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Gender: Reject gender, embrace abomination against Arceus. (she/her)
Country: Somewhere that doesn’t exist. I am a payed actor, to make you think Canada exists, but it doesn’t.
Favorite Pokémon: Ditto, because he can be all the Pokemon! Also, pink blob. Lilligant is close though! My favorite shiny is Celebi.
Friend Codes: Human interaction is overrated lol
About me: I L O V E love Pokemon. I only play casually though. Ok, maybe not ONLY casually. I am on Showdown!, after all. KitkatKK2 is my main. Also love books, they make me happy. I can’t comprehend Fahrenheit, or 4 years of high school, so don’t ask me.

Previous usernames:

Don’t mention any of the following if you don’t want me to take over the conversation:
Gravity Falls
Rick Riordan’s mythology series’s
To a lesser extent, Pokemon ig. I won’t take over the conversation, but I’ll talk a lot more.

My favorite quotes.
"There has to be ninjas around here somewhere!" -Some random guy in Wyndon Yes, the pokemon location. Yes, the vanilla game.

“I’m not groceries!” -Jessie in the SM anime.

Mabel: “Dipper, what was the ONE thing I asked you not to do tonight?”
Dipper: “Raise the dead...”
Mabel: “And What did you do?”
Dipper: “I raised the dead...” -Mystery Twins, Gravity Falls

Dipper:  You're insane!
Bill Cipher: Sure I am, what's your point? -Gravity Falls

Will: I apologize for my boyfriend.
Nico: Could you not-
Will: Would you prefer special guy? Or significant other?
Nico: Significant annoyance in your case.

Favorite Pokémon by type!
Normal: Ditto (1st favorite)
Electric:  Oricorio PomPom style
Fire: Chandelure (4th favorite)
Ground: Palossand
Grass: Lilligant (2nd favorite)
Dark: Absol
Fairy: Alcremie
Bug: Ribombee
Water: Frillish
Psychic: Celebi (3rd favorite)
Fighting: Meloetta (Pirouette form)
Ghost: Mimikyu
Flying: Talonflame
Dragon: Goodra
Poison: Roserade
Steel: Mawile (5th favorite)
Ice: Glaceon
Rock: Aurourus

 -------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOU'RE ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

My favourite thing about having my own characters is that my headcanon about them is canon.

Quiz! If you get them all right, then I will give you a hi-five across the internet!
If you dare cross me, be prepared for a storm.
The quiz will be updated as soon as somebody (honestly probably Nought) gets them all right.

Ok bye.

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Hiya! Hey i’ve made an OC for a ( hopefully ) comedic FF I was wondering if you could review her information and leave some feedback  same with her pokemon why?  Because I’m not very good at making comedy characters and I’m hoping that having to be well how they are would be a good way to start.
3 hours ago by Astrid Sol
Fuesta’s done hipe uts alright i think ut seems more scattered than usual but oh well
21 hours ago by Astrid Sol
Ah. Two incorrect isn't that bad when I'm functioning completely off of my (poor) memory. Honestly surprised I remembered the others.
2 days ago by Fenton Force
Hey Techno and Chain are done, if we were counting chapters will be at the same point in this manner we are in purity Magic because I’m pretty sure we’re at chapter 15  i’m doing the math correctly that’s five of us characters ;our) and they’ve each done two entries except Jean who just had his third   I didn’t put exactly what I wrote on your wall into chains entry but parts are there.

M also considering giving Chain a partner, it would be someone we don’t see a whole lot of  but they’d get mentioned here and there by Chain

Would ut be odd uf Chain’s partner was fluid? Is that even possable? I have a bame already and it’s a gender neutral so it doesn’t matter which one they are   Or if they are fluent. The name is Sky/Skye Montana  it’s a name that keeps appearing in my mind so I want to make it a thing the set their based off us called “ Caribbean sky”
2 days ago by Astrid Sol
(Chain reads Rookie and Technos entries)

As uf we didn’t have eniugh lroblems! Now we learn that Rookie’s old flame can shut off our emitions. That punk better not ckme near us ir u’ll- no i won’t i can’t huet Rookie like that...

Thus May or may not be official but I think it sounds pretty cool
2 days ago by Astrid Sol
Well yhat eas tame sounds like a backstory i’d make minis the almost death.

Oh Kimbers chapter is done  it was supposed to have more which I put down here but I had run out of room I don’t know if someone’s editing this but if they are they can choose to put this part in or not although I would like it if it was.

“ see, that’s why you guys should listen to me, especially when I come to you in a dream.” jas said, “ if it helps any I believed you  from the start.” astrid told him “ not really, I mean I appreciate that you believed tse me from the start but you always believe me.” “o-of coutse i do you’re my best friend.” I heard Cory mitter “gee thanks.” No I don’t think anyone else heard him. I turned to Jas “ who’s dream did you invade?” “Mason’s” he said and toed yhe ground. “Well lets go find Rvue and Justin.” chloe said, “soundsr good to me,” Cory answered. I just followed yhem because i had nothing better to do.
2 days ago by Astrid Sol
I am just  going crazy with chapters! Anyeay Past Mistakes is done unless you yhink i oughta keep going but she’s lost her bracelets (yhey broke) and her shadow is on the poose (it broke them)  so I’m not sure what else to put in there is but I can switch over to amolphy but (shrugs)
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
Firsta’s done! Some notes on her entry.

1. She started talking about being mad at June then let June write in the journal, why? You might call her  unpredictable  But its more like her emotions are fast
Changing, she’s hyper that way so if her entries appear scattered it’s on purpose.

2  her titling her injuries isn’t going to be a new thing I just had that all stuck in my head and thought it worked . I don’t think anyone else will be tiling their chapters except  Chain and if they do it’ll be random.

3. We need plot as much as i like sad
Stories and as much as my hear
T goes out to Rookie we probably shouldn’t give him too many in a row inless you want yhem happening a lot. I only had Fiesta give Chain some background because i didn’t know what else to do we need to meet up in chat, Plan then send me the notes because my memory sucks. I eanna intro Plum somehow since she’s cast as the villain we could have plot and drama. One idea was that maybe she used to hang out with our gabg a while back but something happened and they all turned away from her. Or maybe they don’t know t of like in  purity magic she tries to convince them to help her, I don’t really think she would do that though  he’s too afraid of hurting people. A third idea is that Gang or part of the gang finds her at the border of the dark clouds trying to control them but being too weak to do so they help or at least put them a our gang or part of the gang finds her at the border of the dark clouds trying to control them but being too weak to do so they help or at least put them in a day again .  If that happened we would need Jean probably  not sure who else but at least one of yours.
3 days ago by Astrid Sol
Jacey’s stats
Gender: female
 Ability; honey  Gather
Nature; calm
IVs 4
Shiny; very much so XD.

Well whatcha think?
6 days ago by Astrid Sol
I pegit just had a mini heart attack!
(Does happy dance)

Pkay if you can’t guess yet I GOT THE CUTIEFLY! Only took 73 as in it was the 73rd called. I didn’t check gender but its name is Jacey.

I mean c’mon the last Alola natives were 4 days and over 300 calls. I’m. In. Shock. My heart skipped a beat when it happened. I planned on sitting here for HOURS not a mere half hour or less. I’ll send its stats in a couple minutes.
6 days ago by Astrid Sol