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Gender: Starter Pokémon 87.5% of the time
Country: Brasil (Brazil)
Favorite Pokémon: Blastoise is the best boi. My least favorite is Jynx (why they even created that "thing")
Friend Codes: Showdown Username: Blastfury0614
About me: Hi!! I'm am a diffrent kind of pokemon fan than other people, I started quite late with Pokémon GO a few years ago, but my love for the franchise boosted a lot once I played my first main series game on my cellphone (in a Emulator): pokémon Fire Red. Since then I searched a lot about the franchise and discovered more and more intresting facts, specially when I discovered pokémon database and logged in as an user.

On Pokémon Showdown, I play on many diffrent formats and do many funny experiments. I really love playing OMs, as they are very diffrent form what you would espect from a regular metagame: Mix and Mega allow anything to mega evolve, AAA allows the use of almost any ability, and Pure Hackmons allow literally everything!!

Omega Ruby nuzzlocke data:
Badges: 8

Whiteout (Mega Gyarados, Female)
Smol-ant (Flygon, Female)
Sparky (Mega Manectric, Female)
No Drought? :( (Torkoal, Male)
Breakout (Linoone, Female)
Yoda (Mega Medicham, Male)

T (Poochyena, Male), 2teru (Whismur, Female), Vile (Oddish, Female), Noduorg (Numel, Male), Dirty Rat (Sandshrew, Male), Nimbus (Swablu, Male), Cadiarc (Spoink, Female), Krusty (Tentacool, Male), Nzz (Carvanha, Female), Monstrosity (Slaking, Female), Overkill(Suppet, Female), Mascot (Pikachu, Female), AAAA (Pelliper, Male), BOOM (Electrode), Nemo (Lanturn, Male), Ughhhh (Goldeen, Male), Stranger (Munna, Male), AD (Crobat, Female), Neutron (Magnemite), Origin (Shiftry, Female), Flakes Jr. (Mawile, Male), Egg

Deaths: 5 and 1 ban
Kfc (Torchic, Male, Monstrosity killed her before she was captured), Interuption (Whismur, Male, died to a random trainer), Mystery (Dustox, Male, sacreficed to Flannery's Torkoal), Pietra (Graveler, Female, actually blew up), Useless Jet (Mega Latios, Male, Banned for being too OP), Flakes (Mega Mawile, Female, burned alive by a monke)

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