feel free to talk to me about anything school-related (it better be venting or about a good grade), or American hip-hop. Regarding my votes, I will upvote/downvote only as much as I have been upvoted/downvoted, for equality! Personally, I think I'm at the point where I'm a pretty experienced competitive player, and I hope to make a dent in RMT. However, my expertise is limited right now, as I have only really gotten into and understood Gen 9 Ubers and AG (pre-home, post-home is a mess), as well as many randomized formats, but I am always quick and ready to learn!

- I'm on a journey to “complete” all games I own currently (scroll down for a list), then start from Sw/Sh. "Complete" means a living dex, gold Trainer cards, all important items (plates, orbs, stones, crystals, etc.), one "perfect" Pokémon (EVs, IVs, moves, nature, item, basically a competitive set), and any relevant side quests.
- I'm currently trying to beat the Battle Maison (again) with a 50 streak, this time in AS, to get a gold trainer card. Since I'm using the same team as my win in OR, as well as my past experience, it shouldn't take nearly as long as before.

Fun Facts:
- If you really want to waste time on Pokémon, get the Garchompite and Lucarionite in ORAS.
- r=sin(5theta) + 9cos^2 (6theta) - 7sin(3theta)
(Put this into desmos graphing calculator and tell me what pokemon it is)
- My fastest 5k time: 25:37
- My old dog Cookie (not my profile pic, those are my semi-new ones Lucky & Penny) chewed up my Alpha Sapphire cartridge, so half the time my DS can’t read it!

Favorite Pokémon by Type (primary type if dual):
Bug: Ninjask
Dark: Mega-Houndoom / Mega-Absol / Galarian Moltres
Dragon: Latias
Electric: Mareep (religious obligation) / Miraidon
Fairy: Xerneas
Fighting: Sneasler
Fire: Delphox
Flying: Corviknight
Ghost: Spectrier
Grass: Grovyle
Ground: Iron Treads
Ice: Alolan Ninetales
Normal: Hisuian Zorua
Poison: Drapion
Psychic: Mega-Gardevoir / Lunala
Rock: Alolan Golem / Mega-Diancie
Steel: Skarmory / Cobalion
Water: Swampert / Sharpedo / Primarina

1. Idiot Club
2. Lord Mareep Cult

Games I own:
1. Diamond
2. Platinum (two copies idk why)
3. Black 2
4. X & Y, shoutout to that one lvl 70 beartic my friend gave me that would never obey :)
6. S&M

- fav artist: JID (dreamville :)
- fav color: black (the absence of light, also my skin color/race/social construct)
- fav game: Alpha Sapphire (if you say you should like black i will come to your house and chew your windows)

User History:
10/1/22: Account created, first posts and answers, first upvote, first wall post
10/2/22: Woke up to first BA, wooooo
10/4/22: 100 Points
11/18/22: 250 Points
1/4/23: Top 500 of users
2/8/23: 500 Points
4/19/23: Page 5 of users (Top 300)
5/22/23: 1000 Points

Memorable Big Brain Quotes:
“*runs toward you throwing the ground at you while slimy sounds emanate from my silhouette*”
“your words of disappointment mean nothing to a hard shell of boredom hardened by centuries of parents being disappointed in me”
"y'all look like you feel the warmth of a fire and say 'mm toasty, lets roast some marshmallows!' instead of 'mm, arson'"

Name Changes:
1. RedMikki07
2. BlueVicky70 (for like a minute)
3. AcidicHallucination (a day or two)
4. Hallucinogens (current)

Shiny Time!!!!
1. Gen 9 Random, Veluza, 2/22/23 (won)
2. Gen 9 Broken Cup, Mega Absol, 4/5/23 (lost)
3. Gen 9 Random Monotype, Lurantis, 5/13/23 (won)

Omega Ruby:
1. Ninjask & Shedninja: Full odds, started as Nincada.
2. Rayquaza: Event many years ago.
3. Deino: Full odds, DexNav.

Fizz Quotes:
“closed with the note: what would mrs charles say about this”
“closed with the note: Pokémon Rate My Team PokéBase Meta Hello Fizz      My Updates Logout”
“closed with the note: I take it "all competitive players" includes you?”

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WHat has he been calling you?
1 hour ago by Cosmic Eclipse
11 hours ago by ~Whiteøut~

gotta answer this with better formatting and specific locations of the mirage islands...
13 hours ago by Hallucinogens
By the way, I probably won't ever stop calling you Mikki. Never ever.
21 hours ago by Cosmic Eclipse
It's gotten to the point where you merely telling me to check or open my wall makes my breathing a conscious activity. Why?
Why are you like this?
1 day ago by ~Whiteøut~
How dare you!
2 days ago by Colorful Glaceon
This is the team I've been using.  I've gotten up to 1800 with it so far with pretty good results.
2 days ago by J™
I wouldn't do Arceus Dark.  It gets butchered by hazards too much.  You could do HDB Normal Arceus though.
2 days ago by J™
It doesn't look horrible.  I'm quickly finding that HDB is a must on most things now
2 days ago by J™
2 days ago by Colorful Glaceon